August 28, 2011

Update from Leia (formerly Rita's Tina)

Here is a picture of the whole family, minus the cats. They haven't embraced Leia (Rita's Tina) yet like we have. She really enjoys being with us where ever we are and is even learning to catch a frisbee now! She loves our big backyard and will even enjoy snacking on one of the apples from our tree. She loves taking walks with us and then having a nice nap pretty much anywhere in the house. We love her very much and everyone is enjoying her as part of the family. Thank you to all who came to her rescue which brought her to us!

The Koran Family

August 17, 2011

Update from Rita's Brian

From Brian's adopter, Sandy...

I am so happy this wonderful pup made his way to the US and thank Rita & MJ from the bottom of my heart. I immediately liked him when he arrived from Taiwan....well, I like them all but there was something special about him, but it just worked out I took a different dog home that night. We discovered that both his hips were in pretty bad shape - so we did an FHO on the worst side. He's also got some issues with his knees and hocks and all of this scared off potential adopters. After his surgery he went to stay with foster home Nanette and when she moved to Colorado a few months ago he came to stay with me. He also stayed for a short time with foster Jane J. when the Nanette went on vacation.

Brian is a goofy guy with a big fluffy coat and a stubborn streak. He's pretty quiet except when he plays tug with Woody - then he'll bark and growl with the toy in his mouth while getting dragged across the floor by Woody (links to his videos are below). Even though he can't jump, he is an expert countersurfer who is particularly fond of bread. He's learned to stretch his neck, sometimes propping himself up on the kitchen drawer pull and he'll grab the bag of whatever is on the counter, pull it down and inhale it. He once got ahold of a 5 lb tray of hamburger that was thawing on the counter - he got full after about 2-1/2 lbs. He hates going outside (except to go on walks) and you have to go out with him, tell him to do his business and wait for him to finish. As soon as he's done he runs right back inside and straight to the spot where the treats are kept - his second favorite spot in the house. (I like to think his favorite spot is laying next to me when I'm on the computer.) He and Woody are the best of friends and play all the time. He tries to play with Ori, but she's a bit of a princess. She does like to push him out of the way when he's getting attention - its all about her! But Brian doesn't mind - he'll just run over to see if he can get a treat instead. I'm so lucky to have found this sweet goofball!

August 15, 2011

Rita's Ju-Zi adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Ju-Zi, who found her forever home with the Maatta faily.

Ju-Zi was found by a friend of Rita's last year, and when she had difficulty finding a home for Ju-Zi, she asked Rita & MJ if they could help. Here is her video: They contacted us and she arrived last month with Casey & Tina. She's a small girl, at about 45 lbs, and a bit shy, but has been doing great since she got to the US.

The Maatta family has a Daschund and lost a Golden Retriever last year. They decided it was time to add another Golden to their family and contacted us a few months ago. We've been looking for the right pup for them, and initially called them about Casey. Lilly thought Ju-Zi might be a better fit since she was a few years older, and we quickly set up a meeting. The family came out to Culver Palms, along with a friend and their doxie Cooper. The family all liked Ju-Zi right away and she felt the same way and happily jumped in the car when it was time to go home. She's doing great in her new home, learning to play with Cooper. Her new name is Sunny, which fits her bright personality.

Ju-Zi thanks Rita & MJ for taking her in and getting her to us here in CA, and Barbara D. for approving her move. She was so happy to see the Welcome Waggin' after being in her crate for a longer than planned time due to a busy airport. She stayed overnight with me and then has been at CP where she's been able to get out with the walkers, who she thanks. She's grateful to Elaine & John M. for doing the home visit on her new family, and to the placement team and Eva for helping to match her up with this wonderful family.

Welcome home Ju-Zi!

August 11, 2011

Rita's Tina adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Tina, who has found her forever home with the Koran family.

Tina is one of our recent transplants from Taiwan. Rita and MJ found her in a shelter where she was suffering from a skin condition. Under their expert care she quickly improved and was ready to make a new life for herself in California. Here's a video of Tina before she came to us: . She came in with Ju-Zi and Casey last month and has been hanging out with new foster mom Mary Jane and learning dog-cat manners. Tina introduced Mary Jane to the concept of counter surfing in return.

