April 28, 2012

Update from Rita's Marvin

I've enclosed a few pictures of Marvin for you to forward onto Rita and MJ or use as you see fit. If you need more pix or some video let me know. Also if Rita or MJ ever make it, I'd like to bring Marvin over for a meet and greet. He's turning out to be a wonderful dog for us.


April 20, 2012

Rita's Marvin adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Marvin, who has found his forever home with failed fosters and volunteers, Gary and Dao.

Marvin traveled from Taiwan earlier this year with Kobe and Bear. We don't know much about Marvin's background, but he came in with worn down teeth and some scars on his nose - despite this he's a happy, friendly guy with a great personality. Gary and Dao were part of the Welcome Waggin' when these boys arrived and offered to take Marvin home overnight. He did great so they said they would be happy to foster him.

I'd like to say that Marvin begged them to stay (that would be much more polite on his part), but what really happened is he sat Gary and Dao down one night and said, "I've decided I'm staying right where I'm at - my life is great now and there's no way I'm making another change, so deal with it." Of course, Gary and Dao were so very happy to hear this (they didn't think he was rude at all!) and let me know they wanted to adopt this sweet boy. Gary has had dogs in the past, but this is Dao's first pup and, other than getting used to dog hair in the food (no one has told her that it's an exotic spice yet), she loves having Marvin in their lives. Their family loves Marvin too, including their niece who is in the attached picture with them.

Marvin thanks Rita and MJ for finding him and sending him to California, and the Welcome Waggin' for being there to greet him when he arrived. He's forever thankful that Gary and Dao decided to take him home that day, fostering him realizing he had found his furever home with them. And, he's happy that GRCGLARescue was there for him when he needed us.

Welcome home Marvin!

April 4, 2012

Rita's Bear adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Bear, who found his forever home with the Page family.

Bear arrived about a month ago from Taiwan. When he was found by Rita and MJ, they discovered he was positive for heartworm, so he had to be treated before he could come to the U.S. They also discovered that he had hip dysplasia. But you could see in the pictures Rita sent us that he never stopped smiling - he's a sunny, happy boy who loves to play. He went to stay with Heather and her mom, who adopted Samby not long ago. The boys immediately got along and Bear played non-stop with Sammy; Heather said he acted more like a 2 year old than his stated age of 5. The Page family has had Goldens in the past and were anxious to add a new furball into their home. They were so excited to meet Bear and were able to rearrange schedules to make sure everyone was at the meeting. Of course Bear charmed them and he happily went with them to start his new life. He's getting used to his new home, tried to walk across the lily pads on the pond, and is learning not to chase the cat. He gets to go to work with Mr Page and is enjoying his furever family.

Bear thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well and sending him to us and the Welcome Waggin' for greeting him when he arrived. He thanks Heather and Victoria (and Sammy) for fostering him. He's grateful to Laura M. for making sure his new home is perfect for him, and he's really thankful to the placement team and PA Jo Anne for matching him up with his new people.

Welcome home Bear!

April 1, 2012

Rita's Shadow & Rita's Becca are here!

Thanks to the Welcome Waggin' for greeting our latest pups in the rain last night. Shadow and Becca are very happy to be here and we'll have some pictures out soon. In the meantime, here is their video from the airport in Taiwan yesterday...