October 11, 2014

Rita & All Your Rescue Teammates - “Our Thank You”

You have given Leslie and me two of the most wonderful treasures of our lives...Gary and Daisy (formerly Yellow).

The pictures below tell you the wonder of these two pups:

GARY came to us a little over 2-1/2 years ago, arriving on a Welcome Waggin' night, jumping out of his crate and into my arms and the rest is history.  Gary has always been this big lovable white teddy bear, the most gentle fellow one could ever know.  Everyone who came in contact with with - whether on a walk, seeing him ride in my truck - everyone has always wanted to come up to him and give him a big hug.

At our Rescue events, people would get in line for a chance to give him a hug, shake his paws, take their picture with him.  Children especially love, parents would want to take a picture of him with their children. 

At home, he followed me wherever I went wanting to cuddle by my side.  I watch TV laying my head on his side.  When I want to take a nap I often will lie behind him and rap my arms around him.  He loves you to touch and hold him.  A Big White Love Bug.  What joy he has brought to our lives.

DAISY arrived on a Welcome Waggin' night about three months after Gary and similarly jumping out of her crate and into my arms and the rest is history.  While Gary is super lovable to all, and Daisy too, Daisy has always been "my little girl" absolutely wanting to be by my side at all times, barking when I leave her sight, always leaning up against me, wanting me to shake her paw, loving to sleep on her back paws pointed high and her favorite always to sit beside me in my truck or next to me on a rock with her legs & paws laid across my lap.

THESE TWO PUPS have brought such joy to our lives.  Leslie and I can never thank all of you enough for rescuing them, making them healthy and sending them to our Rescue in the USA so they could have new forever homes with us.


Paul & Leslie