January 27, 2011

Rita's Bailey mudbath

Three days after being groomed, Bailey has another bath in mind!

Rita's Larry adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Larry, who has found his forever home with Dave B. of Coto de Caz.

Larry was found in a Taiwanese shelter suffering from heartworm. Rita and MJ helped him recover and sent this beautiful boy to CA. He was sooooo excited when he arrived at the airport. When we were deciding which dog was going home with each of the foster homes, Larry was left and I took him home - everyone was laughing thinking I was taking on a wild child, but this boy is the sweetest dog! He was so well behaved in my house. And he dances - we called him Happy Feet (like in the movie) or Fred Astaire.

Dave lost his last dog about 3 years ago and it has taken this long for him to get over her and be ready to bring another pup into his life. We talked about Larry and it sounded like they would be a great fit together. Dave drove up from Coto de Caza yesterday to meet Larry and could immediately see what a great dog he was. Larry took to Dave right away as well. Dave took him out for a walk, and Larry didn't want to come back in the house (this is the dog who I thought was so attached to me - go figure)!  Larry said to him, "you know you're hooked, let's get this paperwork done and get outta here!" Which they did. Larry happily jumped into Dave's car and off they went. Dave reported that Larry, now named Duke, is settling in great.

Larry thanks Rita & MJ for finding him in the shelter and getting him well and sending him to CA. He's grateful to Barbara Davis for approving his trip and to the Welcome Waggin' for giving him such a great reception at the airport. I think he was happy to stay with me for a bit, but he sure did jump in that car fast! He does thank Mary Crawford for finding this terrific home for him, though. Welcome Home Duke!

January 24, 2011

Rita's Puffy adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Puffy, who was adopted by Sharon and Roy of Los Angeles.

Puffy was dropped off at an animal shelter in Taiwan, suffering from heartworm. Rita and MJ found her there, got her healthy and asked Barbara if she could come to CA - of course Barbara said yes. Puffy is a happy girl with lots of energy and she always has a smile on her face. She loves her toys, especially tennis balls. She has that beautiful, soft coat so many of the pups from Taiwan have and with her social personality everyone she meets loves to pet her (which she eats up!)

Sharon and Roy lost their golden to cancer recently and felt it was time to add a new fuzzy family member. Puffy looked like she would be a good fit and her foster mom, Jessica, agreed. She took Puffy over to their home and the whole family was charmed. The housekeeper (who often walks the dogs) came in on her day off to meet Puffy as well - they all wanted to make sure she'd be a good fit for everyone. Puffy approved of them and the family fell lin love with Puffy (was there ever any question?). Puffy, now known as Jenny, is settling in nicely. Other than learning to navigating the stairs (we aren't sure she has used them before) she is doing great and behaving liking a perfect lady.

Puffy feels she is the luckiest pup in the world that Rita & MJ found her in the shelter and helped her to get healthy. She thanks Barbara for approving her trip to CA. She had a great time with the Welcome Waggin' team meeting her at the airport - she thought that was a wonderful day and was tickled that Jessica offered to take her home and foster her. She also thanks Kriss for scouting out this most wonderful home for her. Attached is a picture of the new family. Welcome home Jenny!

January 23, 2011

Snow dogs!

Here are some new photos of Lulu with her brother Sherman that we took up in Big Bear two weeks ago. Lulu will be with us two years on Feb. 26. She was in the first group of three to come over from Taiwan. She is our little love muffin. It was nice to meet you yesterday, David as well as Maggie and Joseph. It was a fun day. My guys were really pooped when we got home.


Update from Jazzy (Rita's Anna)

Dan and I adopted Jazzy, formerly Rita's Anna, last August. I'm sorry it has take me so long to send pictures.  Jazzy is doing extremely well after somewhat of a slow start. She has/had 2 yellow lab playmates. They get along great and play all day long. I think being around 2 other well behaved dogs has helped her adapt. I think she was abandoned in Taiwan and didn't seem to get some of the social cues that other dogs get but now she is a wonderful well loved dog. Our oldest lab, Bailey, 10 yrs old passed away in August, so Jazzy is a comfort and a joy. Here are a few pictures of our Jazzy. Thank you so much for all that you do for the Goldens!

