August 31, 2009

Meet our Mars

From Rita...

Dear Barbara,

He is Mars. He was from animal shelter. When I first time saw the Mars's pictures on the website I was feel so shock and sad. We even can not recognized he is a Golden. He exhibited no hopefulness in the eyes, so we bring he out of shelter and took him to vet. The vet gave him a checkup, unfortunate his canine distemper test is positive. I've tried every treatment the vet suggested and now Mars is completely recover of distemper. He is still under treatment of skin problem and he has recover so well. Mars is around 4-5 years old and he is sweet boy. Could you take him when he has recover his health? I have attached some pictures of Mars when he in the shelter and some is just take 2 days ago.

Here is the video we made one month ago when we first time bring Mars to vet.

Here is the video we made 2 days ago. Mars is doing very well.

Trigon: Memorial Tribute

Trigon was found by Rita and MJ in a shelter. He was missing a leg and emaciated, but still a sweet, friendly and loving Golden. Before long, it was clear that Trigon had contracted distemper and although they tried valiantly to save him, Trigon passed away. Rita and MJ made this lovely video to commemorate their journey with Trigon.

August 29, 2009

Maggie's Tony adopted!

Maggie's Tony was adopted just a week after arriving on U.S. soil today by Cindy and Tom P. of Seal Beach. 'T' as he will be called by his new family happily embraced his big new home with lots of space to run inside and outside and cool shady places to hang out. Within the first 30 seconds, 'T' greeted his new family as if he had known them all his life. New toys and treats greeted him and this happy boy was simply in heaven.

Much thanks goes to Maggie and ARTT and all the great work they do in Taiwan to give these dogs a second chance at life. For those who have read Tony's story - he was found dumped in a dam, skinny and alone. ARTT rescued him and gave him a fresh new start. Thanks goes to Uncle Ira, our Welcome Waggin' Ambassador, and the rescue crew who greeted Tony at LAX including Julie F. who fostered this boy. Tony spent a week with 11-month old GRCGLARescue Golden, Buddy, at Julie's. Julie and her beau, Jack, helped Tony prepare for his new life with his forever family...all the while forming a great relationship with Buddy. Thank you Daryl D. for doing the homevisit for this wonderful family.

Below is a photo of T's new family along with Julie, Jack and their golden, Buddy (at left).

Anna's first day in the U.S.

Anna & Hope Arrive!

Photos from Hope and Anna's departure in Taiwan and their arrival in the U.S. yesterday.

August 27, 2009

Rita's Mickle adopted!

My new name is Mickey Walker. My foster parents, Russell and Roz, have decided that they want to give me a forever home. I'm so very excited and happy to become a part of this new family! Thank you to Rita and MJ for rescuing me from the streets of Taiwan. Thank you to the Welcome Waggin' crew who greeted me over a month ago and allowed me to pee on American soil for the first time at LAX Airport! What a relief! Thanks to the entire GRCGLARescue team for ensuring my care. Finally, thank you to my new family for fostering me and investing in the amazing dog I'm destined to be (with a little help from my trainer)! I'm happy to be a part of the GRCGLARescue family!

August 26, 2009

August 23, 2009

David & Tony arrive!

From GRCGLAR volunteer, Ira...

David and Tony, our latest arrivals from Taiwan, made it through customs a while ago and are now on American soil. Our friend Ms. Chen escorted the guys, who are now staying with David and Sonsee and Julie F., respectively. Thanks to everyone involved!

August 21, 2009

Thomas: abandoned and heartworm positive

From Maggie Chen, ARTT...
I wondered if you heard of a devastating typhoon hit Taiwan on 8/8. Many crated dogs were drowned in the floods. Some were even left behind after the villagers had been evacuated. We rescued a golden retriver with a head of a Laborador abandoned in front of a breakfast store. Attached please see his photos. Do you think your organization can help this dog? He was heartworme tested positive and is currently under treatment.

David: photo update

August 18, 2009

Latte: found begging for food

When Latte was found, she was in bad shape but has responded well to her rescuer's good care. She's the victim of a poorly done surgical debarking procedure so her breathing sounds heavy and raspy at times. The vets in Taiwan have examined Latte and run tests for various diseases and have found Latte to be healthy. Once a traveling companion is located in Taiwan, Latte will fly to the U.S. in search of a permanent home.

August 17, 2009

Oscar: My New Life

Today Oscar's peeps (Lani and Kai actually) advised us that Rita's Oscar has signed a life-time contract to star in his new role, My New Life, co-starring his new family Judy, Osmany, Emily, and new Golden sister Butterscotch of Fountain Valley. After much tail wagging and playing, the contracts were signed and he was off to his new digs.

Oscar would like to express his forever thanks to his own angels in the world, Rita & MJ back in Taiwan for giving him this chance, GRCGLA Rescue for the opportunity of a lifetime, the Welcome Waggin team for the awesome greeting at LAX, and Sonsee and David for his port of refuge while on the journey to his forever home.

