October 27, 2011

Update from Schnappi

Everything's going great here! We have renamed him Riley because most of the family, including us, didn't care for Schnappi. He's getting used to his new name and responds to it most of the time. Our family Labs are enjoying his company and are often sitting outside our glass doors waiting for him to come out to play. It's fun watching him romp around the yard with the other dogs. He appears happy and is eating and sleeping well and walks with me down to our village where he gets lots of attention. When we walk, my daughter brings one of her goldens along and they do well together. He's getting acquainted with our family and all the pets.We've had no trouble with him in or out of the house. He's a delight and good company. Thanks for saving him for us!

Mary and Paul

October 26, 2011

Rita's Schnappi adopted!

Schnappi arrived a couple of months ago from Taiwan, with Tim, Ella and Summer. When Rita contacted us about him and I sent out his picture to the group, I can't tell you how many emails I got from people wanting this dog. Schnappi is an easy going, mellow boy who was happy to hang out with foster dad Tom waiting for just the right family. He attracted quite a bit of attention when Tom walked him, Fisher and Kazoo together - the dark red of Kazoo, the classic gold of Fisher and Schnappi's white coat made quite a picture!

Paul and Mary haven't had a dog for almost 10 years, and decided it was time to have a furry companion. They live in a house on their son's property - their son and his family have two labs, but Paul and Mary wanted their own pup. This very nice couple was so excited when we suggested Schnappi as a match for them. And when they met him, there was no question - Schnappi had a new family! He's settling in very well and they couldn't be happier. His new name is Riley.

Schnappi would like to thank Rita and MJ for finding him and sending him to us to find his forever home. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting him when he arrived, and Lisamarie for taking him home overnight. He thanks Tom and his crew for giving him such a great place to hang out while waiting for the perfect home. He's grateful to Carole S. for scouting out his new family, and the Placement Team and PA Eva for making this match. Attached is a picture of Paul and Mary, along with their daughter-in-law and one of their Labs.

Welcome home Schnappi!

October 23, 2011

Rita's Tim adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Tim, who found his forever home with Jason, Brandy and their two other dogs and two cats.

Tim came to us from Taiwan back in September. He had been found by a friend of Rita's about a year ago, and was very underweight. Under the excellent care of Rita, MJ and their vets, Tim gained weight and got healthy so he could travel to the US. This very active boy has been looking for a forever home where he would get a lot of love, attention and exercise, and he found that family this weekend in Jason and Brandy. They had contacted us earlier this year looking for an older golden as a companion to them and their senior Golden and Pekingese, but ended up adopting a young Saint Bernard. A few weeks later their senior golden passed away, so after the St Bernard had time to settle in they came back to us - because as we all know, no home is complete without a Golden! We suggested Tim as a good fit to them, and after watching his video they were anxiuos to meet him. Everyone got along great and off Tim went to start the rest of his wonderful life with Brandy and Jason.

Tim would like to thank Rita and MJ (and their friend) for getting him into rescue, healthy and ready to come to the US. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting him when he arrived, and the Tom's Bed & Breakfast for giving him a place to stay his first night. He's grateful to the CP Dog Walking Team for walking and spending time with him during his stay at CP. He thanks Barbara D. for checking out his new home, and Kriss for making the introductions and sending him on his way. Finally, he offers his squeaky toy to the Placement Team and PA Eva for finding such a great match for him.

Welcome Home Tim!

October 13, 2011

Update from Rita's Alice

I can't believe that it's been almost 3 years since we "fostered" our handsome boy Buddy (formerly known as Braveheart), and 2 years for our beautiful Alice (Rita's Alice). They are everything that we hoped for, and more. Adopting these seniors brought a loving, calm energy to an otherwise crazy house. They are officially called the coolest dogs ever by my 18 year old son and his friends! We struck "gold" when we got them.


October 10, 2011

Update from Rita's Casey

Casey is certainly a joy. Now if we can just get her to stop piddling on the carpet...

Not to worry, we'll get it sorted out. She's already worked her way into our hearts. I think we've discovered a favorite toy. I had her outside for a potty break in the rain and came back inside and went to dry her off with a towel. Well, one swipe and she was after it, wrestling and tug of war. Now every time we go downstairs "Mr. Towel" gets involved in one way or another.

She's a very sweet girl and we really love having her around. I'll try and keep you posted with whatever photos or video. Here she is on day one after her first walk, a little tired but none the worse for the wear.

Thank you for all your efforts,
Mark, Bonnie, Alex, and Casey

October 3, 2011

Rita's Casey adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Casey, who found her forever home with Bonnie, Mark and Alex!

Casey is a beautiful, active girl who never stops smiling and loves everyone she meets. She waited patiently for the perfect family, and they showed up this weekend to take her home. Bonnie, Mark, Alex and grandma came out to meet Casey. They even brought grandma's 10 year old Sheltie mix, Jake, to make sure that everyone approved (they did). Casey was brilliant, sitting like such a sweet girl (I think that she only jumped up on the son twice). After a wonderful visit, the family unanimously agreed that she was their dog. Papers were signed, and in she jumped into the back of the minivan. Tails were wagging, and off they wen.

Casey is forever grateful to Rita and MJ for finding her and sending her to the US, and to Barbara D. for approving her trip. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' team for being there to meet her when she arrived in CA, and Nestor and Bobby for taking her home overnight after her long trip. She also thanks the CP Walking team for helping get her her regular exercise. She is indebted to Corinna for doing the home visit on her new family, and the Placement Team and Eva for making the perfect match for her. She's also thankful that Chevy was able to make the introductions and help her off on her newest adventure. Mark reports that she's doing great and they are all in love with her.

Welcome home Casey!