August 25, 2012

Update from Maggie's Apollo

Thank you GRCGLA staff/volunteers for our beloved Maggie's Apollo! He's a sweetheart of a dog and fits right in with the rest of us. I'll definitely send you more photos so that you can pass them along to whomever you would like.

Not only does our family enjoy Apollo (still yet to be renamed by my children) but our Terrier mix, Miss Terri, loves hanging out and playing with Apollo. He's a big hunk of love that we all needed.

Be well,

August 24, 2012

Rita's Kobe adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Kobe, who found his forever home with the Holmes family.

Kobe was found last year by Rita and MJ and came to us earlier this year. He was treated for heartworms before making the trek to the US. This awesome pup has been waiting awhile to find his home - being  around 8 yrs old and suffering from allergies and chronic ear infections, he was overlooked by many families. They didn't know what they were missing. Kobe is the sweetest pup, and gave the goofiest smiles due to a slightly crooked jaw. After spending some time at Culver Palms, he went to stay with Michelle and Sangtar to wait for his forever family.

The Holmes family lost their last Golden, Buddy, who they got from us, a little over a year ago. They decided it was time to bring a new kid in. Knowing that a mellow pup would be the best fit for their family right now, they were happy to hear that Kobe came up as a match for them. He's a big love bug who loves to chase tennis balls, and take long naps with cuddles in between. His new family just adores him and he keeps them laughing. Beckie discovered he loves the shower and thinks he should be able to take one just like her every day!

Kobe thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well, and sending him to California. He thanks the Welcome Waggin for greeting him when he arrived at LAX. He's thankful to the CP Dog Walkers who spent so much time with him, and especially to Michelle and Sangteer who provided him with so much love and care while he was waiting for that perfect family. He's grateful to Carole S. who checked out his new digs, and the placement team and PA Eva for making the match. We forgot to get an adoption picture, but will get one soon and send it out.

Welcome home Kobe!

Maggie's Apollo adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Apollo, who found his forever home with the Wallace family.

When Maggie and Joseph found Apollo, they discovered he was heartworm positive. They were able to get him treated and sent to California, where they hoped he could find a better life. He's a handsome boy with a happy, laid-back personality and he enjoys everyone he meets. The Wallace family recently lost their Golden Bodhi, and missed having a second pooch around the house. They are big animal lovers, with lots of other critters living with them and needed a pup who could get along with all their other pets. Apollo seemed like just the guy, and they anxiously set up a time to come out and meet him. The family took Apollo and Terri for a nice walk and everyone got along famously. It didn't take long to get his paperwork completed and he happily jumped in the SUV to go home. He's doing great and is happily playing tug with Terri and has won the hearts of the rest of the family (well, the cats aren't too sure yet about having another dog around.)

Apollo thanks Maggie and Joseph for getting him well and sending him to the US. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and volunteer Libby for hosting him overnight. He's grateful to the volunteers and CP Walking Team for regular loving and exercise, and to Eva for checking out his new home. He's thankful to the placement team and PA Jo Anne for finding him the perfect match, and to Paul for making introductions and sending him on his way to his new life.

Welcome home Apollo!

Rita's Maru adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Maru, who found her forever home with Kim, Rick, Ricky and Golden, Kaylie.

Maru was found by Rita and MJ with a very large mass on her back end. They were able to get surgery for her, and thankfully the mass turned out to be an enormous lipoma, which is a benign fatty tumor. Her surgery left her with some excess skin on her rear end, which has becomed thickened and blackened and was passed over by several families due to her prior mass and extra skin. Kim and Rick were undeterred by this - they were looking for a family member whose personality fit with them and could be a good companion to Kaylie - Maru fit the bill and we set up an appointment for everyone to meet. Of course this little sweetheart was able to wrap the family around her little paw and charm her way into their hearts. She is doing great in her new home, has changed her name to Kaci and has made sure she has great spots on the sofa for cuddling and Kim and Rick's bed at night for sleeping - basically she's made herself right at home!

Maru thanks Rita and MJ for finding her, getting her well and sending her to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting her when she arrived at LAX, and Tom for fostering her. She thanks Karen for making sure her new home was ready for her, and she's grateful to the placement team and PA Eva for finding her such a great match.

Welcome home Maru!

