October 30, 2009

Maggie's Dan has arrived!

From GRCGLARescue volunteer, Ira:
Maggie's Dan, quite a dapper fellow, arrived at LAX earlier this evening and was greeted by Welcome Waggin'-ers Cheryl and Ira. He came in with a bunch of other dogs from other rescues. After getting sprung from his kennel at LAX, Dan did a little business and immediately started to play ball. Even after 12 hours of flight, he in great spirits and ready to play! The extremely handsome boy went home with Cheryl.

Dan wants to thank Maggie for rescuing him, Barbara D. for making arrangements to bring him to America, Miss Hsi Chih Yun for escorting him here and Cheryl for fostering him...what a great team!

From GRCGLARescue volunteer, Cheryl:
What a handsome boy! We had a good night. He has already learned how to use the doggy door, no accidents, was very hungry (eating everyone's food... dogs, cats LOL)... and loves his tennis balls and toys!
So far, good with the little dogs. OK with the cats but needs supervision. Just a sweetheart who wants to be with his human when he's not playing with a tennis ball or toy. My husband has him out right now for his first walk on US soil. Here's a video clip from this morning and slideshow below. Much thanks to Ira for all his help last night. He's the greatest! View Dan's photo album created by Cheryl, HERE.

October 12, 2009

Maggie's Golden adopted!

Maggie’s Golden, our happy little puppy from last week’s big plane ride, went home today to be part of our own Sandy D.’s family! You may remember that Sandy lost both Lucky and Arliss last month, and there’s been a big hole in her heart waiting for someone to come along and bring some golden smiles back into her days. Little Golden is just the ticket, one of the happiest, friendliest little bugs we’ve met in some time. Sandy’s promised to make him earn his keep by working as a Pet Expo ambassador, in the great tradition of his uncle, Lucky.

Thank you to Maggie and the ARTT team for getting Golden safe and sending him to us, to the Welcome Waggin’ crew for welcoming this lovely youngster to the states, and to Aunt Lily who made him feel right at home until his new mom could come to claim him.

October 6, 2009

Safe arrival for Golden, Thomas & Luna

From GRCGLAR volunteer, Denise:
It was a lovely California day to welcome our three Taiwan golden refugees - Thomas (5 year old male), Luna (young female), and Golden (3 month old male pup). They all arrived safely and happy to feel the grass under their feet. The young pup, Golden, popped out of his crate showering Barbara D. with puppy kisses. Golden headed home with Barbara to be fostered in Riverside while Luna made her way to Hawthorne with Mariko. Thomas traveled with me south to Orange County where he'll be fostered in the next day or two. Much thanks to Marty F. for lending a helping hand today which was graciously appreciated.

All the dogs are lovely and got along well with each other!

Welcome Thomas, Luna and Golden!
From GRCGLAR volunteer, Mariko:
Golden, Thomas, and Luna (and Candice) all safely arrived in the U.S. I took some videos of Golden, Thomas, and Luna at the airport, and one of Luna at my house. Sorry for the lower quality of the videos (I used my digital camera's movie function). I hope you enjoy watching them!

Luna in foster home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELOufeUuX-8

Four dogs head to LAX from Taipei today!

From Maggie:
The four dogs departed 6 hours ago and will soon arrive at LAX within 5 hours. We are very thankful to you, Rita, and M.J. for all the great assistance. Would you please let us know upon the dogs' arrival? Is it possible to send us back the photos of meeting the dogs at the airport? We just can't thank you enough.

Video links from Rita:

Meet Melissa

From Rita:
Pls meet our Melissa, she was found in the park and very weak, after vet exam found that she was suffering from erlichiosis. Now she is under treatment. The vet guess she is used to be breed puppy for making money. Now she is not young so she has been abandoned in the park. Melissa is about 6~7 years lovely girl, could you help her?


October 5, 2009

Here comes Dan!

From Maggie Chen:

One of ART's dedicated volunteers saved a golden retriver in April on the way to the airport where she was helping ART's dogs check-in. The abandonded dog named Dan was in a very bad situtation. The rescuer sent Dan to the vet's for all the check-ups and took care of all the huge bills for Dan's treatment.

After a few months of loving care and efforts, Dan is now a changed dog. Attached is all the information forwarded by the rescuer. I will send you Dan's photos after the rescue right after this.

I would be very much appreciated if you could give Dan a chance. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Maggie Chen
Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN

From Dan's foster home:

Dan was rescued in April 2009. He was found outside an abandoned house, sad and alone. According to the people who lives near by the abandoned house, Dan seems was abandoned by his owner, someone ever mentioned Dan was hitting by a car so he was not able to walk normal neither stand long. We took Dan out of that place and send him to animal hospital directly. Due to lack of nutrition and the bad environment, Dan was beginning to develop a skin problem and the weight was only ~55 lb when rescued.

Dan stayed in Animal hospital for treatments for 4 months long. Now Dan is a healthy and handsome dog. Good in walk and is able to run for his favorite – BALL. Dan gets along with other dogs well but we have not tried to put him along with cats or puppies. “Dan is a people dog actually, he loves to be around people very much”, the foster mom says so.

Dan does not pee or poo in his crate at all, a very steady dog, knowing the command “sit” ( in mandarin ) very well and like to shake hands with people very much. We do not know Dan’s history, but do know that he deserves a family.