June 29, 2011

Update from Rita's Mia

We are having an absolutely remarkable time with Rita's Mia (who we now named Golda). Our kids are absolutely in LOVE WITH HER; as are we. My youngest was afraid of her when we adopted her; and now we cant keep him away from her; I don't know who kisses who more!

We are very impressed with your organization and feel that your team made the perfect match for us. Tom, Golda's foster "father--if you will" was such a kind person to us and clearly took great care of Golda.

We certainly will keep you and Tom well apprised of Golda's achievements. Tom was right, she is quite the swimmer. You are such great people to volunteer for such a wonderful organization.

My very best regards,

June 20, 2011

Maggie's Alexander adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Alexander, who found his forever home with the Andre family.

Alexander came to us from Maggie & ARTT. We don't know his history, but this handsome, goofy boy has a great present and future and isn't spending any time looking back! He came to CA in April and has been spending time with Debbie & Paul G. while waiting for his forever home. He got along great with their dogs and his terrific personality charmed them enough for them to overlook some of his mischieviousness. When he ate part of Debbie's War & Peace book she just said it was a really long book and she didn't have time to read it, so no big deal. The Andre family was looking for a new addition to their family and a companion for their dog Penny. The Placement Team thought they would provide a wonderful home for Alexander and after talking to them they agreed he sounded like a fit. The family drove out to meet Alexander on Saturday and it didn't take long for them to know he was the one. I got a note that he is settling in just fine and he and Penny are having blast playing.

Alexander thanks Maggie and ARRT for finding him and sending him to CA, and Barbara D. for approving his trip to us. He was ecstatic to meet the Welcome Waggin' team and thanks Nestor and Bobby for taking him home overnight. He's so happy to have been able to spend the last couple of months with Debbie and Paul and will be forever grateful to them for helping him along with his training. He thanks Laura M. for scouting out his new family. And, he gives a big Paw Up to the Placement Team and PA Dona for finding him such a great match. We weren't able to get a picture, but the Andres promise to send one in soon.

Welcome home Alexander!

Rita's Mia adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Mia, who found her forever home with the Meppen family.

Mia was rescued from a shelter by Rita and MJ last year. They got her healthy and ready to come to the US, and she arrived here in March, along with Nina. She has been staying with foster dad Tom W. One of the first things she did when she got to his house was dive in the pool - she loves to swim, play with balls and play with her foster brother and sisters. The Meppen family lost their last dog about two years ago, and decided to wait for their kids to get a bit older before bringing in a new dog. They recently decided now was the time. In reviewing their application and home visit, the Placement Team felt they would be a great home for Mia. She looked so solemn in her pictures, that she wasn't one of the dogs they were looking at, but after talking to us and to Tom they realized she sounded perfect. And when they met her in person, they found out that she was indeed perfect for them. She is already settling in and the Meppens adore her.

Mia thanks Rita & MJ for getting her out of the shelter and into rescue in Taiwan, and Barbara D. for approving her trip to the US. She was so happy to have the Welcome Waggin' waiting for her and gives doggy kisses. She thanks Tom W. for giving her such a great temporary home. She's grateful to Eva for doing the home visit that identified this terrific family. And she thanks the Placement Team and PA Dona for making the perfect match. Attached is a picture of Mia with her new family.

Welcome home Mia!

The Underground Fantastic - for Pang Pang

Hi All,

It was last Father’s Day when I picked up Pang Pang! We are having a big party for her tomorrow – will send you all some photos. One of the staff members is actually baking her a healthy cake with a recipe we found on-line. Regardless, our girl is still on a diet so she won’t get much.

One of our residents wrote the attached poem. He is a senior who loves rap and when he recites this, he does so in a rap style. It is just wonderful. I keep telling you all how much everyone loves Pang Pang. They even write about her!

Look for some fun photos soon!


The Underground Fantastic

It all began that wonderful Friday morning around ten. As I walked into the Country Village Leasing Office, that’s when I first met my enchanting new friend. She was golden as sun beams streaming from the sky. Almost human-like with intelligent eyes; freshly groomed with a scent of honey suckle rose, sitting in a nearby corner, with an eye catching pose. I approached her with a slight apprehension. She raised her paw, as I extended my hand; we slapped five and then ten. I said, “Hey, Golden Lady, what’s your name?” She barked, wagged her tail and softly whispered, “Pang Pang”. A multi million dollars ran through my mind, gee whiz, this dog is one of a kind. Now we all remember Old Yeller, Rin Tin Tin, Deputy Dog and Big Ben. They’ve come and gone, done their thing, but none can compare to Pang Pang. She began to tell me about her history; joyful moments and times of misty colored memories. Her eyes began to shine like a cat in the dark that hypnotizes me with an affixation of her words. I stood frozen, like a man on ice, as she welcomed me into her world. A far off place, a distant shore, this was surly no fairy tale.

