April 21, 2011

Update from Maggie's Willy

GRCGLARescue certainly goes above and beyond the "call of duty" in making sure that the Goldens that they rescue find the new lease on life that they so richly deserve.

When our beloved Lucky passed away a few weeks ago at the ripe young age of 15, we were heartbroken; but knew that we wanted to adopt another Golden from GRCGLARescue as we had done with Lucky. We have two sons, one of whom is severely autistic, and so Goldens are the perfect dog to have in our family. Because of Matt's special needs, not every dog would be suitable for our home. We were blessed with finding Maggie's Willy, and even though he only joined our family last Saturday; he has already made his place in our home and hearts.

I am sending you a picture of Willy from when we picked him up, as well as one that I took in our backyard, and will send you more in the future.

Please give our deepest thanks to everyone at Golden Retriever Rescue. From Colleen who checked our home to Jo whom I corresponded with to determine the right dog for us, to Sandy and Cindy who were the dog placement and foster mom everyone was wonderful, and obviously this is a labor of love for all involved. We deeply appreciate everything; and we are all in love with Willy already!

With best regards,


PS: Please let Jo and Cindy know that contrary to what they thought; Willy does bark! We had a get acquainted play date with a neighbor's dog (who is quite a barker) and Willy barked right back at her!

April 17, 2011

Maggie's Willy adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Willy, who found his forever home with the Cali family.

Willy came to us from ARTT, where he had been found suffering from ehrlicchia and ear infections. After getting the treatment he needed, Maggie asked if GRCGLAR would take him - of course we said yes! He made the trip to the US in March, and adjusted quickly to living in sunny CA. He's a happy, friendly guy who loves to play fetch and get lots of love. He came in on a Sunday, and since there were no vets open and I had all the puppies at my house, he stayed overnight with my sister Cindy, who is also fostering Coquette. He fit right in and is such an easy dog that he was welcome to stay until his forever home was found.

The Calis recently lost their GRCGLA Rescue dog Lucky (formerly Cloverleaf) and the whole family missed having a furry guy around the house. And they had all the qualities Willy was looking for - lots of people to love him, some boys to throw the ball for him, a loving home with good food and people around most of the day. Ms Cali told me that before they left to go meet Willy, she wasn't sure if she was ready to let another pup in her heart just yet. But, as soon as they met Willy the whole family knew he was the perfect guy to help them over their sadness of losing Lucky. He is quickly training his new family to walk him, play with him, feed him and love him, and they are quick learners!

Willy will be forever grateful to Maggie Chen & ARTT for finding him, getting him well and sending him to us. He's thankful to Barbara D. for accepting him into the rescue. He was tickled to meet the Welcome Waggin' despite it being a cold, rainy night. He thanks Cindy L. and Coquette for making him so welcome while he was waiting for the Cali family (and we know he was waiting for them - there were two other families that had scheduled meetings with this wonderful boy and cancelled at the last minute). And he thanks Colleen and Gabe for doing the Cali's home visit.

Welcome home Willy!

April 10, 2011

Welcome Maggie's Alexander!

Friday night, which was very unseasonably cold for April, the Welcome Waggineers were happy to meet the newest arrival at LAX, Maggie's Alexander! Our small group of volunteers were all ready for this beautiful boy as he exited through the doors of the Bradley Terminal to begin his new life in the United States.

We quickly noticed that Alexander's crate was marked as "Alexandra", and thought that he was a girl instead of a boy. A quick check by Colleen for "boy" parts determined that he is indeed Alexander! He had the chance to meet all of the Waggineers, stretch his legs, pose for a few pictures, and then everyone was on their way. Alexander stayed with Nestor and myself on what was a very cold evening. Our pups said he was the most perfect guest!

After a walk this morning, it was off to Culver Palms to for vetting.

Alexander wishes to thank team leader Ira, Colleen, Nestor and Bobby for welcoming him; Maggie and her team in Taiwan for sending Alexander to the United States, and of course, Barbara D. for making Alexander's trip possible.

Click here to view Alexander's pictures. Take a look at the last picture..what a killer smile!

April 9, 2011

Arthur finds 'green' in New York concrete jungle

Rita's Millie adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Millie, who found her forever home with foster mom Jana and Spencer!

Millie is one of our most recent arrivals from Taiwan. I don't know her history in her former country, but she went right to work showing off her charm as soon as she stepped paw in the United States. The Welcome Waggin' team were smitten with her (team lead Ira said if his better half Bailey wasn't such a princess he would have taken her home!). So, its no surprise she wiggled her way into the hearts of Jana & Spencer, along with their two Yorkies and cat - the male Yorkie is complete in love and follows Mille everywhere! Millie has been a wonderful guest, with impeccable manners and she can't wait to jump in the pool (she's recovering from an ear infection so has to wait a bit longer).

Jana and Spencer were recently recruited as a new foster home by Kriss. I was so grateful when Jana agreed to take the 3 remaining Breakfast Bunch puppies when I had to go out of town, and she had them for a week until Kriss was able to take them back. We didn't give her much of a break, putting Millie in there as soon as the puppies were gone. They weren't planning on adopting, but Millie has made herself such a member of the family they realized she had chosen to stay there. She looks forward to going on the many camping trips Jana and Spencer take. Jana promises to keep fostering once Millie gets acclimated.

Millie would like to thank Rita and MJ for finding her, getting her healthy and sending her to the US, and also Barbara D. for approving her trip. She's grateful to the Welcome Waggin' team and to Nestor and Bobby for having her as an overnight guest after her long trip. Finally, she is so happy to have found this terrific family!

April 1, 2011

Welcome Rita's Millie!

Millie arrived at LAX last night. She was greeted by several volunteers. She is an adorable little girl, ready for the next chapter of her life in the US. View more photos here.