January 23, 2012

Happy New Year from Rita's Casey

Casey (we've dropped the "Rita's" part and added "At the Bat") is now a full-fledged member of the family and knows exactly where the dog treats are kept. No one can walk past the closet without she doesn't get up and furiously wag her tail. Then when you try to ignore her, the eyes, oh my, the eyes. We did have a lovely stroll by the beach, she's such a sweet girl. She was well behaved. Well except for the time we went past 2 gentlemen playing bocci or some such bowling game. She insisted that the balls were actually hers. That took a little sorting out, but we got it explained to her eventually.
Take care,

Rita's Toby adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Toby, who found his forever home with Tom and Patty and their dog, Tara.

Toby came in last month from Taiwan, a happy, friendly high energy pup who was looking for an active home and another pup to play with. He hasn't had much training, so he was also looking for a family that was willing to work with him on his manners. Tom and Patty adopted Tara from us last October and knew that once she was settled they wanted to bring in a second dog. They recently contacted us to let us know they were ready, and they looked like just the right home for Toby. They quickly set up a meeting and he and Tara got along great, and it didn't take long for the family to decide that Toby was going home with them. He's doing great and learning some manners.

Toby thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, making sure he was healthy and sending him to California. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and springing him from his crate. He thanks the CP Walking Team for getting him regular exercise and love. He also thanks Lois for making sure this was a terrific home for a pup. He's grateful to the Placement Team and PA Lisamarie for matching him up with his new peeps, and finally he thanks Paul for making intro's and sending him on to his new life. Attached is a picture of Toby and his new family.

Welcome home Toby!

January 15, 2012

Happy New Year from Leia (Rita's Tina)

My name is Leia (Rita's Tina) and I wanted to let you know how I'm doing since I've been adopted in August. My family loves me a lot. I like to walk my brothers out to the street before they leave for school. I am very well behaved, even without a leash, but sometimes I'll go visit other dogs as they walk by. I've learned to stay on the porch when the squirrels and birds are out to play in my neighborhood.

My sister has taught me to dance and dress cool. I don't jump on anyone unless they ask to dance. I like to go to soccer games to cheer for my family, although I'd rather be the one to play with the soccer ball. I am still learning about my cat family members so I study about them and I'm learning patience. They live upstairs so I just let them and stay downstairs without ever being told not to go on the stairs. I'm good about that. My daily walks are fun so I'm very well behaved. Thank you to everyone who helped me find my family. I love them very much!

Rita's Polly, Rudy, Apple and Genki are on their way to us

January 13, 2012

Happy New Year from Liu Liu (formerly Rita's Kim)

Happy New Year! We are so sorry that it has taken us so long to provide an update on our wonderful golden! Liu Liu (formerly "Kim"), who found her forever home with us on May 1, 2010, is doing very well! She is the light of our lives, and we love her very much. She continues to be such a smart dog, and is also very loving and protective of us. Although Liu Liu always tries to please us, she does not like anybody who comes on our property who she doesn't know such as the mail carrier, gardener, or anybody who rings our doorbell. In November, Liu Liu chased away a stranger who had jumped into our backyard. Potential burglars beware!

We aren't sure what to think of Liu Liu's newest exploit. For the past few months, when we are not home, Liu Liu has been taking our kitchen towels outside through the dog door and burying them quite deep in our flower beds. We have found several of them, along with some beef bones we had given her, when digging with a shovel. Well, at least Liu Liu is only taking our kitchen towels - our shoes or clothes would be much worse!

Liu Liu has also discovered that she LOVES swimming in our pool. This past summer, our daughter, who had watched an episode of Dog Whisperer where Ceasar Milan teaches some dogs to be comfortable in a swimming pool, worked with her. (We introduced Liu Liu to our pool when we first got her so in case she fell in she would know how to easily get out, but she was always too scared to go in by herself.) Well, that has changed, thanks to Ceasar and our daughter! Whenever our pool cover is off, you can find Liu Liu happily swimming around in either the pool or attached spa. Fortunately, we have a heavy-duty automatic retractable cover for the pool so we can control when Liu Liu swims.

Attached are some pictures we have taken of Liu Liu this past year! Thank you so much to Liu Liu's rescuers - Liu Liu has enriched our lives with her presence, love, and antics!

January 4, 2012

Happy New Year from Maggie's Peter!

We are so happy with Petey. It had been a tough year for us losing both of our 15 year old goldens. We've forgotten what puppy energy is like but we are loving it. Such love in their hearts.

All the best,

This is a rare photo of a still Petey!

Happy New Year from Nora!

Nora (formerly Rita's Melissa) is much loved not only in this house but also in the neighborhood. She is sweet, friendly, curious and, of course, hungry all the time. Isn't that just like a golden???? She has given my husband and me much joy and absolutely no trouble.

Please thank all the folks that made her life with us possible--Rita, the people who transported her, and those who cared for her until we got her. I look at the pictures of the rescue and I can't imagine the path she took to get here. But here she is and she is loved and I believe that she knows that now.

So thank you again for our girl.
Jane & Alan

Happy New Year from Tyler!

Tyler (formerly Edward) has settled in and is making a great addition to the family. He's smart, adorable and is a great companion. We go to starbucks every morning and he knows it's time and hops in the truck eagerly being my passenger. We walk everyday and on the weekends go out in the reserve where he and Oliver can run and investigate everything. He's quite curious. Every evening before we go to bed, we walk them around the block. They each have collars with red lights on them and it's a site to see. Six red lights in the dark walking down the street. They look like Aliens. We are so enjoying Tyler and are checking into getting him a little more training.

Thank you so much for our new addition!

Happy New Year from Pang Pang

Pang Pang and I share a few of the same Resolutions - to get more exercise, increase play time (with Petey) and eat fewer cookies!

Incredibly our 2012 calendar is already filling up and we are very excited about new opportunities to advocate for seniors and their pets. We plan to continue Pang Pang's training and work more with local Senior Centers and Veterans' organizations. Pang Pang loves the opportunity to socialize and very much enjoys attention, as you know.

Thanks once again for all you do to make it possible for the rest of us to enjoy the amazing gifts that Rita and Maggie send our way.

Happy New Year to you all!