November 27, 2012

Rita's Xiang Xiang Runs Ahead

I am so sorry to tell you that Rita's Xiang Xiang has crossed the bridge.

XiangXiang arrived back in May from Taiwan, where he had been found in a shelter by Rita and MJ. He had a growth removed from his hip, which was diagnosed as a hemangiosarcoma. X-rays didn't show any spread to his organs, so he made the trip to the US. After spending some time at BP, where he was adored by the vet staff and our dog walking volunteers, he went to stay with new foster family, the Klemanns. He was soooo happy to be in a home and the Klemanns and their other pup adored him. Not long after he arrived at their home they noticed a growth on the top of his head that was getting bigger. We had it removed and it turned out to be another hemangiosarcoma. He did great after his surgery and was having lots of fun with his foster family. I told them that it would be difficult to adopt him out with his health history, and the family said he was welcome to stay for as long as he needed to. Several weeks ago they noticed he wasn't doing well, and after seeing the vet it was thought he may have kidney failure. He responded well to medication and diet at first, but two weeks later his symptoms reappeared, and at that point the vet determined the hemangio had spread to his organs. Sadly, we had to let this sweet boy go.

I am happy he had the opportunity to come here, and to have such a loving foster home in the Klemanns for his last few months. RIP XiangXiang.

November 20, 2012

Coming soon...Maggie's Hero

Hero was found in a fishing village, where he had been abandoned. A family was trying to take care of him, but he needed more help than they could provide. Maggie and Joseph, ARTT, took him in and got him healthy. He'll be arriving here soon!