July 27, 2010


Bingo arrived safely in the U.S. last night and was greeted by the Welcome Waggin, starring Ira L., Jo B. and Adrienne B. He went home for the night with Jo. He seems healthy and happy, though skinny. He rode very nicely in the car, spending most of his time checking out his brave new world. His introduction to Belle and Keora was uneventful. Belle offered him multiple play bows, followed by running away in hopes he would give chase. He did not. He does understand the value of toys, however. He's a very sweet, people-oriented boy.

Photos and video to come!

July 24, 2010

Dog Gone Urban

Well helloooo...

I wanted to send along info on Arthur's blog. It's not perfect (yet), I've been too busy to really fine tune or keep updated but wanted you to get the chance to become a "follower" on Arthur's blog. He's in California with my parent's now. I'm in NY trying to secure a permanent position/job - I will be shooting backstage for Letterman Show, (well I'm talking to a guy about it anyway). On another note, STILL waiting to get into apartment (that's a long story). Anyhoo...Arthur will venture to New York about mid-August. Until then, Arthur remains in California at grandma & gra ndpa's lounging by their pool. He love's it there playing poolside and chasing Kato (their dog), around. He's having so much fun I'm afraid that New York will be a let-down when he gets here! Sure, I've had MANY offers from California - those who want to aid in taking Arthur 'off my hands' while I live in New York - NEVER!! I can't wait to get my boy here with me, miss him SO much!

Until then, I urge you to follow his blog - not much to add until he arrives but keep tuned in! Here is link, http://gothamdog.blogspot.com/

Deb and Arthur

July 22, 2010

Rita's Lucy adopted!

Rita's Lucy went home on a foster basis last week with former adopter, Karin P. Our IE team remembers Karin as the adopter of Quivers (now Sasha), a skinny little scaredy-cat who Karin has nurtured into a happier and more confident girl in the past year. Deciding that Sasha really needed a sister, Karin got in touch and some intros were made. Today she emailed that she wanted to formalize the adoption and make Lucy her own kid!

Lucy sends thanks and love to Rita and MJ for saving her and sending her to us, to the Welcome Waggin' team for making her entry into the US as pleasant as it was, to Jo B., who took care of her vetting needs, and the WW dog-walking team for keeping her social life as active as possible during her stay there. Special thanks to Cecily who found Lucy this lovely home in the first place!

July 21, 2010

More from Travis and Lily

Some more recent photos of Travis and Lily in the San Jose area.  Travis is the light color and Lily a little darker fur.  Where to the Dogs sleep?  Any where they want to, including Mom's and Dad's bed, which at least Travis does every night until he gets too hot, then he sleeps on the floor next to our bed.  Lily  usually sleeps on Julie's side of the bed on the floor.  Sometimes they go to bed before we do - they seem to have a set schedule.  They wrestle a lot, many times while we are have dinner - which we call 'a dinner and a show'.  They will wrestle, suddenly stop together, shake, and lay down.

Several of the pictures were taken when we were unpacking in our new house.  One is of Travis surrounded by packing paper and the other of Lily returning a tennis ball through a tunnel of boxes in the back yard.

They're great dogs and very much forever part of the family.  Thank-you Rita for making this possible.

Best Regards,
Terry and Julie

Postcard from Rita's Oscar, now Tucker

Tucker is such a great dog.  He has really come out of his shell over the last 6 months.  He is very vocal and likes to warn us whenever someone is near.  One of his new tricks is walking between our legs as we walk around the house.  He always wants to be close and whenever we sit down, he is right there to be pet. As you can probably remember, he didn't like kisses on his face, but now it is what he likes the best.  He has put on weight, but is still a bit on the slim side.  Our vet says not to worry, it will be better on his joints if he stays on the slim side.  He is great with all of our pets, even the bunnies as you will see in the attached picture.  He and Butterscotch our other golden are inseparable.  Where one cat and dogs have a routine of chasing each other around every night, so we have a very busy house.  He doesn't seem to like water very much, but our groomer takes him on Mondays when there are very few dogs in the shop so she can take her time with him. He definitely has settled in and know that he is a member of the family.

