August 31, 2010

Hannah (formerly Rita's Alinna) lovin' life!

Dear Hannah is the joy of all our lives. She is so happy and loves life here in America. She has been with us for 6 months now and we can see each day her trust and love for us grow.

Hannah is about to finish her intermediate obedience class. She loves to go to obedience and mix with the other dogs. All the practice has paid off and she is the best by far in her class. The thing we love about Hannah is that she seems to be smiling. She is so very happy. First thing in the morning she runs out of her crate and greets me and then she checks all her toys to make sure they are still there. I would think food would be her first item of interest, but that is not so. Hannah is a pure lady and very gentle. She is calm and yet playful.

We often wonder what was her past life like, but we know we are blessed to have her and we are sure she feels the same way. We all cannot begin to thank you for rescuing Hannah. She has completed our home and bought new life to all of us. She really has hung her leash up and knows she is home.

Thank you and keep up the wonderful work of bringing all of us 'golden blessings'


The Ringland Family
Joann, Bill, Tricia, William and Hannah!!!

August 24, 2010

Meet Rita's Mocha

Mocha was found in the street. After receiving treatment for skin issues and babesia, he's ready for a forever home. Mocha is about 2 years old and will make the trip to the U.S. soon. Mocha's photo album: click here.

August 23, 2010

Update from Sierra (Rita's Fiona)

Sierra's doing great! Continuing to shine and come out of her shell more every week. We've completed her basic training and keep working on it every day. She really is fun!

She's beginning to play/interact with other dogs more, but still showing signs of resource guarding (just with dogs, not people). She has a best dog friend down the street and they love playing together (when she's not guarding the ball). She makes friends with everyone she meets and loves rides in the car. She sometimes refuses to go for a walk and instead drags me by leash to the car. She's definitely not shuttle about what she wants.

This past weekend we had a family BBQ and all the family dogs attended too! She had so much fun running and chasing after balls with them all day, that night she curled up next to me and fell asleep with her head in my lap and the ball still in her mouth.

Here's two recent pictures of Sierra in her forever home.


Update from Rita's Lucy

Lucy is doing fine. She seems happy and is enyoying her new friend Sasha. She likes living in the house and likes the yard.

Karin, Lucy (Rusty) and Sasha

Update from Brady (aka Maggie's Stanley)

Enclosed are a few pictures of Brady (aka Maggie's Stanley). The first was taken after his surgery to remove a large growth from his back. As you can see, even with the large plastic cone, he was full of energy and wanted to play. The surgery was a success and you would never know that he had an operation.

The second group of pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. He is a beautiful Golen. He has responded very well to training. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to adopt Brady. He is a very special dog!

Thanks to all of the people who helped us with the adoption process and with the surgery.

Garry & Linda

Pang Pang at work with Mom

August 18, 2010


Pang Pang passed her therapy dog test this evening through Therapy Dogs International! Of 18 dogs, only 4 met the TDI testing requirements. Kudos to David, her trainer, who worked so hard to teach her the commands and discipline required to make this possible. He is very proud of her tonight! It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago Pang Pang did not understand English. This golden girl is a true combination of beauty and brains – special in so many ways! I am very excited, as this gains her admission into areas where she can touch many lives. In addition I am confident that her success will send a clear message for homeless animals waiting to be adopted.

August 16, 2010

Gino is pure joy!

Gino is a pure joy, we really love him and he has become part of the family. He loves to snuggle and thinks he is a lap dog. We do have to watch him around food, I think he became a sneaky thief in his earlier life! One day he took a 2 lb block of cheese off our butcher block and I caught him just as he started to gnaw on it. He also likes butter. So we have learned to be careful!!

If the folks in Taiwan can fill us in, we would love to know a bit more about his history; where and how he was found, what condition, etc.

Steve & Cathy

Pang Pang touches many lives

Pang Pang is already touching so many lives!

She has completed 30 hours of training and is taking her Therapy Dog exam this Tuesday evening. We believe she will pass, because she enjoys “showing her stuff.” You can tell that David, her trainer, is very proud of her and that she enjoys her time with him. I will let you all know how she does.

At work Pang Pang delights our seniors every day. They call her, “our dog” and are delighted with her greetings, kisses and constant tale-wagging. We introduced her in the newsletter last month and residents have flocked in to see her. The property marquee sign says, “Come Meet Pang Pang!” She will have her own column and photo every month in the newsletter. She loves to ride in golf carts and our maintenance staff and security guards get the biggest kick out of driving her around. I swear, if she could learn the princess wave it would not surprise me! She visits our on-site groomer once a week, romps around the Dog Park and wanders through the administrative offices.

At home Pang Pang is Petey’s big sister, and she tolerates his wet Boxer kisses and constant urging to play. She has learned to love him and of course he just adores her. She is all about the balls and toys and will chase them forever, with Petey close on her tail. They are so much fun to watch – a constant source of entertainment. She is happiest with me and actually becomes anxious when I pick up my purse without putting her on leash. She is with me almost always. There is no way to describe how close I feel to her after such a short period of time. She is so incredibly special.

