May 31, 2009

Champion is adopted!

Champion found a fabulous new home with David and Sonsee of San Clemente! As you know, Champ made his way to us last month from faraway Taiwan, where Maggie and his other angels at ART found him injured by the side of the road. Once they had his injuries repaired and his wounds healed, ART bought him a ticket to CA where he became part of Cheryl C's family. They taught him about southern CA living, worked on his physical rehab and generally helped him figure things out! Sonsee is a retired nurse, so is looking forward to applying her expertise to helping Champ continue his physical therapy. Champ sends his love to Maggie and her wonderful team at ART for saving his life and helping him to the states, to Cheryl and family (menagerie!) who helped Champ make the adjustment and prepare for his new life, and to Denise and Moseby who found him this great new home!

May 23, 2009

Arthur goes home!

Rita's Arthur was adopted today by Deb W. Deb felt a real connection to Arthur's bio and his face exuding 'Mr. Personality' from the she shared with me upon initial inquiry. She loved his big smiling face and felt she could offer Arthur a life of play, happiness and lots of smiles. Arthur thanks the following folks for getting him to his forever home...

MJ and Rita for rescuing Arthur from the streets of Taiwan.

The Welcome Waggin' who helped get Arthur get settled upon arrival at LAX with water and treats! You guys get big props!

Linda T. for transporting Arthur from LAX to our vet in Huntington Beach upon his arrival and walking him during his stay there!

Anne C. for also being there for Arthur to give him walks and hugs!

Eva I. for scouting out Deb's home!

And, Anna G., Arthur's foster mom, for her commitment and devotion over the past couple of weeks.

Leo finds a home!

Rita’s Leo went home today with past GRCGLAR adopter, Carolyn L. and family. Carolyn rehabilitated Abby from a scared and neglected soul until she was a happy and outgoing girl. Sadly Carolyn lost Abby awhile back and didn’t feel like she wanted to look again until she saw Leo’s smile pop up on our web site!

Leo is grateful to Rita and MJ for getting him safe, taking such good care of him and his injuries and making it possible for him to travel to the states. Leo is also grateful to foster mom Kriss and family for taking such good care of him, helping to ease his transition to the states and taking him on all sorts of exciting adventures (like that press conference!). Leo also sends thanks to Leslie, who scouted out this lovely new home for him!
Leo gets acquainted with Carolyn and daughter.

May 20, 2009

Could the Golden fad be waning in Taiwan?

Rita writes, "We went to foster home to see Molly last week and took some photos of her. You can see Molly is getting better and happy again. Before if you want to have a Golden Retriever is very expensive, but now Golden Retriever puppy is not expensive in Taiwan."


Rita and MJ discovered Molly in a shelter a month ago; she is estimated to be 3 years old. The vet says she’s already been bred many time. 'Before' photos appear below and an 'after' photo appears above. She will likely fly to the U.S. with Lily in June.

May 18, 2009


Champion gets a reassuring pat from foster host, Jackson. Champion is doing great and walking a little further each day.

May 15, 2009

Beauty adopted!

Beauty was adopted today by Chris S. of Apple Valley. When Chris first met Beauty, she greeted him like a long-lost friend. She would not leave his side for a second and kept staring into his eyes - it was truly love at first sight. When they're not hanging out at Chris' 2-acre ranch, they'll be hiking and camping in the high Sierras.

May 13, 2009

Champion's arrival and foster home

Volunteer, Cheryl C. and family, welcomed Champion at the airport and into their home. Cheryl has been taking lots of photos and sends this update...

When I first read Champ's story and saw his video, it broke my heart so I e-mailed Barbara immediately and offered to foster him when he got here. Well, he is here now and doing great. He is such a sweetheart with that Golden personality in spite of all that he has been through...abandoned on the street, hit by a van, surgery on hips, long plane ride, etc. Every day he's getting a little stronger. By the weekend, I'm hoping that we can get him into the pool for more therapy on his hips but it's encouraging to see a little progress each and every day.

It is such a pleasure to provide him with love and comfort while he heals and rehabilitates. It's so heartwarming to see the look of gratitude in his eyes. We can only imagine the horrors he has seen. I know it will be very difficult to let him go but the joy of seeing him happy in a forever home will make it all worthwhile...and then I can go on to help another. Thanks for this privilege.

May 9, 2009

Champion is on his way!

Champion has been checked in at the airport in Taipei and is making his way to LAX with six travelling companions headed for another rescue. Below, ART volunteers get together for a photo with 4 of the travelers.

May 5, 2009

GRCGLARescue networks with ART

Champion, our latest Taiwan rescue, is scheduled to arrive this weekend! Although Champion is our 8th arrival from Taiwan, his homecoming marks a new milestone in our international rescue efforts. Previously, all our Taiwan dogs have come to us from Rita and MJ; Champion comes to us from Animal Rescue Team Taiwan, one of the largest (if not the largest) canine rescues in Taiwan. Maggie Chen of ART has been providing assistance in arranging transportation for our other dogs, and has asked us to help their organization as well. We’ve helped them network with other US rescues to find safe havens for dogs of other breeds, as well.