May 30, 2012

Update from Bowler (Rita's Polo)

Polo (Bowler) is doing great. He is such a sweet boy who has really come out of his shell. At first, he seemed very insecure and maybe a little anxious, as he would follow us around everywhere. Now, he has settled in so beautifully. His favorite toy is the ball throwing holder we got at Walmart. It kind of flings the ball really far, and he loves to chase it. He will do that over and over (Hunter just gets the ball once and lays down with it). He is so young acting for his age! We took him to the dog beach in San Diego, and he loved it!

Our son Garrett recently did a Science project on "Are Dogs Right Pawed or Left Pawed?" and he used Bowler, Hunter and various dogs from the neighborhood. It was very cute! Bowler loves going for walks, and we take him every day. Hunter is on a diet and needs to lose weight, so we have been walking a lot. Bowler had an ear infection, but the vet says his ears are clear now. He is such a sweetheart!


May 29, 2012

Rita's Apple update

Apple is a wonderful dog! Friendly to all, everyone who meets her comments on what a beautiful and sweet girl she is. We thought initially she might be jet-lagged as she seemed sleepy most of the day until dinnertime. After having her thoroughly checked by the vet, and finding her healthy, we've decided she is part cat! This works for us as we wanted a mellow dog.

Her favorite time of the day seems to be dinner. After she eats, she wakes up and races around the backyard and house for about 10 minutes. At those times, she will bark playfully and chase the tennis ball. She also LOVES her "kong" toy. We are wondering if she'll join us for a swim in the pool this summer when everyone else takes a dip...we'll see. She looks very curious about it. Most nights, she sleeps in my 9 year old daughters room on the floor by her bed.

Apple is an "only" right now as our beloved "Ricky" passed away in April after a long bout with cancer. We weren't sure how Apple would do as an "only dog" as social as goldens are. She did seem to have the blues for a couple of weeks so lots of extra affection, trips in the car and attention has been needed since her friend is not here anymore.

We couldn't be happier with her. Many heartfelt thanks and blessings to Rita for rescuing and giving Apple another chance for a loving forever home.

I've attached pictures. Isn't she beautiful?

The Bollers

May 24, 2012

Update and photos from Maggie's Tucker

Here, at last, are some photos. Because Tucker arrived without his birth certificate, we decided to invent a birthday for him, based on everyone's best guess of his age when he arrived here. We chose May 21, and so by our calculations Tucker has just turned four. I bet he's actually younger. He's a cuddler and a smiler and pretty much always content. Mike and I love him to bits. Tell Maggie.


May 23, 2012

Maggie's Jean adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Jean, who found her forever home with the Mettler family!

Jean is a petite little girl who was found in Taiwan without a home, and Maggie asked us to take her in. She arrived with plenty of spunk and energy, a sweet girl who was charming all the Welcome Waggin' volunteers. Tom agreed to take her home, and she proceeded to charm all of his pups as well. She's been patiently waiting for just the right family, and she found them this past weekend! The Mettlers have a pup on the older side who is content to hang out, and they were looking to add a new family member that could be more active with their kids. They looked perfect for Jean and they agreed she sounded perfect for them.

Tom brought Jean out to meet her (hopefully) new family and they were all waiting outside on the driveway to greet her. She immediately went up to the kids to give them kisses and they were delighted since Scooby doesn't give kisses. They had tennis balls waiting for her and had a blast throwing them for her - and she had a blast retrieving them. The Mettler's son is hoping she'll be able to sleep with him and he showed her how to get on the beds. Scooby is just fine with his new sister - he's got his "mini me" since he's about 120 pounds and Jean is under 50 pounds. She's settling in great and the kids can't wait to get home from school to spend time with her. Her new name is Cali.

Jean thanks Maggie, Joseph and ARTT for finding her and getting her into rescue, then to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting her at LAX, and Tom and his gang for hosting her until she found her furever family. She's also thankful to Brad for making sure her new home was perfect for her, and the Placement Team and PA Jo Anne for finding her a new place to call home. Attached is a picture of the new family.

