June 30, 2010

Meet Maggie's Bingo

Bingo was found abandoned by Animal Rescue Team Taiwan. He's approximately 1.5 years old, 48 lbs, and very friendly. Once he has recovered from treatment for heartworm and ehrlichia, he'll be ready for a new home in the U.S.

June 27, 2010

Coming soon...Rita's Chance

Chance was rescued from an animal shelter.  His vet exam found that he was suffering from erlichiosis and Babesia canis, for which he has since been successfully treated. Chance is about 4 years old, very friendly, playful and gets long with other dogs. Now he is looking forward to making a new life in US.

June 23, 2010

Photos from Minnie (formerly Rita's Paula)

Finally got some new pictures of Minnie and have attached them. She is a great, well adjusted dog. She loves everyone, is very gentle, loves to play ball. So glad I got her!


June 22, 2010

Photos from Sierra (formerly Rita's Fiona)

Here are some pictures of Sierra enjoying her new home. She is a joy! She enjoys bobbing for ice cubes in her water bowl, playing tug-a-war, meeting everyone she sees while out on walks, sleeping with her ball, and cuddling with her person.


Pang-Pang's first day

I want to let you know that Pang Pang was great all the way home.  She and Petey slept through most of the drive.  I stopped by my daughter’s and both dogs ran into her back yard FULL of energy!  We no longer have to question whether Pang Pang swims.  When she saw the kids in the pool she jumped in immediately and Petey was right behind her.  He has never shown any interest in the pool so it was quite a shock!  Erin’s three dogs ran around barking and the kids yelled with excitement, as Petey and Pang Pang swam like Olympians!  There is no way to describe it.  I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard!  My daughter instantly fell in love with Pang Pang and must have thrown her 100 balls.  She reminds us both of our Golden, Esprit, with her beautiful face, fun loving ways and gentle spirit.

We arrived in Wildomar around 8:00 pm and Pang Pang was very curious about her new home.  She explored every inch of our house and yard, as Petey followed.  He is quite smitten with our beautiful girl and is very interested in her every move and sound.  Surprisingly he does not appear to be the least bit jealous.  It will be interesting to see if he behaves differently when Max returns tomorrow.

Marty, as you said, she is quite the chow hound!  She ate a good dinner and tried for Petey’s.  He would have gladly let her have it but I promised to watch her weight so she only ate her portion.

Right now they are both at my feet and we are all tired and ready for bed.  Something tells me they will both snuggle with me tonight and we will all sleep well. She is an absolute doll and I am thrilled she is here.  I know she will be spoiled but promise it will be a “good” spoiled.

Thanks again for helping make it possible for us to have her.


June 20, 2010

Congratulations Rita's Pang-Pang

Rita's Pang-Pang was adopted today by Sharon, George and their dog, Petey.  This spirited and confident girl finally found a great match in Sharon who is an absolute dog lover and fell head over heels for Pang-Pang. 

Pang-Pang thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing her off the streets in Taiwan and giving her safe passage to our Welcome Waggin' crew in the U.S.   Marty F. and his companion, Beth, were part of the welcome crew the night that Pang-Pang arrived and what was supposed to be a brief overnight foster stay turned into several weeks.  We are grateful to Marty and Beth for keeping PP and working with this sweet girl who was in need of training in the social graces.  I know that Sharon will continue the good work in terms of a commitment to PP's training.  Thank you Lisa D. for doing the homevisit.

We anticipate seeing Pang-Pang making the rounds visiting senior citizens several months down the road as Sharon is eager to take her to the facility where she works.

June 13, 2010

Rita's Fiona adopted!

Rita's Fiona is thrilled with her new life as beach blonde, and the first returns are that her new mom, Maryjane, is totally thrilled with her. Thank you, Lily, for making her part of your family this past week, to Jo B. for helping with her layover and arranging for her vet work, the IE dog walking team for looking out for her while she was with us, and to the Welcome Waggin' crew for helping her make her way into the states. Also, much gratitude to Rebecca M. for finding her this great new home! Most of all, best thanks to Rita & MJ for saving her from a crummy fate and making sure she found her way to us.

