April 5, 2016

Rest in Peace, Riley

Riley (Rita's Schnappi) had a splenic tumor and was very sick. He was put to sleep on February 11, 2016. He has a place in our hearts forever. Farewell friend.

April 23, 2015

Rita's Moomin adopted!

We are delighted to announce that Rita’s Moomin has been officially adopted and has found his forever home with Kathy, Larry and Finn.

Rita’s Moomin came into rescue when he flew, along with Captain and Hunter, into LAX on March 23, 2014. They were met by the Welcome Waggin. We were advised that Moomin’s Taiwanese name was LuLu Mi. For the past year, he’s been hanging out with Tom and his dogs, Babe, Ruth, Kazoo and Maestro, patiently awaiting just the right family.

While Moomin wasn’t the typical active goofy ball retriever, due to some physical limitations, he had the quintessential huge loving heart of a Golden. A few potential adoptive candidates passed on Moomin for one reason or another.  Kathy and Larry had previously adopted Finn who was also from Taiwan and reportedly had been passed up by two families because her nipples were too big.

Moomin’s new name is Guinness and he’s now residing in a loving and caring forever home. It was critical that Moomin got along Finn as well as the two cats who share his new house, and when he met them nose-to-nose he was a perfect gentleman. Guinness and Finn share the same small stature and are both low-key couch potatoes. While filling out the adoption paperwork the dynamic duo was laying on the floor butt-to-butt.

Thank to so many of our volunteers who helped with the welcome wagon at LAX and to Rita and MJ for rescuing Moomin; Sandy, for coordinating the transfer from Taiwan and managing his medical care; Elaine M., for re-checking the adoptive home; and Patty's placement assistance. A BIG thank you to Tom and his pack for all the love, care and attention given to Moomin for over a year.

Moomin (right) pictured below with his new family. Welcome home, Moomin!

February 12, 2015

Postcard from Sierra (Rita's Fiona)

Wanted to thank you and the rescue group for all you do! Adopted from you 4-1/2 years ago and it was one of the best things ever! Sierra (Rita's Fiona) has brought so much joy into my life and all her aunts and uncles (friends) who just adore her. One uncle calls often to see if Sierra is available to come over for a BBQ (even though she doesn't get to eat any of the food), but there's always tennis balls awaiting her arrival! She's loved by all the neighborhood kids too!

Cuddles and love to all at GRCGLAR from Sierra for helping her find her fur-ever home!

MaryJane & Sierra

December 7, 2014

Postcard from Nora (formerly Rita's Melissa)

Almost four years ago, we became the parents of a little golden girl from Taiwan, named Rita’s Melissa. Brought to our house by Nestor who had fostered her for months, she was frightened, shy and nervous. After lapping up a bowlful of water, she jumped from one foot to the other to let us know she was ready for a walk so my husband Alan happily obliged by taking her on one of their long daily journeys. And, so life with Nora began.

She was always an easy dog to care for because she asked never for anything, was grateful for anything given. She never barked and slept much of the time. We are both retired so we are around her almost all of the time but in the beginning she seemed indifferent to our presence. The only time she cried was after she had eaten and was in the kitchen. Then she stood at the kitchen door, afraid to move. Apparently she had been confined to a kitchen in her earlier life and was begging us to allow her to come into the rest of the house. When she did come into the living room or dining room she hid herself behind a chair and slept. She was afraid of almost everything—fire hydrants, any large object, to a certain extent, us. We couldn’t go near her face and when we called her, even in the house, she wouldn’t come. I think she thought nothing good was going to come out of contact with any humans.

But gradually, we are so happy to say, she has settled in and we have become a family. When we sit on the patio, Nora is with us and the neighborhood children swarm around her to pet her or bush her hair. Her tail wags constantly with pleasure. If she’s not with us, she cries to come out. If we go in, she cries to come it. She sleeps on her bed at the foot of our bed. And when we watch television, Miss Nora is literally right under our feet, I guess, so we can tickle her every once in a while and watch her brush the floor with her glorious bushy tail. She is a joy in every way, and through her daily walks with Alan she has become a fixture in the neighborhood. Known and loved by all.

November 23, 2014

Rita's Chance adopted again

I am happy to report that Rita's Chance has found a new home with Linda and Curt of San Diego. Linda and Curt are previous adopters of Cabo (who has now passed on) and doggie parents of Summer, their 16.5 year old golden. Chance was an adoption return because his family was moving and downsizing and could not take him with them. Linda and Curt were looking for a younger dog but were very considerate of Summer and wanted to make sure that she got along and was not too stressed in bringing another dog home. Chance has lived with numerous dogs of different sizes and ages and has gotten along great. He is on easy going guy so we knew that he would be great with Summer. Linda and Curt were very excited to meet Chance and drove from San Diego to Brea to meet up with Bobby and Nestor (Chance's fosters) on a Friday night. It did not take much time and Chance was in their car, riding back to San Diego and his new home.

The adoption going home photo shows Curt and Linda and their son with his fiancee. New mom Linda reported the following:

He is so sweet and loving with Summer Girl and gets along well with my son’s fiancĂ©’s dog who, although small, wants to be the dominant one (Chance could care less). It took him about a week to start feeling comfortable in the house. As I had mentioned to you, he initially just wanted to run to the garage or stay in my son’s room (which is right next to the garage). He now knows that he has the run of the house and so when my son leaves for school he comes upstairs to be with me and follows me around the house. He is really a sweet dog and we are happy to have him. Not the best on walks as you mentioned - suddenly refusing to go any further - but I am working with him on that. Attached are some photos of him with his new friends (sorry I am not a very good photographer). He is so sweet and loving with Summer Girl and gets along well with my son’s fiancĂ©’s dog who, although small, wants to be the dominant one (Chance could care less). Thanks for your help in matching him with our home – he is a good fit.

November 3, 2014

October 11, 2014

Rita & All Your Rescue Teammates - “Our Thank You”

You have given Leslie and me two of the most wonderful treasures of our lives...Gary and Daisy (formerly Yellow).

The pictures below tell you the wonder of these two pups:

GARY came to us a little over 2-1/2 years ago, arriving on a Welcome Waggin' night, jumping out of his crate and into my arms and the rest is history.  Gary has always been this big lovable white teddy bear, the most gentle fellow one could ever know.  Everyone who came in contact with with - whether on a walk, seeing him ride in my truck - everyone has always wanted to come up to him and give him a big hug.

At our Rescue events, people would get in line for a chance to give him a hug, shake his paws, take their picture with him.  Children especially love, parents would want to take a picture of him with their children. 

At home, he followed me wherever I went wanting to cuddle by my side.  I watch TV laying my head on his side.  When I want to take a nap I often will lie behind him and rap my arms around him.  He loves you to touch and hold him.  A Big White Love Bug.  What joy he has brought to our lives.

DAISY arrived on a Welcome Waggin' night about three months after Gary and similarly jumping out of her crate and into my arms and the rest is history.  While Gary is super lovable to all, and Daisy too, Daisy has always been "my little girl" absolutely wanting to be by my side at all times, barking when I leave her sight, always leaning up against me, wanting me to shake her paw, loving to sleep on her back paws pointed high and her favorite always to sit beside me in my truck or next to me on a rock with her legs & paws laid across my lap.

THESE TWO PUPS have brought such joy to our lives.  Leslie and I can never thank all of you enough for rescuing them, making them healthy and sending them to our Rescue in the USA so they could have new forever homes with us.


Paul & Leslie