November 10, 2013

Rita's Momo '13 adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Momo, who found her forever home with the Kessler family!

Momo '13 came in several months ago from Taiwan, a short, chubby girl with a big personality. She went to stay with Tom and his pack and quickly made herself at home. She enjoyed playing with foster brother Maestro, and Kazoo and Maestro taught her to swim. The Kesslers and their Border Collie mix, Roxy, decided they'd like to have some additional puppy love and came to us looking for a younger dog who could keep up with Roxy. With someone around most of the time and an active family, they looked like a good match for Momo. It took a little coordination with camp and travel schedules, but when the meeting was finally made they all adored Momo, who returned the love and decided she wanted to go home with them.

Momo thanks Rita and MJ for finding her and sending her to us. She was so happy to meet the Welcome Waggin' and kept looking at Tom to say "pick me, pick me" to take home to foster - she got her wish and has had a very wonderful stay at Chez Walas. She sends thanks to Joan and Ed and Lulu for making sure her new home was up to her standards, and she thanks the placement team and PA Lisamarie for finding her this wonderful family.

Welcome home Momo!

Rita's Connor adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Connor, who found his forever home with the Morgan family and their Golden, Cha-Cha.

Connor is another expat from Taiwan who was looking for better opportunities and asked Rita and MJ if he could come to the US. Regular Wecome Waggineer Gary came out to meet Connor at the LAX when he arrived, and hosted him while Connor waited to find his forever family. This sweet boy had great manners and a charming personality, and really just wanted someone to love him.

The Morgans lost a Golden to cancer a year ago and they and Cha-Cha were missing having a second Golden in the family. Their trainer  recommended they contact us, and with doggy day care dates and someone around most of the time they looked like a great opportunity for Connor. They were excited when he came up as a match and quickly made arrangements for everyone to meet. The meeting went great and Cha-Cha and Connor immediately became great buds. His new name is Gaucho and the Morgans report that he is "an absolute Golden treasure!" He and Cha-Cha share a love for food and he gets her going on walks to stay in shape.

Connor thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing him and sending him to sunny CA. He thanks Gary for meeting him at the airport and giving him a great place to hang out while waiting for his forever home (and Marvin for being a gracious host as well). He's grateful to Joan and Ed for approving his new home, and the placement team and PA Eva for making a terrific match.

Welcome home Connor!

October 31, 2013

Update from Spencer (formerly Rita's Shadow)

Here are pictures of our Spencer. One of the things he loves are his baths...but the best thing of all is the blow dryer after. I could do it for hours if it were up to him! He is the love of our lives!

The Hildens

October 10, 2013

Rita's Cody adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Cody, who has converted another foster home to failed status, choosing to stay with Rory and his sister, Corinne.

Cody was found in a shelter in Taiwan several months ago, and Rita and MJ helped to get him healthy and arranged his travel to the US. As a new volunteer, Rory was excited to be a part of our Welcome Waggin' and offered to let Cody hang out with him until we found his forever home. Cody had other plans! He immediately became BFF's with foster sister Sandals and brought out every cute trick he knew. It didn't take much since Rory and Corinne are true Golden people and pretty much all Cody had to do was wag his tail to make them fall in love with him. Cody called and begged to stay (those pups from Taiwan certainly have that art down as so many never leave their foster homes!)

Cody will be forever grateful to Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him healthy and sending him to CA. He thanks Rory for coming out to meet him at the airport, taking him home to foster, and then falling in love with him. He thanks Cecily for getting Rory's home visit done quickly so he could be there for Cody, and he thanks GRCGLAR for bringing him together with his wonderful new family.

Welcome home Cody!

July 2, 2013

Update from Rita's Panda

We have to tell you, not a day goes by where we say to ourselves how fortunate we are to have Panda. We tell each other: “we got lucky”. She is so well behaved, gentle, loving and a bundle of fun. And a great swimmer, as well. Enjoy the photos and please tell Rita that Panda is happy and enjoying her new family. Tom did a great job of caring for her while Panda was awaiting her new family.

The Fernandez Family

June 21, 2013

Update from Spencer (formerly Rita's Shadow)

Well, it has been approximately 9 months now that we have had our wonderful Spencer/formerly Rita's Shadow in our home and a big part of our family. He is now approaching 8 years old and loving life!

We have a wonderful vet and with his help we have completely cleared up all of his ear problems. Now the only problem is trying to keep his weight down, he just last week tipped the scales at 80 pounds. The vet seems to think that it is OK for him but we will continue to keep an eye on that weight, especially since he is not a very active dog. I think that i just part of his nature, although he has his morning and evening walks which he loves. Everyone in the neighborhood loves him and he has a little girlfriend, a small white terrier named Molly who he just loves to follow around while she ignores him. Oh too funny, he really acts like a lovesick boy.