Awaiting transport to the U.S....

June 11, 2010

Barley (Rita's Michael) has quickly become a dear member of our family. His days consist waking up on one of his three beds, a hearty breakfast, a little playtime with a few of his growing pile of toys, a short walk, and off to work. He clocks in at around 8 and usually puts in a full day, clocking out around 6. His workday involves lots of petting from any and all of our staff members and clients, several marathon sessions of tug-o-war, a few spastic laps around the inside of the hospital, mixed with several walks to smell the flowers which usually results in a healthy nap around 3.

He is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever met. We feel so fortunate to have him in our lives. He is very photogenic, so pics will follow shortly. He is already a hit on our hospital's Facebook page! (Rancho Viejo Animal Hospital)


Chris & Leslie

June 7, 2010

Update from Tai (Rita's Willie)

Greetings from the South Bay!

Tai (formerly Rita's Willie) is completely settled in at his new home and having a ball with his canine and feline companions. He's learning all kinds of stuff - good and naughty - from his brother Buster and sister Kiara. He loves to carry things and has quite a talent for taking the tags off of clothes, linens, etc. Recently he had a fun outing to Griffith Park for a picnic, and he revealed a new talent when we got home.

Everyone who meets Tai instantly falls in love with him - he's as sweet as pie and impossible to resist. I am beyond thrilled to have him in my furry, four-legged family.

Many thanks to all who made it possible!

S. O'Neill

June 6, 2010

Postcard from Nikki (Rita's Nicole)

Nikki has been doing great, she has settled into her new home just like she has always belonged. Nikki's latest adventure was to the High Sierras with her little brother Jack where they loved to chase birds and squirrels. Not sure if Nikki has ever been to the snow but she had a great time at Rock Creek Lake, which was still frozen over from winter. We have slowly been teaching Nikki English since we do not know what the Taiwanese words for heel, sit and stay are. She is a very smart dog and learns everything very quickly. More to come.

Rick and Sherry

June 2, 2010

Rita's Jack Boy adopted!

Rita's Jack Boy's holiday weekend ended on a high note, as he adopted the Cooper Family! This lovely fellow came over with the last batch of Project Taiwan dogs and has been patiently reviewing applications looking for just the right opportunity. His moment arrived when his new mom contacted me to see if her family was a match for JB.

Jack Boy owes his undying gratitude to Rita and MJ who saved him and found a way to send him to us, and to Ira and the WW crew, who met him and his traveling buddies and helped them make their grand entrance to the states. JB sends love and thanks to the CP dog-walking crew, who helped him get his sea legs and start to learn a bit about southern California culture, and particularly to Sandy D. and Jessica R., who made the happy meeting possible. Special thanks go out to Lori B., who scouted out this fine home for him.

Congratulations, Jack Boy, on the start of a great new life!

June 1, 2010

Rita's Michael adopted!

Rita's Michael was adopted this weekend by Chris and Leslie of Irvine! This sweet boy captured the hearts of everyone he met including his foster mom, Sandra D., who was sad to see him go but so thrilled that he landed himself a forever home with two loving humans (both who happen to be veterinarians). Early reports indicate that Michael (newly named Barley) has wriggled his way into their hearts and they feel as if he's been with them forever. We expect that Barley will probably become their ambassador golden at their Mission Viejo vet clinic greeting other humans and canines. He's perfect for that role with a social, friendly and easy going personality.

Much thanks goes to Rita and MJ from Taiwan who rescued this sweet boy as a stray from the streets. Thanks to Barbara D., Ira L. and the Welcome Waggin Crew who helped Michael upon arrival in Southern California.
Big thanks to Sandra, her family and her rescue golden, Brisco, for giving Michael a resting haven until his forever adoption. Finally thanks to Leslie W., Cindy T. and Quincy for doing the homevisit for this lovely couple and true dog lovers!

Congratulations Michael (Barley)! You are a real inspiration ~