August 19, 2012

Penny (formerly Rita's Becky) passes on

I’m writing to let you know that our precious Penny (formerly Rita’s Becky) passed away 2 weeks ago. We are completely heartbroken. This last spring over the course of one weekend, we noticed she wasn’t eating all of her food (which is not normal for her), and that her breathing seemed faster. We took her into the vet immediately. They referred us to a great animal hospital close to home, at which point Penny was diagnosed with Mesothelioma (cancer of the chest cavity).  The doctors weren’t sure what the results of treatment would be for Penny, but after learning how humane the treatment was, we as well as the doctors felt it was worth a shot. Every three weeks for the last 3 months, Penny would go to the vet and get an injection of chemo. It was quick, she tolerated the treatment great, and she never got sick from it. We were so hopeful. Plus, she loved going to the animal hospital as all the staff quickly fell in love with her and gave her lots of treats.

Initially, the treatment seemed like it was working. Her appetite came back, her breathing slowed back down, and her energy increased. Except that her belly was shaved for ultrasounds, you would never know she was sick. But then over the last week or two before she passed, the doctor saw something new in the x-ray; a mass on her lung that hadn’t been there before. The treatment was no longer working. She didn’t seem to be bothered by it for about a week. But then, it happened again. This time even more quickly: she stopped eating all together, her breathing became labored, and she was just not her happy self.

She had been an absolutely wonderful dog to us, such a faithful companion, that we knew we owed it to her to let her be at peace. So we took her back to the animal hospital to be put to sleep (which the doctor felt was a wise decision and said he would have done the same had Penny been his own dog). It was the hardest thing my husband and I have ever done. But we were with her at her last moments, cuddling her, telling her how much we loved her, and what a good girl she was. When she did pass, it was a strange relief to see her peaceful body. We know we did the right thing by her, but we miss her terribly. We cry for us, not for her because we know she is in a better place now. We are confident, that because of our faith in God, that we will see Penny again one day. I know that she is currently playing with my past Goldens that I had as a child. I picture her chasing balls, swimming, galloping around in her crazy little way.

We have so many wonderful memories of Penny! Penny was absolutely a part of our family. She went with us everywhere, to the park, beach, outdoor mall, over to my parents’ house to play with their Goldens, etc. We knew all the dog friendly places in the area. She loved her daily walks, her car rides (we called the car her “happy place”), her toys and getting showered with attention daily. And Penny was so gentle and loving to our daughter, Ava, who was born a year ago. We taught my daughter some baby sign language and “dog” (which is patting your leg) was the first sign my daughter ever did. Penny loved kissing Ava’s feet, and likewise, Ava loved it when she did, giggling away. And Ava loved to crawl over to and “cuddle” Penny (aka crawling over and resting her head next to Penny’s head or paw). They were developing such a sweet little relationship.

I want to thank Rita, Lily (Penny’s foster family when she first arrived from Taiwan), and all the volunteers/coordinators at GRCGLA from the bottom of my heart for what you do for each of these Goldens that you rescue. Had it not been for all of you, we would never have had the joy of Penny in our lives. And for that we are beyond grateful! While we only had 2 ½ years with Penny, it was the best 2 ½ years, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. She was an amazing dog, who was so smart and made us laugh all the time. My husband and I joke that Penny (who was my husband’s first dog ever) transformed him from a dog-liker to a dog-lover. Penny had my husband wrapped around her little paw. 

While we are not ready for another dog yet, as we are still grieving for Penny, we know in honor of Penny we will adopt another Golden again someday, and we hope we get to work with your organization again. Thank you again for making Penny a part of our family.

Sincerely, Karen

August 1, 2012

Rita's Lessie adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Lessie, who found her forever home with the Robinson family.

Lessie is another one of our ex-pats from Taiwan. We don't know much about her background, but when she was found last October by Rita and MJ she was heartworm positive. They helped her to get well and, when she was feeling good, they sent her to us. She's been patiently waiting for just the right family to love and cherish her, and she found them in the Robinson family. They recently lost their Golden and were ready to welcome a new furry family member. As soon as we told them about Lessie, they were able to rearrange their schedules to make the trip to meet her. This sweet and gentle girl approved of them right away and begged them to take her home - they happily complied. Lessie is settling in just fine, and getting along great with their cat.

Lessie thanks Rita and MJ for finding her, getting her well and sending her to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for coming out late at night to meet her and her travelling companions. She thanks Monica for providing B&B accomodations when she first arrived, and the the dog walkers at CP for regular love, attention and long walks. She's grateful to Katie for doing the HV for this terrific family, and the placement team and PA Eva for finding her a wonderful new home. Finally, she thanks Kriss for finalizing her adoption.

Welcome home Lessie!