October 31, 2013

Update from Spencer (formerly Rita's Shadow)

Here are pictures of our Spencer. One of the things he loves are his baths...but the best thing of all is the blow dryer after. I could do it for hours if it were up to him! He is the love of our lives!

The Hildens

October 10, 2013

Rita's Cody adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Cody, who has converted another foster home to failed status, choosing to stay with Rory and his sister, Corinne.

Cody was found in a shelter in Taiwan several months ago, and Rita and MJ helped to get him healthy and arranged his travel to the US. As a new volunteer, Rory was excited to be a part of our Welcome Waggin' and offered to let Cody hang out with him until we found his forever home. Cody had other plans! He immediately became BFF's with foster sister Sandals and brought out every cute trick he knew. It didn't take much since Rory and Corinne are true Golden people and pretty much all Cody had to do was wag his tail to make them fall in love with him. Cody called and begged to stay (those pups from Taiwan certainly have that art down as so many never leave their foster homes!)

Cody will be forever grateful to Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him healthy and sending him to CA. He thanks Rory for coming out to meet him at the airport, taking him home to foster, and then falling in love with him. He thanks Cecily for getting Rory's home visit done quickly so he could be there for Cody, and he thanks GRCGLAR for bringing him together with his wonderful new family.

Welcome home Cody!