February 28, 2011

Update from Jenny (Rita's Puffy)

We have renamed Puffy, Jenny, and she has been with us for 5 weeks now. She has settled into our home and is acquiring skills like stairs, leash walking, sit and stay. This is a picture of her lounging on the grass by a golf course last weekend. She always has a tennis ball close at hand. She loves her walks and is very interested in small animals that she is coming into contact with like birds and squirrels. She is very playful and enjoys life.


February 26, 2011

We have renamed Rita's Mitchell Bo due to his bow legs! He is a real character! - Not quite housebroken but we're working on it - Love's to eat - but too fast so I'm working on that too - He doesn't seem to like the cold or the rain much - He hops something like a rabbit - He doesn't just run - He and one of our other rescues, Russell, like to run around the house in circles disrupting all of the throw rugs with Bo sliding across the the floor with legs splayed! He talks - or should I say has kind of a howl - When our daughter & grandaughter were here last week he slept in the bed between them - He does like teenage girls ! Typical male! We are really enjoying him and will be very happy when all house training is done - The first picture is in the kitchen with him chasing an ice cube.


February 19, 2011

Update from Rita's Alice

Good Morning,

We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary with Buddy, and our 1 year anniversary with Alice, and didn't want it to pass unnoticed!

I knew exactly what I wanted when I first came to the GRCGLA website. I needed a loving, older soul to help teach my little dog to be calm. That same week, Buddy was turned in and brought to Culver Palms (which just happened to be my vet's office). It was absolutely love at first sight. He was 9 years old, and unflappable! I brought my little pup over and he didn't bat an eye. I brought him home to foster him, but turned in the adoption papers that same week. It didn't work out quite as I planned, because instead of him calming the little dog down, she taught him how to bark and chase everything! He is the perfect Golden.

Then I tried my hand at fostering, again. I was fairly successful at being an interim house for pups who were at CP a little longer than desired.

When we got the notice that a group was coming in from Taiwan last January, I was happy to go to the airport for the Welcome Waggin. It was determined that 2 out of the 3 dogs had a place to stay, and could I possibly take one of the dogs, just for the night...

Sandy took one and Kriss brought the other two over to her house, while I attended my son's soccer game. I made my husband come over afterward so HE could pick out the pup that we would foster (thinking that he wouldn't notice that I took this on without asking him if I pretended it was his choice!). I was sure that he was going to pick Evan (beautiful, sleek, healthy young male), but much to everyone's surprise, he fell in love with Alice right then and there (older, overweight, ear infections, heart condition...).

After the doctors determined that even though her spleen was larger than anything they had ever seen, her heart seemed strong, so we were allowed to officially adopt her.

The love affair continues, each day more precious than we could have dreamed.

We are truly appreciative for our pups and grateful to everyone that works so hard to make this group what it is - AMAZING!

Thank you!


Chevy & Dave

February 16, 2011

Maggie's Willy: new photos

From Maggie, ARTT Volunteer...

He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen. Currently he is under treatment. Once he is ready, I will let you know. Thank you very much.

February 10, 2011

Lucky (Rita's Seven): expert squirreler

Photos from Blonde (Rita's HiHi)

Here's some pictures of Blonde, most are at our friend's house in NM where she learned about snow! As you can see, they have lots of property, five dogs, and she loved to run free with the pack. We had one anxious time when she disappeared on her own for about 15 minutes and we went frantic trying to find her, but pretty soon here she comes from the area that we had gone for a walk in that morning…seemed to say “So what’s the big deal?” (Crazy mutt!)

She is getting better all the time...the more tired we make her, the better she is!

She has the gentlest mouth in taking treats…never snaps or lunges; however, we are still working on her possessiveness with rawhide. Only rawhide, not other toys, and this is something we really have to overcome, but we are gently moving through it and know it could take several more months.

We’ve had her since Dec. 11th, and she is not the same dog. We’re still waiting for that one day when the light comes on bright and we know she has fully bonded, and know it will come soon.

Happy trails,
Rick & Mary

February 6, 2011

Rita's Mitchell adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Mitchell, who has found a new home with Kathy and Don, and their dogs, Princess and Russell.

Mitchell was a last minute addition to the most recently group of Goldens who came from Taiwan. We were told he was very scared and shy and afraid of quick movements and loud noises. We were pretty surprised at how outgoing he was when the Welcome Waggin' met him - he was a very happy, wiggly guy who looked like a puppy. He went home overnight with Elaine and John M. and then spent a couple of days at Culver Palms waiting for his foster family to open up. New fosters, Bill and Mary J. agreed to let Mitchell hang out with them and their Lab, Savannah. Mitchell enjoyed his time with Bill and Mary, and when their scheduleds change he moved over to my house to wait for his forever home.

Kathy and Don have two other mixed breed dogs and were missing having a Golden in their home and lives. They have rescued dogs in the past and it felt natural for them to turn to GRCGLAR for their next pup. One of their dogs, Russell, is quite shy, so they are used to dealing with this and have a nice, quiet home for their dogs - they felt they could provide a wonderful environment for Mitchell. They came out to meet Mitchell and he agreed - he got along great with Princess and Russell and he was very happy to hop in the car and go home with them. Kathy reports he is doing well, he and Russell have been playing chase and he is also entertaining himself (and the rest of the family) with ice cubes, toys and rearranging the area rugs. They are delighted to have Mitchell as a new family member and have renamed him Bow - he is quite bow-legged!

