January 7, 2009

Lulu's story

Lulu is young that has not yet reaches one year old. However, she was abandoned by two owners already. The first owner bought Lulu so she can be a companion to his father, but the father got ill and was hospitalized. As there was no one available to take care of Lulu, the owner surrendered her to the pet store, and asked the store owner to put her for adoption.

Lulu was later adopted by a young couple, and she was kept in the boyfriend’s house. Unfortunately, the couple broke up in just a few months. The boyfriend did not want to keep Lulu anymore, and ask the girl to take care of her. However, the girlfriend’s family was never informed of the existence of Lulu, and the family was never a dog lover. As there was no way for Lulu to be kept in the girlfriend house, she found a fee-based foster home to board Lulu. Three months passed by, the girlfriend told the foster home that she can no longer pay for the boarding fee. She would like to dump Lulu on the street or surrender her to a public shelter where the dogs are put to sleep after 7 days if no one adopts them.

Because Ben was placed in the same foster home as Lulu, we heard of Lulu’s heart felt story. A young kid like Lulu was neglected twice by her owners. We are very angry at the owners’ actions – just giving away pets in a heart beat. However, we also know if we turn our backs, the one that’s going to suffer was Lulu. Lulu cannot decide her own destiny nor can’t she help herself. Therefore, we have decided to support Lulu until she found a home that would never abandon her.

Lulu is young and active. Her temperament has not yet stabilized and she is not completely housebroken yet. However, we cannot blame her as she has changed several homes and she received very little attention previously. An active (would jump on people) and not yet house broken dog like Lulu, we are afraid of letting her be adopted out to family in Taiwan. Most Taiwanese do not have enough patience as well as love towards pets. Sad to say, lots of pet owners in Taiwan are easily bored and would treat pets as toys, not lives. That’s why we see pets were abandoned in the shelters or roaming on the streets all the time (with collars still on…). We really don’t have any confidence that the next family in Taiwan would treat Lulu with true hearts and give her a forever home. Therefore, we hope Lulu can find a home in U.S. Not only is the living space here much suitable, but people’s acceptance (tolerance/hearts) towards larger dogs like Lulu is much more. We believe Lulu would have a much brighter, better and happier life in U.S.

Lulu’s album: http://www.wretch.cc/album/album.php?id=mjlin99&book=19

January 5, 2009

Ben's story

Ben was abandoned by his master due to huge debts from his own factory. The owner just disappeared one day and left Ben in the warehouse with no food or water. The owner was nowhere to be found and the factory is now closed. Luckily an employee saw Ben and reported his situation to an independent rescuer. Ben was later placed in a private dog sanctuary with hundreds of other dogs.
Ben responded badly to the group life. He lost weight rather rapidly and was unhappy. The rescuer saw Ben’s situation and decided to re-place him to a foster home with fewer dogs. As predicted, Ben recovered in just 2 weeks! He transformed from a sad dog to a very active and cheerful dog. He also increased his appetite and gained back weight! He was finally back to what a Golden Retriever should be!! We felt relieved and started to look for a home for him.
After a few months of waiting, on December 9th, 2008, Ben was taken home by a young couple. On the day of adoption, Ben really showed that he loved them and enjoyed their cuddles while the young couple seemed to really love Ben, too. We thought we have found a forever home for Ben. Unfortunately, he was returned to us after just 3 days. The reason was Ben accidentally ate granny’s medicine because the medicine was placed at a reachable height. We asked the young couple if they can solve the problem by placing the medicine at a higher place or lock it in the cabinet. However, they told us the granny has stored the medicine there for years. It’s impossible to change. They were also afraid Ben would eat more medicine by accident. Therefore, Ben was abandoned once again. It is very heartbreaking to see him lose the place he thought was home.

Most of the adopters in Taiwan are not willing to make changes to their lives for dogs, even just minor changes. The Taiwanese adopters would only look for dogs that suit them. When the dogs make mistakes, they would just give them up. This kind of attitude really make us worry Ben would be harmed more. We sincerely hope that you can give Ben a chance to a forever happy life without the fear of losing again.