I will keep in touch with more pictures.

Judy, Emily and Os

July 20, 2010

Meet Rita's Jumbo

Jumbo is handsome boy, about 3 years old, rescued from shelter. He is sweet, friendly and smart. Click the links to see video of Jumbo...

at shelter:

and, in foster home:

Update from Travis & Lily

Travis and Lily are great family dogs.  They get along very well and play together, which is usually wrestling and sleep near each other.  They have taken many car trips between LA and San Jose, with the next trip being for Dogtober fest.  Our new (60 years old) house has a large back yard with trees and lots of grass to play on.  Lily and Travis certainly have added a lot of joy to our family.  Right now as I write this Travis is on our bed and Lily on the floor, both sleeping.  (They seem to have their own bed time.)

We are looking forward to Dogtober Fest.


July 17, 2010

Update from Liu Liu (formerly Rita's Kim)

Liu Liu continues to be a bright light in our lives!  We recently introduced Liu Liu to the swimming pool - she's not too crazy about swimming, but she enjoys hanging out by the pool's edge and standing on the first step.  We took Liu Liu camping to the Giant Sequoias where she was most intrigued and bothered by those pesky squirrels!  Although Liu Liu enjoyed the camping trip, she became visibly happy and excited when we were driving back and she realized we were within a few blocks of her home.

Liu Liu continues to be very loving to her immediate pack and also continues to enjoy chasing tennis balls. Liu Liu started dog training in June and, as we predicted, learns new commands easily.  Liu Liu doesn't always obey the commands because she can be stubborn which we view as a characteristic of her high intelligence.  We love Liu Liu very much, and we are so thankful for the great joy she has brought to our family!

Photos from Barley (formerly Rita's Michael)

We wanted to give you an update and pics on Barley (Rita's Michael) for Rita and the website...

He is our constant companion and is so affectionate! He loves going to work each day still, going from person to person for play time and petting. He makes us laugh each day with his antics and we are learning that he knows a few tricks already! I've attached some pictures for you, he has grown out a healthy coat and has gained 14 pounds, he is a perfect weight now!

July 14, 2010

Postcard from AJ (formerly Rita's Lucas)

AJ (on left) has been a wonderful fit for the family. He always smiles. He has a wonderful sweet playful personality. He has really locked on to me. He goes on runs with me. He rolls around with Maia and has really brought out the puppy in Maia (even though Maia is 13!). We are so happy.

Adam & Joyce

July 10, 2010

Welcome Waggin' greets new arrivals

Last night our Welcome Waggin' team came out to LAX to welcome our newest additions to the U.S.  Rita's Chance, Hi-Hi, Seven and Lucy enhusiastically greeted all our volunteers and, after stretching their legs and having a light snack, they headed off to begin their new lives.

Thanks to the Welcome Waggin team of David and Sonsee Perry, Mariko Nakanishi, Pam Ellliot, Elaine Morter, Carole Spies and her husband, Ron, Bobby Carlson, Lori Williams and Eva Ingber.

Thanks to Barbara Davis for coordinating this Welcome Waggin team of outstanding volunteers.

July 7, 2010

Update from Rita's Jack Boy, now Tonka

Tonka, is doing really well! We love him to bits! He's a sweetheart with all of us and is truly a member of our family. Our 6 year old daughter has found a new sibling and can't imagine a day without him! Here are some photos that we're taken in the beginning and I'll send some new ones shortly.

Heidi, Glenn and Clare

P.S. The pictures of Tonka on the blue yoga mat are a daily routine; he loves to jump on my mat in between exercises; I've sent this out to my friends and captioned them "Tonka's downward dog poses" (after the position in yoga).

Photos from Gieselle (formerly Rita's Hebe) and housemate, Brad

Hi David, Giselle continues to thrive; her coat has filled in and turned so beautiful. She is settling in and slowly learning that she will eat again (twice a day, around here!)!  She is a beautiful dog, and gets told so all the time. Life is good! Thank you again to all those involved in her rescue, Lori

Beryl & Seven pack their bags