With thanks and appreciation,

January 20, 2011

Update from Harrison (Rita's Buddy)

Harrison is doing great! He's got a great personality and is doing well with our family. We've had him almost a full month haven't heard him bark or growl once. He loves Hula, his sister, who we also got from your rescue. He's learning manners and is an awesome dog. He's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Thank you!

January 19, 2011

Photos from Hunter (Maggie's Bingo)

I am enclosing a picture of Hunter, who is truly our new best friend! Please send our sincere thanks and gratitude to Maggie and Joseph-we are so amazed at what this dedicated group has done. Hunter is such a sweetheart, and we can only imagine what his fate might have been if they hadn't cared enough to bring him to the States.

Thank you!

January 14, 2011

Photos from Maggie's Macy

Enjoy the pics As you will see – Morgan loves to take her new sis (Macy) for a walk – no human required!


Photos from Rita's Bailey

Arthur playing in the snow

Photo of Jen's kids, including Maggie's Maria

Update from Cabo (Maggie's Dan)

We are so thankful to Maggie and Joseph for their effort in saving these dogs. Even with Cabo's little quirks we love him to death and he has been such a joy to have in our home. I have attached some recent photos of him (sorry I not the best at sharing photos - I take them and then they sit in my camera for ever).

All the best,

January 10, 2011

Rita's Bailey adopted!

A big congratulations to Rita's Bailey, who found her forever home with Annie, Tony and Ali!

Bailey came to us back in September. I'm surprised at how long it has taken her to find her forever home because she's such a sweet girl, but now it all makes sense - she has been waiting for Annie, Tony and Ali! When Bailey was found in Taiwan she had a growth on her leg that was removed - the results were inconclusive, but thought to be consistent with squamous cell carcinoma. I think this scared a lot of people off. Also, she's a bit prematurely gray around the eyes, but has the heart and energy level of a puppy. She spent some time with Erin and Joshua and their pup Bailey, who used to be Gold Rush Lucy. Then she moved in with Debi and Mark for a while where she played with their Swissie, Forrest.

This is Annie, Tony and Ali's first dog and they are so thrilled with Bailey. Tony is a counselor and Bailey is there to sit with the kids while they talk to Tony. They are an active family and were looking for a pup that could keep up with them. They have fallen completely in love with Bailey and the feelings are mutual.

Bailey is so happy that Rita and MJ sent her to CA, and thanks Barbara D. for authorizing her transport. She is grateful for the time she spent with Erin and Josh, and Debi and Mark for taking her in as a foster pup. She also thanks the CP walking team for getting her out during the time she was in boarding. Finally, she thanks Elaine M. for finding this wonderful home for her and also for facilitating the adoption. She is sooooo happy to truly be home!

Rita's Milo adopted!

Rita's Milo has been welcomed into his forever home by Dennis, Jan, Katie and GRCGLA Rescue, Jiki (formerly Arjiki, www.kentfoto.com/jiki). Milo has been renamed Fender after Dennis's favorite guitar.

Milo is our latest arrival from Taiwan, coming in as a solo passenger. Right away he started charming everyone he met, including other passengers at LAX. Nestor and Bobby took him home to foster and he was a wonderful pup right from the start - easy going, well mannered and cuddly. He came in with paperwork showing he has allergies, including to beef, lamb and rice, cats, ants and even people dander!

Dennis and Jan adopted Jiki a couple of years ago and he's been a wonderful addition to their family. Last year they decided to adopt a senior, Goldie, who only had 3 months with them. After some time to grieve they decided it was time to have more dog hair around the house and contacted us again. Milo's bio and picture charmed them and they asked if he might be a fit. We set up a meeting, and Milo was charmed by them as well. Katie adores him and decided right away he can sleep in her bed. With Dennis home most of the day Milo will have company and looks forward to joining Dennis and Jiki on walks in the hills of Simi Valley. And the family's best friend is a vet, so they have ready help if Milo has any problems with his allergies. As they were finishing up the paperwork Bobby said, "Milo looked at the both of us and said, okay guys, hurry up and take my picture because I'm staying here, now you can go!"

Milo thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him healthy and sending him to CA. He's grateful to Barbara D. for approving his trip and to the Welcome Waggin team for greeting him on his arrival. He really enjoyed his time with Nestor and Bobby and the other pupz in the home, and also thanks Eva for doing the home visit for this wonderful family.