Welcome home Jean!

May 18, 2012

Update from Rita's Becca

We've been so pleased with the whole rescue agency and process of getting Becca here. You guys are doing a wonderful job!

Becca is settling in nicely. We couldn't have asked for a better dog if we tried. She's exactly what we were looking for. She's already starting to open up and her personality seems to blossom more and more everyday. It breaks my heart to think about where she used to sleep at night or what other people may have treated her like before Rita found her. She is so sweet and loving that it's hard to imagine she was ever a "street dog". I took her to the vet 2 days ago to check on her allergies and ear infection as both seemed to not be getting any better with all the meds we had her on. They changed them a little and she seems instantly to be feeling so much improvement. I'm also very happy with the vet that she was seeing. We saw Dr. Borre who was wonderful and I am so happy with how much better she seems to feel. Not nearly as much itching!

Again, thank you to the whole organization for all that you have done. We are so happy to have Becca here and are giving her constant reassurance of that.
Kate and Rob

Coming Soon - Rita's Pudding

May 17, 2012

Rita's Becca adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Becca, who found her forever home with Kate and Robert.

Becca arrived from Taiwan last month, a true rescue story. She was found in the middle of a busy street last May suffering from dog bites as well as heartworms. It was speculated that Becca had been used for breeding and was discarded when she got older. Despite her tough early life, this sweet girl has a terrific personality and loves people, dogs and cats. Her Golden personality and resiliency has shone through even with everything she's gone through. Rita and MJ were able to get Becca healthy, and we were happy to welcome Becca to California to provide her with a chance at a new life. I'm so happy to say she has found that life with Kate and Robert. They haven't had a dog for awhile, but do have cats and were looking for a cat-friendly pup to add to their family. Becca was looking for a home where she would get lots of love and attention and we felt Kate and Robert could provide that as they are around most of the time. They were so excited to meet Becca when we presented her as a match! Becca is doing great and she has Kate and Robert completely under her paw!

Becca thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing her and bringing her back to good health. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for being there when she arrived at LAX, and the CP Dog Walkers for getting her out while she was at CP. She's so grateful to her foster parents, Susan and Bart for taking great care of her while she waited for the perfect home to come along. She thanks Colleen and Joan for checking out her new home and the Placement Team and PA Lisamarie for finding her this wonderful new home

Welcome home Becca!

May 8, 2012

Maggie's Pie Pie adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Pie Pie, who found her forever home with Wally and Annette.

Pie Pie came to us last month, arriving at LAX last month with lots of smiles and energy. Although we don't know anything about her former life, we know she has a good life in front of her and she realized that when she met Wally and Annette. Wally and Annette had adopted a senior named Sparkle, a.k.a., Katie, from Carole last year. Sadly, Katie passed away due to kidney disease recently and they missed having a Golden in their homes and lives.

As soon as we told them about Pie Pie they wanted to know how quickly they could meet her - they didn't want another minute to pass without their new family member. And, when they met Pie Pie she immediately charmed them and it didn't take long at all for them to get the paperwork signed to make her an official Haven and make the drive back to Camarillo. After a day or so Pie Pie, now known as Molly, had the hang of the dog door and had also become fast friends with Wally's mom, who also lives with them. She has completely settled in and is a true member of the family. Wally is retired so is home most of the time, and when he's out and about Pie Pie has his mom for company - she's never lonely!

Pie Pie thanks Maggie and Joseph for finding her, getting her healthy and sending her to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX and welcoming her to California. She also thanks Rich for temporarily fostering her, and the CP Walking Team for getting her out every day while she was at CP. She's thankful to Jeri and Joe for doing the home visit for her new family, and the Placement Team and PA Eva for finding her a terrific new family.

Welcome Home Pie Pie!