June 25, 2009

Shelter rescues, Gina & Mickle

Gina and Mickle were rescued from an animal shelter in April, are doing well and hope to arrive at LAX with Molly in mid-July.

June 24, 2009

Postcard from Leo

Hi Barbara!

Things are going great with Leo! He is such an wonderful boy! He is so full of love and we feel so lucky to share in that! He really enjoys going for walks in the neighborhood or to the park and he loves riding in the car. He is so happy and full of energy and enthusiasm! He loves retrieving the tennis ball, but rather than bringing it back to me to toss again, he takes it back to his bed where he can watch over it. He's very protective of his toys - lol. He's always receptive to new experiences and to meeting other dogs and people. He is so good-natured that everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

I have attached some pictures.

Please thank Rita and all his rescuers and foster family in Taiwan for rescuing him and taking such wonderful care of him! And many thanks to you and everyone at GRCGLA Rescue!

Take care,

June 23, 2009

Lily is adopted!

Rita's Lily, not being one to dilly-dally, was adopted this afternoon by the Julie and Terry and their daughter. Having landed in LA less than a week ago, Lily quickly made up her mind to set up permanent roots here, picked a great family and off she went.

Julie and her daughter were in their front yard as Tom was bringing Lily out of the car. They instantly loved her and Lily showed off by rolling over on her back and soon was playing with a ball they had for her. Terry came home early from work and they all went into the house where Lily did a tour of her new home by carefully exploring every room. Her bed was set up in the living room and she seemed to know was hers. Before long she was settled in and found a spot under the table where they were sitting. She seemed to know that she found a home.

Lily will be ever grateful to Rita and MJ who found her and nursed her for months through her illnesses, found her a foster family that had the courage to bring her to the airport and say goodbye and located a passenger to take her here. Lily's also grateful to Mariko and Julie, who fetched her up at the airport, to Mariko and family who hosted her for her first nights in the states. Finally thanks to Tom, who made the intros and did the deal, and Ellen, who found Lily this lovely home. Thank you to GRCGLARescue for making all these little miracles possible.

June 18, 2009

Lily's first day in the U.S.

Rita's Lily and the boys playing in the backyard. Lily arrived in the US last night thanks to the help of a volunteer passenger, Jason. The one with a pink bandanna is Lily. The boys are Christopher (Golden) and Derrik (Poodle). More photos HERE.

June 17, 2009

Lily leaves Taiwan

Lily's foster family says a tear-filled good-bye

Lily with her travel passenger, Jason. Jason is a dog-lover and recently adopted a Golden girl of his own.

June 16, 2009

Hope: left in the street without food

This Golden girl was abandoned to the street by her owner. Rita and MJ took her in and, once at the vet's, found out she has erlichiosis. They are committed to her care and, once she's well, they'll raise funds to send her to the U.S.

June 14, 2009

Lilly's coming!

Rita was able to secure a spot for Lilly on a flight this Wednesday.

June 6, 2009

Oscar: hit by car, left on the freeway

Oscar was found abadoned on an expressway 3 months ago. He's just come into Rita's care where he'll receive much-needed food and care and a ticket to the U.S. Additional photos and video available here: http://www.wretch.cc/album/album.php?id=abce12366&book=5

June 4, 2009

Updated Molly

A new photo of Molly, the breeder. Lily, the dog recovered from erlichiosis will be accompanying her and a new dog, a young male, on a flight to LAX in the coming weeks.