Mitchell is so thankful to Rita and MJ for getting him healthy and sending him to CA, and to Barbara D. for agreeing to welcome him here. He is happy to have received such a warm welcome by the Welcome Waggineers. He is grateful to Elaine and John M. for letting him spend the night after a long flight, and to Bill and Mary J. for fostering him. He also thanks Jennifer G. for finding him this terrific home. We forgot to get a picture, but Kathy promises to send one soon.

Welcome home Mitchell!

February 3, 2011

Update & photos from Lily & Travis

Attached is Lily's (Rita's Lilly) and Travis's (Rita's Elvis) Christmas picture in our backyard. This was not posed...they both got up on the bench without prompting and posed for a picture.

Lily and Travis are wonderful and always part of our family. They get along very well with each other and love to wrestle and fetch tennis balls (they live for affection, food and tennis balls!). They both seem to have a definite bed time especially Travis. Around 9:00 PM each night his eyes are heavy and he becomes a boneless furry dog. He sleeps on our bed and Lily sleeps in my daughter's bed each night. They are allowed on the family room furniture and beds and they certainly like soft places to lay down. Travis is very much a lap dog as he insists on being on one our laps in the evening in the family room. Make reading the paper somewhat challenging but fun and relaxing.

Lily likes to be with someone all the time. She is in training to be my 'Garage Dog' - not wander away when I am working in the garage with the door open. So far she is doing great. Travis likes to sit in a chair during the daytime so that he can watch - and bark from the comfort of his chair.

We love Lily and Travis!


February 2, 2011

Update from Rita's Mimi, now called Maddy

From Maddy's adopter...

OMG, what a special dog Maddy is...thank you SOOOOO much for letting us bring her into our home. Joel gave her a shower yesterday and I must say, it was very funny to watch. Maddy loved it and so did Joel. Her coat is so shinny and she smells great. She is very special and has brought us such joy already. Thank you, thank you...I'll keep sending pictures as her life goes on in Palm Springs.

Best Regards,

ARTT's Maggie and Joseph visit the States

When Maggie and Joseph of Animal Rescue Team Taiwan said they were coming to the States, we planned a special meet up at Huntington Beach Dog Beach on January 22, so they could see how the Taiwan rescue dogs were faring!

February 1, 2011

Update from Rita's Mimi

From Mimi's adopter...

WOW!!! What a wonderful dog. My wife hasn’t let her out of her sight. She just adores this dog…what a happy ending. She has been renamed MADISON or MADDY for short, seems to love every aspect of her new environment…again, what a great find for us. Over the next few days I will be sure to send some pictures.

Please express our thanks to everyone at GRCGLARESCUE…a great organization!

All our best,

Joel & Bari  

Rita's Mimi adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's MiMi, who has found her forever home with Joel and Bari last night!

MiMi was found by Rita & MJ abandoned in an alley near a night market where she stayed for 10 days waiting for her owner to return but never did. Hard to imagine that anybody could have abandoned such a sweet girl who captured the hearts of her foster family and Joel and Bari.

Lifetime Golden owners and lovers and former adopters, Joel and Bari were heartbroken over losing Rikki about a year ago. They finally decided that another Golden was definitely a must for them. After meeting MiMi last night, Joel was totally smitten and MiMi hung out with him next to his side. She hopped off in their car and headed out to start her new life as a Palm Springs gal!

MiMi is so thankful to Rita & MJ for finding her, takin her in and flying her to CA. She's grateful to Barbara D. for approving her trip to us, and to the Welcome Waggin' who gave her such a warm welcome at the airport. MiMi is very thankful to Debbie G. and her family who fostered her and gave her a safe loving environment in preparation for her adoption. Much thanks to Sanya for the home visit. Pictures to follow soon!

Rita's Lecca adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Lecca, who has found her forever home with Mindy, Charlie and Chelsea!

Lecca was found by Rita & MJ in a shelter in October. They made sure she was healthy and as she spent more time in her foster home she became more and more playful. She was quickly ready to come to the US, and arrived here in early January 2011. Tom W. offered to take her home overnight after picking her up at the airport, and she turned out to be such a sweet and easy girl that he offered to foster her through adoption (despite having two other foster dogs!) Last week when we had some warm weather, we learned that Lecca loved to swim!

Mindy, Charlie and Chelsea lost their labs about a year ago and finallyy decided they were ready for another dog. Mindy contacted me about Lecca and they seemed like a great fit - they have lots of time to spend with her, a wonderful yard and.....a pool! Tom set up a meeting at their home and Lecca immediately decided she was in heaven. She fell in love with this family, and they with her. Tom got the following email from Mindy:

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for the pictures of Lecca and our family. She is settling in and I am afraid I have exhausted her with our morning walk already. Today we walked what I hope will be our ritual: to the top of Canoga, which is pretty steep, back down to visit the horses and over to the Llama lady's house. Beverly who runs a ranch in the area let her horses and donkey come up to the gate to visit Lecca. Neither one really knew what to do with the other they all just stared at each other for a while. Lecca especially loved the Llamas. She seemed to think that she was the boss but kept her distance and was grateful for the fences and gates.

We are trying to figure out a new name but haven't found one that sticks for all of us yet. I'm voting for an Alaskan name of a town like Sitka, because that's my favorite place and I will be taking her up there this summer.

Again, thank you and your agency's work. We are so happy Lecca is ours and we will keep you up to date.


Lecca is so thankful to Rita & MJ for finding her in the shelter and sending her to CA. She's grateful to Barbara D. for approving her trip to us, and to the Welcome Waggin' who gave her such a warm welcome at the airport. She will always remember Tom and the gang for giving her a place to hang out until she found this most fabulous family (and for letting her swim!). And she also thanks Elaine & John for doing the home visit so this match could happen. Attached is a picture of her new family. Welcome Home Lecca!