March 29, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Alinna (now Hannah)

Here are a few pics of Hannah. She is doing great and we are all having fun. We can't wait for our son to come home from Lithuania to meet her. She starts obedience in April. She also had a modeling job for 'paul frank' leashes and collars. I will send you the brochure when it comes out. Thank you for Hannah and we will keep you

The Ringlands and Hannah

March 25, 2010

Rita's Paula adopted

Rita's Paula went home yesterday with Eileen P.  Eileen has had Goldens in the past and raised them since they were puppies. She lost her last pup at 15 years of age in August of last year.  Paula and Eileen will have lots of time together since Eileen is retired and plans on Paula being her constant companion.  Paula will also have a regular playmate since Eileen's daughter's Golden mix, Lady, visits frequently.  Thanks to Rita, MJ and Barbara for their continued efforts and success in helping these pups on their journey.  They rescued Paula from a shelter where she had been turned in by her owner.  Also thanks to the welcome wagon team that met Paula and her travelmates and transported them.  Cudos to Denise P. and Sacha who conducted the home visit. (The second picture is of Paula and her new cousin, Lady.)

March 21, 2010

Playdate with Rita's Olla (now Molly) & Ted

Postcard from Rita's Boss (now Ollie)

From Susan...
Yes, its amazing to realize how the time goes by. We are so grateful to everyone who had a part in bringing us our wonderful Ollie.

Updates - He has fit right in from the very beginning. He loves toys, walks, treats, and ATTENTION! Loves being petted and brushed. A food supplier at PETCO asked me what I feed him because his coat is so beautiful! But I think its the petting and brushing.

Ollie went to a dog training class and of course did very well. He is very cooperative and if he knows what you want he's eager to do it. His good behavior was complimented recently by the crossing guard at the nearby school, so Ollie constantly makes me very proud. His rescuers would also be so proud of him! We recently found a small park within walking distance of our house where a group meets informally with their dogs every afternoon. Ollie is in HEAVEN there! He loves visiting with the other dogs and people. He has been very sweet with the children who come there.

When he first came we thought he couldn't bark. After we had him about two weeks, we trusted him with a dog door and put one in. Once he learned to use it to go into "his" yard, his confidence really seemed to grow, and he went out and barked up the hill behind our house. Just to show the world, I think. We haven't heard him again, but now we know he can!

Well I think all Ollie's favorite place to be is in his bed, the first picture. He snuggles in there with his toys and loves to sleep. That's ok, he never wakes me up in the morning - always patient! The second picture shows him with a plush "bone" from Christmas, posing with my son earlier today. Can't believe that toy is still around! He seems like a happy dog all of the time - we still can't believe how lucky we are!

Meet Rita's Hugo & Rita's Angelina

March 18, 2010

Video from Arthur

From Debra...
Another Arthur moment. We live on one of the steepest hills in SF! The street is appropriately, "Hill St".

Postcard from Maggie's Stella (now Tasha)

From June...
She  is one very happy dog!

Postcard from Rita's Willie (now Tai)

From Stephanie...
Attached please find a few pics of Tai (formerly Willie) and Mars, also from Taiwan. They just had a playdate at the El Segundo Dog Park over the weekend. I'm also including links to a couple YouTube videos Mars' owner, Cheryl Cook took (I am pretty sure the ladies in Taiwan already saw these, though - they sent a nice message and said how pleased they are with how he is doing). Tai is in the blue collar and Mars is in red.

Mars and Tai:

Tai is the welcoming committee:

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else. I am thrilled with Tai - he is such a sweetheart and has adjusted quite well. He loves his canine and feline counterparts, and is an absolute joy to have around. Everyone who meets Tai loves him.

March 17, 2010

Postcard from Maggie's David (now Gilligan)

From Peter...
The David you speak of is now  "Gilligan". My first dog was named Dave so I changed it. He's doing beautifully. I'm attaching some pictures. One is a few weeks before Christmas when we let him pick out the tree.  He is completely spoiled, has many friends, gets a ton of exercise and is one happy little bear.

March 16, 2010

A-Fu adopted!

Today was A-Fu's lucky day.  Although he only arrived yesterday from Taiwan, he is already living with his new mom, Janey E.  Janey was born in Taiwan and speaks fluent Mandarin.  She saw A-Fu's video on our Project Taiwan website and knew they were meant for each other.  She calls him the "George Clooney of Goldens."  We followed Janey home to deliver the "huge crate" and A-Fu was a bit skeptical of going up the stairs.  Janey spoke to him soothingly in Mandarin and up he went!  What a lucky boy to have a bi-lingual mom to help him make this adjustment to his new home.

