December 31, 2009

Postcard from Maggie's Dan

Hi All:

I am afraid I have not been very good at keeping everyone posted on how Cabo (formally Maggie's Dan) is doing and I do apologize. We absolutely love him!! He is everything that we wanted in a dog and more. He is adapting to his new home well. When we first brought him home he was having difficulty keeping up with our 11-year old "Summer Girl" on our daily walks. He now does the 30 minute walk every day with no problem and then I throw the ball for him for another 10 minutes. He is very healthy and very strong. He walks well on a leash and will sit and lie down on command (so his English is getting better). We right away had an issue with the two dogs fighting over soft toys so we have simply removed all soft toys from the house. In an attempt to reintroduce the soft toys at Christmas, they fought again so it looks like the two of them will just have to do without them. Not a problem because they do not fight over balls, food or attention so all is peaceful. We have had him to the groomers a couple of times and they just love him. He is always well-behaved and he enjoys all of the attention he gets. I have added some photos here which include a trip to our beach condo (he did very well in an elevator, my guess is that he had been in one before), a romp in the autumn leaves and hanging out with the family. Enjoy and thank you to you all for allowing us to adopt such a great dog.

Happy New Year!

December 25, 2009

Postcard from Rita's Boss


I want to send you some pictures of my first Christmas. I got some new toys. My favorite toy, though, is a plush lion that I got when I first came here. I got to pick out my own bed at Kahoots. Its a cool store where they like to give treats to dogs. I have been on my best behavior since I came here. I've never had any accidents, and my family thinks I am very smart because I learn so fast. Kristin talks to me in Chinese but I'm trying to learn English fast. I am learning lie down, stay, and when its time to go in my bed. My family also thinks I am so friendly because I love everybody to pet me. I was such a gentleman last night at Christmas Eve dinner that I was able to stay and visit. I never jumped up or got into anything I shouldn't. I heard them talking about how lucky they are to have me and they still can't believe I'm here. I'm resting right now because later today I was invited to go with my family to my Aunt's house. She visits me, too, and thinks I am a very good dog.

Merry Christmas,

P.S. They call me Ollie now. I think I like my new name. I always come when they call me.

Rita's Elvis has left the building...

Rita's Elvis was introduced to Terry & Julie B. yesterday, and all agreed this was a wonderful match! Elvis joins a dog-loving household of past adopters, and will be taking up residence with Rita's Lily, a lovely young lady who joined us from Taiwan earlier this year; maybe they can swap stories about the "old country". The match was a bittersweet one for foster mom, Kriss H., who had been totally charmed by this handsome lad and found him to be the perfect dog.

Elvis owes his undying gratitude to Rita and MJ, who saved his life and helped him find his way to the states, to our Welcome Waggin' team for making his entry into the States safe and happy, and to foster mom Kriss, who made him at home until he found a permanent one.

December 21, 2009

Rita's Olla Gets Her Holiday Wish

Rita's Olla was enthusiastically welcomed into her new home yesterday with Kathy and Creig of San Pedro.   Creig said he was watching from the front window as Olla jumped out of the car foster mom's car and was simply breathless by her beauty.  Kathy couldn't get over that this was the same neglected, dirty and tattered golden rescued by Rita in Taiwan.   Both of their sons commented on how happy she looked and welcomed her with open arms to her new home.  Olla (who will be called Molly) also has a visiting playmate in Cody, a 2 year old golden doodle owned by Kathy and Creig's son.  Olla expressed her joy and pranced around her new home and yard with total glee...kind of like a kid on Christmas morning!!

Big thanks to Rita from Taiwan for rescuing this sweet golden girl and helping her to become the beautiful dog she was destined to be; Barbara D. and our Welcome Waggin crew for helping Olla settle into the US from her first touchdown at LAX; Camp Nakanashi lead by Mariko for fostering Olla and helping her overcome a queazy stomach from traveling so far (thanks Mariko for giving Olla the opportunity to relax and get ready for her forever home); and Diane D. for scouting out this lovely home and assisting in the adoption with Mariko yesterday.

December 18, 2009

Rita's Willie adopted!

Rita's Willie left the Cook's last evening and became a permanent part of Stephanie O's family! Stephanie, Buster and Kiara (a GRCGLAR alum) made their way from Hawthorne to Cheryl's place last evening, and everyone got along so well they decided to make it permanent!

Cheryl's made 3 placements this week! This one comes along with an assist from the rest of the Welcome Waggin' team, who made sure Willie's arrival was safe and happy, as well as Karen G., who found Willie this lovely home. Special thanks to foster mom Cheryl for her tender loving care, and to Rita and MJ who made a safe new life possible for this lovely guy!

Willie will heretofore be known as "Tai".

Congratulations to everyone!

December 17, 2009

Rita's Boss adopted!

Rita's Boss went home last Saturday with the Allinghams of Chino Hills! The adopters came out and actually met both Boss and Hebe, but ultimately, Boss was the guy of their dreams. Rumor has it that Boss already had gifts under their tree!

Boss will always be grateful to Rita and MJ who gave him a second chance at life, to the Welcome Waggin' team who made sure his arrival into the states was safe and uneventful, and to foster mom, Cheryl C., for keeping him safe and making him feel right at home!. Special thanks to Pat J., who found Boss this lovely home for the holidays!

Rita's Hebe adopted!

Rita's Hebe ("Heeebeee") went home today with the Bleckman family of Pasadena. She now has her own parents, a teenage boy, her own Shih Tzu, and a home of her own. Hebe's sends her love and thanks to Rita and MJ, who made her a great new life, to the Welcome Waggin' team, who gave her such a wonderful greeting, to the west side team who kept her busy this past week, and particularly to Aunt Cheryl, who made the introductions. Special thanks to Julie V. for finding Hebe her special new home!

December 13, 2009

Willie & Elvis at the airport in Taiwan

Rita's Mars adopted!

It is with great joy that I'm able to announce that Rita's Mars has decided to stay with the Cook family, where's he's been enjoying the royal treatment as a foster dog these past two weeks! Cheryl had her eye on Mars since his original story was posted by Rita and MJ from Taiwan, and she's been keeping the home fires burning for him ever since. Having lost their beloved Jackson recently, the Cooks were looking for a gentle, sweet cat- and little-dog-friendly golden to fill out their clan, and Mars filled the bill on all accounts.

I can't imagine a more fitting and loving home for this beautiful boy, and a more deserving family to adopt the likes of him.

Mars sends his fondest gratitude to Rita and MJ for saving him, getting him well and sending him along to us, as well as to the Welcome Waggin' who made sure his entry into the states was smooth and happy! A lovely "home for the holidays" to get things rolling this season!

December 1, 2009

Meet Sonia

From Maggie Chen:

We saved a pretty girl named Sonia this early morning. She is currently boarding at the vet's. She is around 2 year sold, 51 lbs, female, Ehrlichia platys/canis tested positive; the other tests are negative. She will be spayed and starts to be under medication of Ehrlichia. By the way, she is very sweet, can take commands and has good manners. We had her chip-scanned but found no information.

Update from Gilligan (formerly Maggie's David)

From Gilligan's adopter...

Gilligan is doing very well. He's being schooled a little by his new lab friends Woogie and Ernie. He plays a little too aggressively but they correct him and it seems to be working. The biting is getting better but not gone yet. He seems REALLY happy and just loves meeting people. I have been leaving him alone in the house for up to an hour uncrated and he just sits on the bed - no destruction. I've enclosed some pictures. He is allowed in the pool now but doesn't swim yet. He loves to sit on the first step and cool off and splash. Ill keep you updated. I really love this guy!