April 30, 2009

Press conference details...

Debbie Jih is the volunteer passenger who escorted our last group of Taiwan dogs to the states, and delivered them to us safely Saturday night. Debbie's father is a cinematographer who recorded scenes from the departure and arrival of these dogs and edited together a 10-minute documentary that helps chronicle the participation of a volunteer escort. The video illustrates how little the passenger needs to do and how rewarding it is to be part of such a worthy undertaking. The objective is to attract interest in the program and get passengers to sign up.

With his influence, a press conference was called this morning featuring Debbie and her dad, and Jenny Hsieh, a local friend of Rita and MJ who has participated in both arrivals of our Taiwan dogs. The conference was also attended by six Chinese media agencies, Fox 11 News, and GRCGLARescue!

Beauty and Leo were the stars of the show. Attending GRCGLARescue volunteers included Barbara Davis, Joan Jessop, Sandy Diamond, Denise Buczek, Kriss Harrigian, and Mike and Julie Vallante. Coverage is expected to run on local Chinese language TV stations, as well as in the press in Taiwan.

The press conference will air tonight at the following TV outlets: ETTV (Eastern Television) at 7PM and Fox News at 10PM. Please check local listings to find the correct channel in your area.

April 27, 2009

Champion's story

Last month, Animal Rescue Team Taiwan rescued this lovely soul, they now call Champion. Champion’s story, told by Maggie Chen of ART, is posted below. If all goes well, he’ll be joining us here in the US next month.

ART rescued a golden retriver in a village on 3/6/09. We named him Champion. According to the villager, Champion was pushed out from a van on the early cold morning in February. Since then the dog had been seen straying around seeking food although he didn't have much to eat. Champion is a very friendly dog. Whenever there were vehicles approaching, he would get close to them with passion and expectations. It is obvious that he was expecting his owner. Day by day, he was losing weight and becoming listless until he was unfortunately hit by a hit-and-run driver in late Feb. A speeding van hit the dog without even stopping to take a look at what was happening to the dog. One of the vendors nearby dragged Champion to the sidewalk. All he could do was give the dog water and leftover. Poor Champion had been left alone there for a week before later before he was reported to ART by a passerby, who called ART for help.

We rushed the dog to the vet's on 3/6. The vet gave Champion an x-ray and judged that the dog's hipbone was fractured and there was a dislocation of the head in acetabulum. Champion was performed a surgery right away and it was very successful. Currently champion can walk in the park and he really likes it. Although he can't walk very fast, the vet said that time will cure and all the dog needs now is rehabilitation. Champion needs a place to walk around to help him go back to the normal state.

Here is a video made by ART's volunteer in which you can see how Champion walk.

Champion is three years old, 66 lbs, a male dog, neutered, all the tests are NEGATIVE. Can you help this dog?

April 20, 2009

Arriving this week!

Rita sent this group photo of the foursome that's headed our way...

April 17, 2009

Lily's trip postponed

This is the one who had erlichiosis. She's been diagnosed with Haemobartonellosis, which is more generally known here as hemotropic mycoplasmosis. It's a blood borne bacterial infection transmitted by ticks. She's undergoing treatment in Taiwan and will not travel until she's healthy.

April 11, 2009

Crate auction to benefit Taiwan rescuers

Our Project Taiwan: Bring Them Home! continues as Rita and MJ search for volunteer passengers to bring Lily, Hannah, Beauty and Leo to us. Maggie Chen of Animal Rescue Team Taiwan is also looking for passengers, and has a lovely male to send us when they have the funds available. None of the Taiwan rescuers has ever asked us for a penny of support, and have been doing this all their own. I know our Welcome Waggin’ volunteers were very impressed by the care Rita and MJ took to make sure our dogs traveled comfortably on their trip (sturdy crates, water bottles, traction flooring and absorbent material to keep them dry, just in case). These ladies have done an amazing job and have much more work to do.In an effort to help Rita and MJ offset future costs so we can guarantee all the Taiwan Goldens who need help can get it, we’re offering the crates previously ridden in by Ben and Lulu, two of our first three imports, for auction on Ebay this week. The auction has already begun, with the goods going to the highest bidder (for local delivery only). These crates are excellent quality, and only used once! More importantly, they represent the loving hearts of Golden rescuers who joined hands across the ocean to help these beautiful creatures find a life in the US. All the proceeds of the Taiwan Dog Crates auction will be forwarded back to Rita and MJ, to assist them in financing future rescues and getting them safely back to us.If you’d like to check out and/or bid on the auctions, click here!
Crate dimensions: 24"w x 26"h x 34"l
If you’d care to make a small contribution directly to Rita and MJ to help them pave the way for Hannah, Lily, Beauty, Leo and others to come here, Rita has set up a Paypal account with her email: abce12366@hotmail.com. Although not tax-deductible, a couple of dollars here and there will help speed the Taiwan dogs to the US.

April 10, 2009

Meet Arthur...

Arthur finds himself in need of a new home. Once a volunteer passenger is found he will join the others on their intercontinental trip.

April 1, 2009


This gorgeous middle-aged male was hit by a car and then abandoned by his owner at the side of the road.