October 26, 2010

Rita's Jumbo adopted!

Rita's Jumbo went home this morning with Mary B. Jumbo arrived in the U.S. in early August and has been patiently waiting for the right family to come along.

Mary has adopted several dogs from us in the past; she recently lost Garbo and was lonely for the companionship only a Golden can provide. Mary was interested in several dogs but kept coming back to Jumbo. After meeting him, she had no doubt that he was the perfect dog for her.

Mary has called us since the adoption meeting and bubbled over with excitement about how wonderful Jumbo is and how happy he is at his new home. He has been renamed Sampson.

Thank you so much to Rita and her team for giving Jumbo the care he needed and sending him off to the US for a chance at a new life. Thanks also to the Welcome Waggin' for meeting Jumbo when he arrived at the airport. Thank you Carole Spies, and doggies, Sammy and Zoe, for doing this home visit. And thank you Barbara D. for your extraordinary coordinating efforts.

Rita's Beryl lands a home

Rita's Beryl arrived in the US a few months back. Even before she came, we knew she'd had a small mass removed from her leg that turned out to be a grade II mast cell tumor, which had sloppy margins. Mast cells tumors like this have a high probability of recurring and spreading, and the vets estimate her outlook to be about 3 years.

Lucky for Beryl, Erik and Kristen, members of our foster network, had recently come back into town and were ready to start fostering, and thought Beryl looked like a good possibility for them, so off she went. Since Beryl was an unknown with cats and the Erik and Kristen had recently brought home an adopted kitten, we thought we'd give it some time to see how she got on with her feline roomie.

Erik called last night to say that Beryl's moved right in and made herself part of the family. She seems to enjoy catching the kitten to cuddle with, and since the kitten doesn't seem to mind, it's working out for everyone. So Beryl's been invited to stay with the Erik and Kristen until her time comes, and we hope that's a good long time!

October 16, 2010

Rita's Chance adopted!

Rita’s Chance joined us after traveling to the U.S.A. from Taiwan. Today he was introduced to Cindy, Michael, and their corgi/terrier mix, Brody. It was love at first sight for everybody. Brody, though a smaller dog, apparently has been around big dogs his entire life, and doesn’t want to play with dogs his own size. He was jumping up on Chance, and chance started to accept Brody’s overtures for play. In fact, it was so cute, I ran for my video camera, but was too late. But that burst of play sealed the deal. Michael is looking forward to working with Chance to teach him all that a well behaved dog should know, and Chance seemed to be already bonded with Michael by time everyone was in the car. Michael rode home in the back seat with Chance and Brody.

Chance thanks Rita and her rescue group in Taiwan for taking him in, giving him much needed care and making arrangements for his safe passage to Los Angeles. He also thanks the Welcome Waggin’ for making his first moments in a strange country to be filled with love and compassion, and Mariko for letting him stay with her for a short time. He also thanks the West Wind Dog Walkers led by Julie; Sandy D. and Woody for doing the home visit, and Barbara D. for playing match maker.

October 13, 2010

Happy Howl-o-ween from Otto (formerly A-Fu)

Otto's gotten very good at the "still" command as you can see. He's doing great (look at that smile!) and I'm very happy to have him!


October 10, 2010

Meet Maggie's Macy

Macy was found tied to a post in a park, looking very upset and sad. When her rescuers approached her, she became excited and greeted them with a wagging tail. When they untied her, she followed them into the rescue vehicle. She's been to see the veterinarian and all her tests came back negative. She will be looking for a permanent home in the U.S.