November 28, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day, Mars!

Hi GRCGLAR! Well, November 25th marked my one-year anniversary in Los Angeles with the Cook family. It has been a great year full of fun, good food, lots of hugs and kisses, etc. It's hard to believe that last year I was on the verge of death. Gee, I was a skinny, diseased-skin mess but thanks to Rita and MJ, they got me healthy and beautiful and thanks to my new mom, Cheryl, I've stayed that way. Just wanted to take this moment to once again give a huge thank you to Rita and MJ and to GRCGLAR for letting me come to America to start my new life. As I like to say, "Life is good!"

Now on 11/25/10 with my Yorkie sister, Rosie, and a couple of house guests.

Before on July 29, 2009, the day I left the shelter.

July 29, 2009, the day I left the shelter.

November 27, 2010

Rita's Mocha adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Mocha, who found his forever home with the Carter family.

Mocha came in as part of Project Taiwan. He was found on the streets with skin issues, and once they cleared up he made his way to the US along with Simba and Bailey. He has been hanging out at Culver Palms waiting for just the right family.

The Carters lost their dog Samantha a little over a month ago, and have been missing having a Golden in the house. They were taken with Mocha's smile and fell in love as soon as they met him. He's an exuberant, energetic guy which they found endearing. They are anxious to take him on walks and hikes and were excited to see that he likes to catch tennis balls and will release them!

Mocha's new name is Magic, in honor of Magic Johnson. The family is a huge Laker's fan and came prepared with a new Laker's collar for their new pup. Magic is already settling into his new home - we got an email from the Carters this morning: 

I just wanted to let you know how we are doing. When we came home we spent a few hours in the backyard letting Magic mark his territory. Then moved to the house. Our kitchen family room is one area that he became comfortable with…he calmed down pretty quickly. He certainly likes his toys and even puts some of them back in the basket and pulls out others.

We got a harness for walks and he enjoyed the several he took yesterday. Last night we brought his bed and blanket to our room and he slept all night at the side of the bed. He was great. He is getting ready to go walk on the River Trail with my husband right now.

Anyway…we are loving him.

November 19, 2010

Update from Maggie's Andy, now Moby

Please pass along the following update and pictures on Maggie's Andy, now known as Moby, to Maggie in Taiwan and let her know that her efforts there are so much appreciated. Also, if she has any info to share about Moby's rescue we would love to know about it.

Moby is the sweetest boy and everyone who has met him absolutely loves him! He came to us very skinny and is slowly gaining weight with his new diet. We see less of his ribs everyday and he is starting to grow in his coat. My sister met Moby on a recent visit and loved him so much that she baked him dog cookies and mailed them to him from Portland!

Moby now has an older brother and sister, a chocolate lab and golden retriever and a foster golden to play with. His absolute favorite thing to do is to play ball at the park! He LOVES tennis balls! This morning he pulled all of the tennis balls out of their bag and now we have about 10 balls laying all over the front yard. He is very silly and his ridiculous ways are very entertaining!

Also, he is going to start doing a little work for GRCGLA rescue, as he is planning to go on his first homevisit this weekend.

Below are a couple of of Moby with his new sister, one with his ball and another with my mom.


November 7, 2010

Postcard from Magies Thomas, now Tucker

Tucker is our fifth rescue dog. We've loved them all but nothing has prepared us for Tucker. He is sweet, guileless and full of mischief. When he's not on walks or playing with the neighborhood children, he's pressed to our sides -- which we've grown to love. To think that at one time we didn't allow pets up on the furniture. Our only disagreement is that we make him get off the bed when it's time for sleep. (He's a bit of a bed hog.) He does not want to get off the bed and you would not believe his vast repertoire of adorable looks and postures which he employs to break our will. I did once assure him that he could get back up on the bed at 6am. At that time I did not realize that Tucker could read clocks. These days I no longer need an alarm clock to tell when 6am has arrived. Sometimes I put a pillow over my face in an attempt to ignore him. Tucker responds by sticking his wet nose into my arm pit. It's a showdown. Once he actually fell back to sleep with his nose wedged under my arm. It was a rare, but damp, triumph.

Every day we tell Tucker that he is the best dog in the whole world. He has yet to disagree with this reasonable assessment.

Best regards,
Mike and Alan

Postcard from Rita's Willie, now Tai

Tai is doing great! He is such a sweetheart and makes friends wherever we go. He loves his toys and still has the playful spirit of a puppy. He really enjoyed this year's Dogtoberfest and swam for the first time. He was really funny and kept putting his face under the water like an otter.

I attached some photos from Dogtoberfest for you as well as a link to a short video of Tai's first swim. The last photo was taken after we got home - Tai was pooped and fell alseep with his head resting on his sister, Kiara (a senior alum from GRCGLAR).


November 2, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Jumbo, now Sampson

My boy, formerly known as Rita’s Jumbo has taken on his new persona, Sampson; after all, he has the strength of three dogs. In just five days, Sampson has learned to sit, stay, wait, take, fetch, leave the ball, come, treat, dinner, and go bye-bye car with ease. He has adjusted to his harness leash and LOVES to go to both of his favorite destinations – his Disneyland which for us is the local Unleashed pet store, and to “Uncle Al’s” to play ball. He has turned into a Sampson size lap dog and loves to share my 1-1/2 chair with me and be pet and massaged. His proclivity for humping has settled down when redirected, and he has become a good listener. He is a jewel and very eager to please.

He gets so much attention, he should have his own Facebook page, since he hogs mine so well. Here are a couple of his latest Facebook portraits (below).

Well, there you go. Guess you can tell I’m pretty sweet on him.

Keep me on your email list. And thanks again for all your hard work.

Warmest regards,
Mary B.