February 26, 2012

Rita's Rudy adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Rudy, who found his forever home with Urusla and Michael and their dog Sam, a GRCGLARescue alumni.

Rudy arrived last month from Taiwan - he's the cute one who looked like he was talking on the video! When he was found by Rita and MJ he was heartworm positive, and it took some time to get this cleared up and get him healthy. This very active boy has been patiently waiting for the right family to come along - he was so happy to meet Ursula, Michael and Sam. Ursula and Michael had recently lost their 14 yo pup and, for those of us who are use to having more than one dog, the house feels too empty when you don't have two (or three, or more). Rudy is doing great in his new home, is now known as Charlie, and is already enrolled in classes to improve his manners.

Rudy thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well and sending him to California. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting him when he arrived at LAX, and Monica for taking him home overnight. He's grateful to the CP Dog Walkers for getting him out every day, and Sandra for doing the home visit for this terrific family. He's also thankful to the Placement Team and PA Jo Anne for matching him up with his new family, and to Kriss for making the introductions and sending him home.

Welcome home Rudy!

February 6, 2012

Rita's Genki update

I am so happy to have someone who I can brag about our new dog with! Genki (we are going to give him a new name, but we haven't found the right one, yet) is quite possibly one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. For a dog who spent the last 6 months of his life in a kennel situation, he acts like he has lived with us forever. We have 2 doggy doors that go from the inside of the house, through the garage, to the outside, and he figured those out right away on the first day. So far he has done all his business outside and he is so easy to walk on a leash. I will send you a picture of him sleeping on our 14 yr old's twin bed, where our son says that Genki hogs the bed during the night. So cute!

He is going to be easy to train because he loves treats, but he understood the 'sit' command right away. He also offers his paw to shake, but he is more enthusiastic about that when there is a treat involved. I will work on the 'down' command next. I am planning to take him to a 7 week training class beginning in March.

We have a basket with about 10 toys in it for Genki, and each night he selects the toys one by one, and plays with them for a few minutes each. Then he goes back to the basket and picks another toy. He loves to play fetch with the tennis balls. We have a pool in our back yard, and it will be interesting to see if he wants to swim when the weather gets warmer.

So please let everyone know that their efforts have made one family so happy. It is just so hard to believe that someone would give up or abandon such a sweet dog. I will send pictures soon.

Thanks again,

February 1, 2012

Rita's Genki adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Genki, who found his forever home with the Horras family.

Genki recently came to us from Taiwan. We don't know much about his background, but the pictures that Rita sent to us showed a pup in pretty poor shape, and they also showed his transformation into a very handsome guy. He's a great dog, and was charming everyone when he arrived at LAX. He would sit and gaze lovingly at you, then lift his paw to shake - so cute! The Horras family recently lost their 11 yo lab and were looking for a new family member. They are an active family who have a lot to offer a dog, and seemed to be just what Genki was looking for. When we presented Genki as a match for them and they watched is video on the PT blog, they couldn't wait to meet him and had things ready for when he came home - there wasn't much doubt in their mind that Genki would be coming home with them. They went to CP on Sunday morning and it didn't take long for Genki to say, yep - their the ones! He's doing great and they are so happy to have him as part of their family.

Genki thanks Rita & MJ for finding him, getting him healthy and sending him to us. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for quickly getting him out of his crate, and Gary and Dao for hosting him on his first night in the US. He thanks the CP Walking Team for taking him out every day, and Cecily and Ellen and Danny for doing the home visit. He's grateful to the Placement Team and PA Eva for finding his furver home, and Chevy for making introductions and sending him on his way.

Welcome home Genki!

Rita's Apple adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Apple, who found her forever home with the Boller family.

Apple is a recent arrival from Taiwan. She was found by Rita & MJ last July with a bad skin problem and an ear hematoma from chronic ear infections. They got her well and asked us if she could come to the US to find her new home - of course! When she arrived she went to stay with foster mom Mary Jane, who said she was a WONDERFUL dog - Apple and Mary Jane's cat spent a good amount of time cleaning each other's faces. Apple got along great with the cats, with other dogs, with people - just an overall terrific pup. The Boller family was looking to add another Golden to their family to join their other pup, Ricky, who has cancer and also came from our rescue. We told the family that Apple would be a great fit for them and they quickly set up a meeting to meet her - it didn't take long for everyone to know she was a keeper. She's enjoying her new home, is getting along great with Ricky and they coudn't be happier to have them become a part of their family.

Apple thanks Rita & MJ for finding her and getting her healthy, then sending her to California. She was so happy to see the Welcome Waggin' after that long plane ride and attached herself to Mary Jane knowing she'd get great care until her furever family came along. She's grateful to Sandra for scouting out her new home, and the Placement Team and PA, Jo Anne, for making a wonderful match.
Welcome Home Apple!