Oscar would also like to give two high-paws to Leslie W. and Quincy for the great advance scouting work they did. He would not have been able to accept this role without the excellent work of everyone at GRCGLA Rescue.

In anticipation of this event, there had a great going-away party for him last night starting with a walk on the beach, a dinner of chicken chow mein, lemon chicken, followed by deer antler bones for all.

August 12, 2009

Meet Anna

From Rita...
This is Anna, she is from same shelter as Molly. She is very sweet girl and about 2 years old. We took her to vet and she is very health, but we found out her one leg a little lame. So we gave her X-ray and vet says her leg is no problem. She just need more exercise and it will be OK. If you can take her I will try to send her to LAX with Hope.

August 9, 2009

Oscar's first day

From GRCGLAR volunteer, David...

After an almost 2-hour wait for our precious boy Oscar, he made his dramatic debut last night accompanied by team leader, Ira, and Mariko, Sonsee and David. He decided to make his grand entrance to his waiting audience after a few stretches in his crate. Once leashed he made his dramatic entry to Mariko and Ira's waiting arms. He smelled the fresh Los Angeles air and you could just see him relax. Ira walked him around a nice grassy area so he could take care of some stage fright and he was a new dog. He made the rounds to all of us to give us a welcome sniff as if to say hi!

After a few minutes of signing autographs and posing for pictures, Oscar was whisked off in his limousine to his hotel in San Clemente. Sonsee talked to him the whole time and he just melted in the back seat. We got home just after midnight and took him for a short walk before bringing him to meet Lani and Kai. After meeting some new fans and a welcome drink, he settled down for the night, or so we thought. It turns out Oscar had a second wind and decided to get all of the toys out and spend most of the night snacking and playing.

I took over for Sonsee at 8:00 and tried to get him to eat some kibble, but he was too tired and decided to call it a night. Today he spent his day napping and exploring the neighborhood, posed for a few more pictures and met the neighbors, Justa, Chip, and Roxy. Welcome sniffs were exchanged by all. Tonight Oscar ordered boiled chicken and rice from room service.

Oscar sends his love and appreciation to his special friend Rita and says thanks for everything you did for him. Also a high paw to the Barbara D. and GRCGLA Rescue for making this possible, and the Welcome Waggin Team; Ira, Mariko, Sonsee and David.

Postcard from the Ohanians

Hi Denise,

Thank you! We are all just loving our sweet angel Hannah! You were right, she is a very special girl. We just got in and Hannah was able to explore her new house last night. She has made friends with every stuffed animal we have in this house. I do believe the girl has a stuffed animal fetish.
I want to tell you how lucky you are to have Cathy as a foster parent. She is such a wonderful and caring person. She made the transition so easy for us and Hannah! I honestly can not say enough about her. I promised her we would definitely keep in touch.
Again Denise, thank you so very much for letting us take in this beautiful, sweet and good natured Golden! We are thrilled.

The Ohanian Family

Video update from Willie

Oscar is here!

From GRCGLAR volunteer Ira...

Our latest arrival from Taiwan, Oscar, touched down last night at LAX. Welcome Waggin'-eers Mariko , David, Sonsee and myself were on hand to for the meet and greet. After a couple hour wait, Mr. Chen finally emerged from customs with Oscar in tow. After some coaxing, Oscar ventured out of his kennel and took his first footsteps on American soil. He seemed a bit bewildered by it all, heck, who wouldn't be, but seemed to calm down a bit as he left with David and Sonsee, who very generously volunteered to let him crash at their place over the weekend.

August 8, 2009

Molly adopted!

The Lodens of Canyon Country fell under the spell of Rita's Molly today, and made her part of their family. Molly has some particular ideas about what her next best opportunity would be, and her foster mom, Mariko, managed to ascertain that the Lodens were everything she was looking for. Having a hard start in a faraway land, Molly now has a happy and secure life with the Lodens! Molly's gratitude to Rita and MJ is boundless; without their loving care and dedication she would never have had a chance! Molly also sends thanks to Team GRCGLAR.

Oscar heads to the U.S.!

August 1, 2009

Congratulations Hannah!

Rita's Hannah was adopted today by the Ohanian family of Calabasas. Hannah made her way to us a couple of months ago from Taiwan and has spent time under the foster care of Cathy T. Through a great diet and TLC, Cathy helped Hannah transform into the beautiful Golden on the outside that she already was on the inside. Hannah needed some assistance in the social graces and how to channel her amazing energy for a 7 year old. Through trips to the ocean and playtime with Cathy's pups, Hannah learned about life as a Golden in California and has embraced this new journey with gusto. The Ohanians will give her the special life she deserves and Calabasas is lucky to have this girl from Taiwan. Much thanks goes to Rita and MJ in Taiwan for rescuing Hannah and sending her to the U.S. and the volunteers of GRCGLAR for helping her on this journey.