September 27, 2011

Pang Pang looking forward to Dogtoberfest

Hi Everyone,

Pang Pang and I are looking so forward to Dogtoberfest this year! Petey is going too - probably the only boxer in a field of gold! He is a friendly boy, who loves everyone so I know he will have a good time too.

Pang Pang had a busy summer at work – mostly getting more attention than ever. Two of our residents painted her portrait, one attached for you to view. I am amazed at their talent and so thrilled they love her enough to paint her and write about her. She continues to be “Princess Pang Pang,” who lavishes her kisses and attention on her adoring seniors. She represented our community at several events, including a 911 Memorial, which landed her a photo in the local newspaper – not the first one. She seems to be welcome everywhere and when she is not with me I am asked “Why?” constantly.

At home our girl is Petey’s big sister and he has no idea that she is a princess. They square off (attached photo) and play until they drop. I learned long ago to buy them both the exact same toy because no matter what one has – the other wants! Although they compete for attention, they love each other, usually curling up together to sleep. When I take him to work she seems to coach him, as he does not have her maturity and self-esteem. We are working on that, knowing that she is very good for him. They are so different, which makes them all the more fun together.

Hope to see you Saturday. We are very excited to finally be participating in a GRCGLAR event!


September 11, 2011

Update from Maggie's Willy

I am sending you some pictures of Willy that I took last week while we were up at our home in Lake Tahoe. Willy has gone up there three times with us since we adopted him, and he is most definitely a "Tahoe Dog" now. He LOVES to swim in the lake and has a wonderful time swimming out to retrieve the tennis balls I throw for him. Willy did try to chase the ducks on the lake the first time we were up; but after having them take off and fly away after he was "This Close!" to them, he now ignores them.

Thank You so much for all you do on the behalf of these wonderful dogs.

Best Regards,


September 9, 2011

Rita's Orson adopted!

Orson came to us in June. He was quite thin when he arrived but put on so much weight at the boarding kennel in Ontario (not too much though), that I didn't recognize him. Like all of the dogs from Taiwan, he had his share of challenges. (Here's the link to his introduction video: Orson was lucky to find Rita and MJ, and we were lucky to get Orson.

The Servin family was looking to adopt their first dog and they had their hearts set on a Golden. This very close family includes a father and mother, adult daughter and a 7 year old grandson. The father told me that they were a family unit and that they take care of each other. Orson is now a part of this family unit and is being cared for and enjoyed by everyone.

Orson thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing him, nursing him back to health, and for sending him to us to find a loving home. Thanks, also, to the Welcome Waggin' for making him feel loved and secure upon his arrival. Thanks to Jo-Bea Kennels for noticing that he needed a few extra pounds and making sure he got them. Thank you to Barbara D. for coordinating his arrival and assisting in his placement. And thank you to Eva and the Placement Team for making this successful match.

September 6, 2011

Update from Veena (formerly Rita's Nina)

We love Veena so much! We are so happy to have her, she is a real joy! She is so energetic and full of life, and a total character. Every time we go for a walk people stop to tell us how beautiful she is! She loves going to the beach and swimming in the ocean as well as hiking or anything else that we are doing. As long as we are there she is a happy girl! We are planning to come to the dogtober party and are very excited to meet everyone.

Sarah and Troy

September 5, 2011

Update from Molley (formerly Rita's Olla)

Molley and Theo love the local beach. And when eveyone goes work (I work nights) it's our time to chase the waves or just hang around and watch the surf. Then its time for a long and well deserved rest. The Michaelis Family just love they're Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts of 2009. That's when they came into our lives.