April 26, 2013

Rita's Morticia adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Morticia, who found her forever home with failed foster parents Kathy and Art.

Morticia came in about a month ago from Taiwan. When Rita and MJ found her she was very emaciated and suffered from heartworm disease. The girls helped her to get well and gain some weight and then she happily made her way to us ready to find a new home. Art and Kathy are previous adopters, who recently lost their pup Keegan suddenly to hemangiosarcoma after just 10 months with them. As you can imagine, they were devastated to lose him. Although they were still grieving, we asked if they would take an overnight guest when the latest dogs came in from Taiwan. Morticia very quickly decided that Art and Kathy needed her and called to say she was staying put. She has made herself completely at home and got around Kathy's rule of no dogs on the sofa by laying on top of Kathy while Kathy was on the sofa - pretty smart, heh? This sweet girl is so loved and her charming personality has helped Art and Kathy with their grief over losing Keegan.

Morticia is so very thankful that Rita and MJ found her and got her well then sent her to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her when she arrived at LAX, and she thanks Art and Kathy for welcoming her into their home and their hearts. She has changed her name to Bailee, or more appropriately, Princess Bailee.

Welcome home Morticia/Bailee!

Rita's Cooper adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Cooper, who has found his forever home with multi-time failed foster parents Jo Anne and Andy, and their dogs, Coach, Shiloh and (for a short time) Goldie.

Cooper was found by Rita and MJ in a shelter. His original owner got married and moved to the US, leaving him with her elderly father. When the father could no longer care for him, he ended up in the shelter in poor condition. Thankfully Rita and MJ were able to get him and help bring him back to good health. Jo Anne and Andy had offered to foster a pup to help us get someone out of boarding. When Cooper came in I asked Jo Anne if she would take him - "of course - I love him!" - was Jo Anne's response. It didn't take long for Jo Anne and Andy to decide Cooper needed to become a Delle Dog. He has a funny personality and these silly bottom teeth that look like those fake monster teeth - plus his lip gets caught on his teeth all the time so he cracks you up just looking at him. Then his silliness keeps you going! He has made himself quite at home and is keeping Jo Anne on her toes.

Cooper will be forever grateful to Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well and sending him to us. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and to Jo Anne and Andy and their pups for offering him a loving forever home. Jo Anne will send pictures out.

Welcome home Cooper!

Rita's Ginger adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Ginger, who found her forever home with Bill and Kathy and their Golden, Maggie.

Ginger came to us from Taiwan (along with Morticia, Cooper and Momo '13). We don't have her prior history, but she's a sweet older girl who was just looking for a loving retirement home. Bill and Kathy recently contacted us about adopting another dog, after losing Ashley late last year. They saw the PT dogs that were coming in and inquired about Ginger - we asked if they would foster her, and they quickly fell in love with her. Although she's older than they were looking for and has some medical issues, they knew they could provide lots of love and care for her and Maggie was happy to have the company.

Ginger thanks Rita and MJ for finding her and sending her to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX, and Eva for her help in transporting her to her foster/forever home. She also thanks Joan and Ed for doing the home visit on this family and going out to get the adoption paperwork completed. Finally, she's forever grateful to Bill and Kathy for taking her in and giving her a wonderful, loving home. We didn't get an adoption photo, but I've asked the family to send one in.

Welcome home Ginger!

April 5, 2013

Maggie's Alexander adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Alexander, who found his forever home with the Georgeson family.

Alexander originally came to us a couple of years ago and was adopted, but was recently returned due to some unexpected health changes in his family. He's a very sweet boy with a mischevious personality and if he's bored he'll get into stuff and particularly likes to eat books! So he asked us to find him a family where he had someone to play with and where his people were around most of the time so he didn't have a chance to get bored and into trouble. The Georgesons have 7-month-old Nickel and recently lost their senior Golden, leaving Nickel sad and without a playmate. This looked like a great opportunity for Alexander and when we presented him as a potential match the family was eager to set up a meeting.  He and Nickel hit it off right away and the Georgesons were completely charmed by him. They report that he's a great dog and very well behaved, and its Nickel who is the mischief-maker in the family. They are calling him Hunter, which is what his former family had named him.

Alexander thanks ARTT and Maggie for his initial rescue. He thanks the CP dog walkers for his regular exercise during this brief stay at CP, and Nestor and Bobby for fostering him until we could find his new family. He thanks Jo Anne for doing the home visit on his new family, and the placement team and PA Eva for finding him such a great match.

Welcome home Maggie's Alexander!

April 4, 2013

Rita's Benny adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Benny, who found her forever home with failed foster parents Jan and pups, Corby and Taylor.

Benny came to us from Taiwan last year. When she was found by Rita and MJ she was emaciated, was heartworm positive and had pyometria, as well as skin problems. Under the wonderful care of Rita, MJ and their team, this sweet girl blossomed and regained her health and was finally able to make the trip to us.

Jan and Greg had seen her initial video and asked if they could foster her as her story really touched their hearts. They were pretty insistent they didn't want to adopt a third dog, but did want to provide a loving temporary home for Benny. Well, Benny had different plans, and figured the way to get to Jan and Greg was through Corby and Taylor. She is a funny, loving and playful girl and was a perfect fit for these boys. Seeing how far Corby and Taylor had fallen for Benny, Jan and Greg realized they had fallen for her, too.

Benny thanks Rita and MJ for being there for her and getting her healthy enough to travel to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at the airport, and Jan, Greg, Corby and Taylor for fostering her and falling in love with her and letting her stay. Here is a picture of her (in front) with Corby and Taylor.

Welcome home Benny!