“I like to eat,” she said to me, “I have a voracious appetite. I’ll eat yours, I’ll eat mine, I could eat all night. After I eat I like to take a little nap. My owners got rid of me, when I ate the food for the cat. That was it, they had enough. They put me in the street, they said, “You’re big enough to stand on your feet.” My nights were lonely, my days were blue, my sun didn’t shine the way it use to do and so when I lay me down at night, my blanket was the sky and slowly I began to lose the twinkle in my eyes. For forty days and forty nights I was so all alone. I had no warmth or comfort, no home to call my own. I walked all day and slept all night; searching garbage cans for just a little bite. I soon would discover I was not alone; there were hundreds just like me, searching for a home. There was Poppy, Marengo, Jetty, Jet, Lucy, Lila and a cat named Tibet! We banded together like a group of thieves, hitting every garbage can, we could smell or see. Some of the town’s people became weary of our tactics, while supporters began to call us the Underground Fantastic. The will to live is what they saw in us and we were in no hurry to return to the dust. We were young and we were cool. We had no degrees from the Ivy League schools; Cambridge, Harvard or Canton. Finding a job was out of the question, we did what we must, one hundred strong and tough.” A slight tear began to fall from her check. She choked up for a moment but continued to speak. “Then came the day of the Big Truck Round Up. They called on the terminator to bust and move. When the job was finished he had holes in his shoes. They sent us to a place they called “rest” but I called it “R.I.P.” It was good for them but not for us or me!

My beautiful friends and the family within were destroyed over and over again. The clock was ticking, my heart was racing. Would I ever escape this place? I dreamed I’d be rescued by someone really nice, someone who loved me, someone to treat me right. As morning arrived a strange shadow fell on the wall. The clock had run out it was time to fall. They took me to the gallows and I took my last gulp, as my heart began to sink. This time Super Man would not arrive. I stared into the abyss; it was my time to die. Tears filled my eyes and my body did shake. I prayed to the Lord for my soul to take. I thought about my mother, my father, my sister and brothers. I was ready to meet them and all the others, Poppy, Marengo, Jetty, Jet, Lucy, Lila and a cat named Tibet. Suddenly I heard a shout from the gallows below and someone said, “Let Pang Pang go!” I didn’t know her name and I had never seen her face, but she said to me, “I’m getting you out of this place.” The door flew open and I took a deep breath. The next thing I knew I was on a jet; U.S.A, red, white and blue - Country Village for me, Country Village for you!”

Pang Pang, thank you for your story. You bring cool where there’s hot and warmth where there is not.

Your friend,
Sylvester/AKA Sly

June 18, 2011

Rita's Casey...coming soon!

Just wanted to update you on Macy. She is doing amazingly well. She is so sweet, gentle, well behaved and adorable. Everyone who has met her adores her. As you know, Morgan, who passed away in March, was a therapy dog. She was certified with Delta and visited at the Childrens Hospital of Orange County. Macy has all the right personality traits to be an amazing therapy dog. She loves all people, is very gentle and well behaved and nothing much (loud noises etc) phases her. Unfortunatey with my business commitments - I do not have time to do therapy work with Macy. However, a friend of mine who I met doing therapy work - her dog passed away recently and she adores Macy and is now working with her to be a therapy dog. She hopes to take the test with her in October. In preparation for the test - Macy is going lots of places with Dalene - on Friday night she went to the Irvine Spectrum and had dinner there. Literally - Macy gets out more than I do. Dalene also teaches piano - so Macy is going once a week to “piano lessons” - so she can meet the kids and learn to sit quietly while they have their piano lessons. I am so delighted - since I think she gets bored sitting all day long in my home office - even so I do take her for two walks a day and out to play at lunch time, she does enjoy meeting new people a lot and I think she and Dalene will be a great therapy team. Perhaps in the next few years my schedule will lighten up and I can take her as well.

I attached a picture of Macy “in full flight” She has the most comical run - kind of “bounces along” - it cracks everyone up!!! Probably because she walked on three legs for the first part of her life. As you can see in the one picture she is running on two legs on the same side of her body. She just looks “full of joy” when she runs - as demonstrated in the pictures. Also a more “serious” picture of her with her newest “prized possession!”

I will keep you posted on her therapy dog training.


June 3, 2011

Update from Rita's Lucia, now Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is doing great! She is such an amazing dog and is loving her new life in Venice. Here are some pictures of the little lady!


June 1, 2011

Update from Rita's Gary

These wonderful-gorgeous Goldens have been a part of our lives for many years. In recent years we have adopted mostly senior Goldens, five now through GRCGLAR, usually have two at a time, but we were so smitted by Gary that we decided we had to include Gary in our family. Don't know how many pictures you have seen of Gary - he's like this big lumbering, white bear, and such a fun and loving big fellow. And he gets along so nicely with our other two fellows Moof and Buddy. I will include a few pictures and we are working on getting a couple of pictures of Gary's new parents (us) so that the Taiwanese rescuers can see who we all are. When you see these guys and gals you can't help but have a moment of wonder about their history but it is probably just as well to stayed focus on the new lives we are giving them. My blessings to all who made it possible for Gary to enter our lives. I can assure you he will have the lovingest of homes - we are devoted to our Golden guys.

- Paul

Happy 2-Year Gotcha Day, Kai!

Today is Kai's 6th birthday and his 2nd year with us. Because no one knows his actual birthdate we chose 5/31 since it was the day Kai came into our lives.

He is very much loved, and spoiled. He is so very smart when he wants to be... He loves being here in San Clemente, although this past winter was hard on his bones. He continues to surprise all of us with his sudden outbursts of speed and his ability to jump into a chair and out again. Kai has trained me so that if he sits at my feet and barks at me, I know he wants to sit in my chair.

We are so thankful to Maggie and Joseph of ARTT for not letting him die in the hospital, and to you and everyone else at GRCGLA Rescue for allowing us to make Kai a very much loved member of our family.

David and Sonsee