November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Maddy (formerly Rita's Mimi)

This is Nicole, Bari and Joel’s Daughter. We had a great Thanksgiving holiday together and took some great new photos of our special dog that we’re so thankful for, Maddy!

Mom and Dad had not sent you any recent photos since Maddy got here earlier this year, so we wanted to send some new ones for your website. Maddy is so funny and absolutely loves her life in Palm Springs . The whole community loves to see her everyday when she goes walking with Mom – and everyone stops to pet her. She loves to roll around and run in the grass and has brought so much joy to our family and others around here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all & congratulations on all you do. You guys are truly remarkable!!!


November 14, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation by Kai

My mom and dad took me and my Golden sister Lani to this wonderful place called Loews Coronado Bay Resort for their birthdays. I really like this place because we get to sleep in this nice room and lay on our own private balcony and guard it from those big white birds that like to try and steal our food. My sister and I caught one on our balcony, but dad yelled at us and he escaped. Dad wasn’t too happy with us that day. The people here are so nice to me and my sister. Every day someone brings this big wagon to our room and it has all of this food on it.

Dad says we have to dress for dinner, and to remember our manners. I know I’m not supposed to help myself, but it smells so good. Roast beef, green beans, rice, and scrambled eggs in my own fancy silver bowl. They really know how to spoil us here!

We get to go to this beautiful beach and run and play with all of the other dogs that live there. I even followed my sister Lani out into the water one day. It was hot and it felt so good that I just laid down in the water. I got all wet and sandy and dad wasn’t very happy about that. I had to get another bath, and I just had one the day before!

I have made some really nice friends here; Daryl is the director of Safety and Security (not sure what that means), but he is a really nice man and he has a really cool golf cart. (I wish he would take me for a ride.) Aana is a really nice lady that we see at the front desk, and my newest friend is Reuben who took me for a ride on his bellman’s cart. I really liked that!

I can’t wait to go back there again. I want to send a high paw out to everyone at GRCGLA Rescue, my foster Mom Cheryl, and to my very special friends Maggie and Joseph- thank you for saving my life. Don’t worry about me, I’m living the good life!


November 3, 2011

Postcard from Riley (Rita's Schnappi)

Everything's going great here! We have renamed him Riley.. He's getting used to his new name and responds to it most of the time. Our family Labs are enjoying his company and are often sitting outside our glass doors waiting for him to come out to play. It's fun watching him romp around the yard with the other dogs. He appears happy and is eating and sleeping well and walks with me down to our village where he gets lots of attention. When we walk, my daughter brings one of her goldens along and they do well together. He's getting acquainted with our family and all the pets.We've had no trouble with him in or out of the house. He's a delight and good company. Thanks for saving him for us!

Mary and Paul

Rita's Ally, Momo, Polo and Yellow Arrive in the U.S.