April 29, 2010

Rita's Angelina & Rita's Kim have arrived!

Angelina and Kim are both around 2 years old and are available for adoption.

Angelina is a happy sweet girl who just touched down in the U.S. from Taiwan. So far we know she likes to play fetch and even drops the ball for you like a pro to throw again. She's fine with other dogs and seems to have a good understanding of the basics in obedience. Angelina is looking for a home where she can enjoy the companionship of another golden, possibly, but more importantly to be made a family member with and endless supply of tennis balls! 

Kim is a young, sweet girl who is one of our newest arrivals from Taiwan. She's affectionate and more on the mellow side. She enjoys lots of petting and human attention and could be considered a total "lap dog". She's quite the lady as she eats one kibble nugget at a time from her bowl ... very adorable to watch. She gets along well with other dogs and is looking for a home where she can enjoy life in Southern California as a 'starlet' in her new family.

For consideration, please fill out an adoption application, here

Update from Maggie's David, now Gilligan

Today is the 6 monthiversary of the day I got Gilligan. He did pretty well in the beginning but lately he has just been a little dream dog.  He's so well behaved and so happy.  I couldn't ask for a better dog and knowing his past, it makes me even happier to see him having so much fun. Gilligan's best friend is a lab/shepherd mix named Ernie. Ernie was rescued from a pound last year after being found emaciated and abused on the streets
of LA.  Together, their motto is, "its never too late to have a happy childhood."


Update from Rita's Nicole, now Nikki

Nikki is doing great and we LOVE her! She enjoyed our camping trip to Oceanside one week after we got her. Nikki loves the attention we give her, as well as the interaction with other dogs and our grandkids. A perfect fit for our family!

Sherry & Rick

April 27, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Paula, now called Minnie

Your Paula and now my Minnie is a really great dog!  Until yesterday, she had done nothing wrong since I adopted her. (Yesterday she stole her friends food)  She certainly has been well trained by someone and I am reaping the benefits!  She certainly is not the alpha dog and wishes all the dogs could play with her and all the people could pet her for a while!  She is such a love. Everyone is so amazed when I tell them she came from Taiwan.

I have attached a couple pictures made a few days after I got her.  Also, a week ago I took her to a fund raiser for the Wellness Community in Redondo Beach.  We joined my daughter and her husband and their adopted golden/chow.  Minnie (Paula) was very excited to find so many new friends and was exhausted when we got home!  My daughter brings her dog to my house a couple days a week, although her dog is 9 so is not too interested in playing.  I certainly am glad I took the chance & adopted her.

Thanks for the work you do.

April 18, 2010

Rita's Lucas adopted!

Rita’s Lucas was adopted this morning by Adam, Joyce, their three children, Jordon, Jenna and Julia, and their dog Maia.  After an introduction to the family, and then to Maia, everyone went on a short walk to see how Maia and Lucas did together.  They came back happy campers.  After a family conference, the decision to make Lucas part of their family received a unanimous “thumbs up”.  It’s a good thing because by this time Lucas had really fallen for the family; especially the girls.  Lucas will be known as “AJ” – the “A” for Adam, and the “J” for the females in the family whose names all start with “J”.

Lucas thanks Rita and MJ for helping him when he so desperately needed it and for making sure he made it safely to the States and the Welcome Waggin’ for making him feel safe and wanted after his very long airplane ride, and Jennifer G. for taking care of his medical needs.  He also thanks Eva I.er and Elaine M. for doing the home visit, and of course, Barbara D. for orchestrating his intake and ultimate adoption.

April 10, 2010

Postcard from Giselle (formerly Rita's Hebe)

From Lori...
She is thriving, has gained about 6 pounds, her coat is coming in full and beautifully soft.  She still eats like it is her last meal, but we're hoping that will change in time. Giselle is crazy to get a squirrel, but rather ignores other dogs on a walk. I'm wondering if it's because there were so many dogs where she came from?  She is sweet natured and cannot get enough love/attention.

Rita's Nicole adopted!

Rita’s Nicole (now called “Nikki”) found her nest with the Reed Family, including their Jack Russell Terrier (Jack) of El Segundo.  The Reeds arrived within two hours of the phone call, jumped out of the car and sprinted to meet Nikki who was lunging towards them in excitement.  It was love at first sight for everybody.  Nikki and Jack made fast friends sealing the deal. 

Nikki thanks Rita & MJ for rescuing her and providing her safe passage to us; to the Welcome Waggin' team for making her arrival a happy and safe event; to Kriss H and Brodie for making sure that her new nest was suitable.  She also thanks Jennifer G. for rushing to get her vetting completed, Pat J for facilitating the meeting and adoption, and, of course, Barbara D. for coordinating everything.

April 7, 2010

Rita's Christine adopted!

Christine went home on Saturday with the Kohn family. Christine has been with us for a little while, since finding an active family with some training experience and looking forward to adopting a dog who needs the level of ongoing mental stimulation Christine does wasn't exactly an easy task, but the right family for everyone eventually does come along. The Kohns and their dog Brandy took their time meeting with Christine, and in the end decided Christine would be a fine addition to their family.

Christine is eternally grateful to Rita & MJ for rescuing her and helping her find her way to the states, to the Welcome Waggin' team for making her entry into the states a safe and joyful one, and to Emily Graves for scouting out this fine home. Christine is particularly appreciative to foster mom Mariko for all her dedication and work helping Christine get ready for her new life in the states!

April 5, 2010

Postcard from Wei Wei Riley Boone


From Wei Wei's family...
I hope this finds you well ... I've been itching to send photos of Rita's Wei Wei, now Riley (well, Wei Wei Riley Boone!), and finally had a great photo opp this past Friday.  We visited the Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley and had so much fun romping in the colorful open fields with Riley and our poodle Piper.  They are the best of friends, of course.

As much as Riley wants to love a car ride, he is still adjusting to the movement.  He threw up a few times on the way to the poppies, but as soon as we arrived, he was good to go and romped and let it all hang out.  We had lots of water and he replenished and was off and running.  After all the exercise, he got back in the car with a big smile, and slept comfortably for the whole ride home.

Riley's ear has recovered beautifully, and as you can see his fur is well along its way in growing back.  This boy personifies joy, and we all love him beyond what words can say.  We are already a very close family, but having Riley in our lives has brought us even closer.  When a beautiful golden bundle of joy wants to spread the love, nobody can resist!  He loves his family, and all people, loves dogs and is amazingly gentle with our cats.  While they seem to think they "ought" to be afraid of him, he just lies there when they pass, and often actually will move out of the way for them.  This dog is quite the gentleman.  He loves every walk as if it is his first, and at home his favorite place to be is anywhere we are.  We simply couldn't ask for a more wonderful companion.

We are so happy Riley is in our lives.

See all photos HERE.

Easter photos from Maria (formerly Rita's Maggie)

I thought I’d share with you some pictures that I took of (Maggie’s) Maria’s first Easter with us.  She did really well and didn’t even try to eat the Easter Bunny. Hope you had a great holiday.