This is the first dog for the Koran family. In their search for the right pup they realized a dog a bit older would be the best way to learn how it is to be owned by a dog, and they also wanted a pup who wouldn't overly annoy their cats. Tina seemed like she'd be a great fit and the family went out meet her. Since it was such a big decision and they knew it would be a big change in their lives, they thought about it overnight and the family all decided Tina was the dog for them. They came back to make it official and take this very sweet girl home. She's going great and they are having fun learning all about her, say she is wonderfully behaved and the all love her (well, except for the cats who are on strike and in hiding for now.)

Tina thanks Rita & MJ for finding her in the shelter, getting her well and sending her to the US. She thanks Barbara D. for approving her trip to CA, and the Welcome Waggin for meeting her at the aiport. It was a particularly busy night when she and the other girls came in and there was a long delay going through customs and immigration. Tina and her pals were soooooo very happy to get out of their kennels at last! Tina thanks Mary Jane for fostering her, and she thanks Joan and Ed for checking out this terrific home. Finally, she thanks the Placement Team and PA Eva for finding her a wonderful match. In the excitement of bringing her home they forgot to get their picture taken, but promise to send a family photo soon.

Welcome home Tina!

Rita's Brian adopted!

Rita's Brian has decided to live out his days with his foster mom, Sandy and her family! Brian's fit right into that family unit, and his favorite activity is wrestling with his younger brother, Woody. Having arrived in this country from Taiwan back in January, Brian's spent most of his life in the states with this crew, and we just can't see that changing!

Brian (who will remain Brian!) is most grateful to his rescuers, Rita and MJ, who found him and made him safe, getting him well and shipping him to the states so he could start his new life here. Thanks go out to the Welcome Waggin' for making his entry into the states a joyful one, and to first foster Krista DelColliano for making him feel right at home. Brian appreciates the help of the team at Culver Palms and the WLA dog walkers who keep things busy and happy for the boarders there. And thanks to the Placement Team for their efforts, although finding a better home for him than this one would have been a very tall order indeed!

August 8, 2011

Coming soon...Rita's Yellow

From Rita in Taiwan...
Yellow is an energetic, enthusiastic and playful lady. She gets along very well with people and rides nicely in the car. Yellow is a ball chaser. She knows basic commands like sit, down, and shake hands but still needs basic training to have better manners.

August 2, 2011

The 1st anniversary of 'Lucky' (formerly Rita's Seven)

It is hard to believe that it was one year ago... August 1, 2010 that Rita's Seven came 'home', and became Lucky. He was a tall, handsome, very skinny boy. He was terrified on the ride home from Fullerton to San Clemente and he kept trying to climb into the front seat and get into my lap. Honestly, it is amazing we got home unscathed. We spent that first full day with him mostly pacing around and looking at stuff in the house (like couch, TV, frig, bed, etc) like he had never seen anything like them before. He was so thin that his head looked almost disproportionately large for his body, and his coat was kinda short and straight, but nice... and he had the LONGEST tail I had ever seen on a Golden. I had no idea if he was house trained or not, so in almost a paranoia, every hour, I slapped on his leash and out we went for a short walk to give him opportunities to do his business and to see where he lived. He must have thought I was crazy. In those early days, clearly he had no idea what dog toys were for, how to enjoy a tummy rub, or what to do with a Milk Bone.

As those first weeks passed into months, the daily routine has become as comfortable as his cherished spot on the couch. We play with vigor with our fleece stuffed toys and things that squeak. He enjoys his daily brushings, and he tolerates like a trooper his probably all-too-frequent baths. Then after about 6 months together, one day I looked at him when we were out for one of our walks (we walk together between 6 and 8 miles every day) and said to myself, "Where did those curls come from... and those tummy feathers that are about 8 inches long?" And his REALLY long tail... all of a sudden there were feathers on his tail that were about a foot long! I guess that good nutrition has had a very positive impact on his coat, which if I do say so my self, is to die for.

But mainly, it is just the love and the level of comfort... we both know that we are there for each other. No matter what, there is always a cold wet nose and a kiss for me, and no matter what I have a huge fluffy hug I can inflict on him. Lucky has doggie friends and people friends and aunties and uncles (like David and Sonsee and Denise) and cousins (like Lani, and Kai and Fletcher and Cooper and Max), He has regular meals, regular grooming... but mostly he has a home where he knows he is loved and appreciated. I guess if you ask him, he would tell you that the past year has been a good one. So would I.