Thanks go to the Welcome Waggin team...Mariko, Cecily and Ed, for getting these guys settled.  A special thanks to our President, Barbara D., for helping us to move so quickly on this. What a great ending to a great day!

March 15, 2010

A-Fu, Gino and Paula are here!

Thank you Joan, Ed, Mariko and Cecily! You're a great team!

Postcard from Rita's Becky

Hello! We wanted to send an update on Penny (Becky's name changed to Penny)!  She's doing great and we are all having so much fun together!  She is definitely a daddy's girl, often following him around the house...we call her his 'shadow.'  But when its time to settle down at night, she likes to cuddle with mommy.

Here we are on a walk down by the beach at the boardwalk!  Penny loves car rides and the beach, and does so well with all the doggy and human friends she encounters.

We went to dog beach last weekend and had a wonderful time!  Penny wasn't quite sure what to think of the water at first as the tide came up on her paws, but then she found it quite amusing!  Again she did great with all the dogs and people she met (she is so calm and just goes with the flow).

She is such a happy, lovable dog and we are so glad she is a part of our family!
We will continue to keep you posted on Penny!

~Ben & Karen

A-Fu, Gino and Paula are on their way!

March 11, 2010

Postcared from Maggie's Maria

Good Morning!

We just got back from a doggie play date and I thought I would let you know how much fun Maggie (a.k.a. Maggie’s Maria) is having.  We have a great morning routine that she and the kids really love.  Instead of just taking the kids to school in the morning, we go to the park next to the school and meet our friends and their dogs there to run around, chase a ball etc. for about half an hour.  It’s a lot of fun and a great way to start the day.  Here are some pictures of our Maggie and her friends playing this morning. Thanks again for bringing Maggie into our lives.  We couldn’t be happier, and I think she’s pretty happy too.

Take care,

March 9, 2010

Maggie's Stanley adopted!

Gary and Linda braved rush-hour traffic just to make sure that they were able to bring Maggie's Stanley home with them before another day passed! Linda said that they fell in love with him the moment they saw his pictures on our website. They had already bought Stanley a new bed, new toys, dishes, etc...there was no going home without him. It was wonderful to see him jump in the back of their SUV, only to be up front with them before they made it out of the parking lot. I'm sure it was a long, slobbery ride home! Stanley thanks Maggie and the ART team and Barbara D. for getting him safely to the States, the Welcome Waggin' crew for meeting him at LAX, Jessica R. for giving him a warm place to stay on his first night in L.A., the CP walkers for letting him stretch his legs, Sandra D. for checking out this amazing home, and Chevy for facilitating the adoption.

March 7, 2010

Rita's Lily & Rita's Elvis (now Travis) from the road...

All the pictures are in the motorhome here in San Jose.  Two of the pictures are of Lily and Travis in the overcab bunk bed where the kids sleep.  Travis is looking down at a tennis ball, which he kept dropping and stared at it waiting for someone to toss it to him. Travis can jump from the couch to the bunk and back down.  Lily needs some help. Both dogs sleep wherever they want in the motorhome, including in our bed.  Usually they sleep as you see them in the pictures.  Early in the morning they both come to the back where Julie and I sleep and jump on the bed to say good morning!  And to let us know it is time for their breakfast! They are great travelers and great fun!


March 6, 2010

Maggie's Stella adopted!

Maggie's Stella didn't let a little rain come between her and her new forever home! She happily drove off with June S. today. June thought that Stella would be a perfect fit (including through her doggy door!).  Thanks go out to Maggie, the ART team and Barbara D. for getting Stella safely to the States; to the Welcome Waggin’ crew for greeting her at LAX; to Jenna for giving her a place to stay on her first night in LA; to the CP Walkers for letting her get used to the LA life; to Eva for checking out this wonderful home and to Chevy for facilitating the meeting.

March 3, 2010

Postcard from Maggie's Thomas (now called Tucker)

Alan and I recently drove to Mammoth for a skiing weekend and arranged to take Tucker with us.  As in every other aspect, he was a perfect.  When he wasn't engrossed in looking out the window, he'd lean forward and rest his head on my shoulder.  Good heavens, I love this dog.  Tucker loved the snow. I've attached some photos for you to enjoy.

Kind regards,

March 2, 2010

Postcard from Alice

I just had to share something new that I learned about her...she loves the shower. I actually learned this the hard way this morning, when she jumped into the shower with me! She just would not get out, and when the water was directly hitting her, she just closed her eyes and layed down. I just wish that I had some puppy shampoo so she could have gotten a proper washing! It was quite a workout just to get her dried off so we could take our morning walk. I guess I now know a very valuable piece of information, that I must lock the bathroom door if I want to shower without a dog.