I know how much my dogs have impacted my life so it should not be surprising to see how much Pang Pang means to our seniors. I have been amazed though, at her understanding and compassion. This is a tough time for seniors. They have to deal with their health problems, loved ones who are ill and many issues related to the economy. It is the hardest part of my job because there are some things we just can’t fix, although we try very hard. Pang Pang senses the distress and calmly lays her head in the lap of a weeping woman, who instantly is distracted from her concerns. How wonderful to be able to take her into a resident’s home who is unable to leave her bed and see the smiles and warm touches. For those who cannot afford a pet or who cannot care for one, she offers the company and unconditional love that they crave. She is truly theirs and they have embraced her.

For me, Pang Pang is a true inspiration to learn more about how she can help others – in areas that we (humans) cannot. She is also an inspiration for those who are considering adopting a pet, and I want to help ensure there is more awareness in regard to this need.

Again, my sincere thanks to all of you for helping make Pang Pang an important part of so many lives. She has completely worked her way into our hearts. Please know that she could not be more loved!


August 9, 2010

Postcard from Lucky (formerly Rita's Seven)

Lucky and I got through our first week together. He is a very sweet mellow boy.  We enjoy our walks together...he goes completely bonkers over bunnies and squirrels and kitties! He hops up and down on all fours and wants to chase them. He is becoming less nervous, although he still likes to be held and loved (as you saw). This is OK, because I love to pet him.  He started (just a little bit) to play with some toys and is not quite so nervous over his food...a little less counter surfing.  He sleeps comfortably by my bed, and he hasn't had any accidents in the house.  We even got through our first bath!  I wouldn't say that he loved it, but he behaved nicely and didn't go crazy. He smells much better and gets lots of hugs and kisses.  He does not like to have his tail brushed... which is pretty funny because I love to brush him and he just plants his little fanny on the floor and 'dares me' to figure out how to brush it that way.

August 4, 2010

Postcard from Maggie (formerly Maria)

We've had a fun and busy summer, yep even Maggie too. She went on her first family vacation and did great, she's a real traveler. Next week we're going camping at Refugio State Beach, just north of Santa Barbara. Maggie is looking forward to playing Frisbee on the beach and digging in the dirt.

Here are some recent pictures of Maggie and her friends... and my kids.

Take care!

August 3, 2010

Jumbo de Taiwan & Beryl

Carole S., Jo B., and Adrienne met at LAX last night to pick up Jumbo and Beryl. Adrienne took care of bringing all the necessaries, including the tip for the valet, got the crates unsealed, and helped giving the dogs their first opportunity to toilet in the U.S.A. They immediately took the Pledge of Allegiance, and were on their way.

Hi from Ollie (formerly Rita's Boss)

To my friends at GRCGLA - I am enjoying the summer here in Chino Hills. I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of my favorite ways to stay cool. In the first one I went swimming in Jackson Lake in the mountains after a hike. Too bad the snow is all gone, but the lake was nice. I even fetched a few sticks to make the folks happy. The second one is me in a great hole I dug under the lavender bush in the back yard. Its nice and cool, and the leaves above make a nice shady cave. I have a big peach tree in my yard and I like to get the peaches when nobody is looking!

I went to visit Katie in San Diego last week. My favorite place was La Jolla. They really like dogs in La Jolla and my people were even allowed to take me to a restaurant - I didn't have to stay home. If the people eat in the outdoor tables lots of restaurants let them take their dog. I was very well behaved and never ask to be fed from the table like some other dogs. Lots of people we saw wanted to pet me and they said I sure am a happy boy! When I got back from that trip I was so tired I slept almost the whole next day.

I am looking forward to seeing everybody at Dogtoberfest!


Rita's Beryl & Jumbo on their way!

August 1, 2010

Rita's Seven adopted!

Rita's Seven was adopted yesterday by former adopter, Linda B. Linda lost her GRCGLARescue-adopted Golden boy, Cooper, suddenly to a hemangiosarcoma. She was grieving but felt that adopting another homeless Golden in need would be a great way to pay tribute to Cooper.

Linda met Seven with Tom H. in Fullerton and it was love at first sight. It didn't take Linda long to realize that Seven is a special Golden under the timid, confused and lost soul at the moment. We're looking forward to pictures soon for posting but so far Seven is doing good...a bit nervous and pacing but given the rollercoaster ride he's experienced the past couple of months - it's to be expected.

Much thanks goes to Rita in Taiwan for rescuing Seven and giving him an opportunity at a better life in America. Thanks to Barbara D. and the Welcome Waggin crew for bringing Rita's Seven into rescue. Thank you Tom H. for the time spent getting to know this boy through daily walks at the park. Finally, thank you David P. for conducting the homevisit for Linda...truly a loving and compassionate adopter!

Congratulations Seven (newly named Lucky)!