To anyone who is hesitant about adopting an older dog please know that it is one of the best things we have ever done and he repays us with love in return every single day. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks again to Rita, everyone in Taiwan and everyone here at GRCGLA Rescue who helped to bring him into our lives.

Attached are current pictures of Spencer. Some in the front yard after our walk....he loves rolling in the grass.

Update from Rita's Polly

We would love to share how well our sweet Polly is doing! She has made herself right at home and become a very important part of our family, we adore her. She is so smart entertaining, she absolutely LOVES to ride in the car and all I have to do is tell her we going for a ride and to go get her leash and she bounces off to the leash basket and comes back ready to roll. Sometimes she doesn't even wait for me to decide that a ride is in order, she will take it upon herself to bring me her leash (hint hint), and if that doesn't work she has been known to bring me by keys and sun glasses. I call her my co-pilot and try to take her with me whenever I can.

We took her swimming in Kriss' pool and she loved it! She would swim around in circles and then swim over and give my daughter a hug, she did that over and over until we finally had to tell her that it was time to go home. She is a very adventuresome girl!

While she still has one bad hip, we haven't had the heart to put her through another surgery because she seems so happy and carefree. Her bad hip doesn't keep her from bouncing and dancing when it is feeding time or time to go in the car, she seems to manage pretty well! She has never been found of dog beds and prefers to sleep on the couch or in an easy chair and somehow mangoes to hop up and make herself comfortable. She is fat and happy as the saying goes.

Below are a few pictures of our gorgeous big red girl, always photogenic!

Best wishes!

The Tomimatsu Family

June 9, 2013

Update from Lincoln (formerly Rita's Jumper)

Lincoln (Rita's Jumper) on the left with his best friend our first rescue Shanie bonded immediately. We adopted Lincoln on January 3 and he is now very healthy and has gained 10lbs. He loves chasing tennis balls as well having a lot of affection which we gladly give. He is very good natured and loving and knows he is in his forever home. We are so grateful to the Taiwan group and Golden Retriever Rescue for giving us our big boy Lincoln.

The Wynnes

Update from Rita's Chi Chi

Chi is doing great. Arthritis was really slowing her down but our doctor has her on meds and she's so much happier. We're still in class to be a therapy dog, and just celebrated year one in June first with a doggy birthday cake. She seems so much happier since her hips don't bother her all the time. We had special arthritis dog beds both up and down stairs for her. Happy much loved girl. Our nickname for her is Speedbump because you have to slow down and go over her.

June 2, 2013

Rita's Beryl adopted!

Rita's Beryl was adopted on Memorial Day by the Flamer family. The Flamers drove out under the pretense of meeting this wonderful pupster and possibly adopt her. In reality, they had made the decision that she was their dog and that they were simply there to bring her questions or concerns. Beryl seemed to agree as she went right up to all of them as if to say, "Finally, you found me!".

Beryl, who has been renamed "Traveler", came to us from Taiwan three years ago where she was found and cared for Rita and MJ. In Taiwan, a tumor was removed from one of her legs that was found to be cancerous that didn't have good margins upon removal. Her prognosis was "guarded". So the decision was made to place her in our permanent foster program and hope she has a very long life. Soon, a family came along that was willing to provide her with that foster home. Fast forward three years: The foster family had a change of circumstances and was no longer able to care for Beryl. So she came back to us a couple of weeks ago. Still very healthy and happy. After a thorough check at the vets, the decision was made that she was ready for a forever family of her own.

The Flamer family recently lost their golden to cancer and were on the prowl for a new Golden friend. When the placement team presented Beryl to them, they were concerned about her health, especially after having just lost their friend to cancer. So all the vet records were provided to them and they showed them to their own vet who prclaimed "all looks good". So the Flamers couldn't get out to meet Beryl fast enough. As an interesting tidbit, young Mr Flamer studies Chinese in school, so he was anxious to see if she still remembered or responded in that language.

Beryl has many people to thank for her long journey into this home. First, she thanks Rita and MJ for taking her under their wing and giving her the care and medical attention she so needed and then sending her to the U.S. where we could find her a wonderul new life. She of course thanks the Welcome Waggin for being there to greet her when she landed at the airport after the long flight, and Carol S. for offering temporary housing after her arrival. She also thanks Barbara D., and Jennifer for monitoring her care, and representing her, first for the foster home, and then most recently, for her forever home. She thanks Jo for receiving her back into Rescue from the foster family, and then transporting her to the kennel after she had completed her vet check-up and had her bath. And last, but not least, she thanks Eva and her helper, Marley, for doing the HV, and Lisamarie for helping to make the match on the Placement Team. I hope thats everyone (whew!)

Jennifer has checked in with the family and she was told "We love her and she helps make every day great at the Flamer house". I've attached a few pictures. The first one I took at the adoption meeting. The other two they took after they brought her home - one is with their son Lucas, the other with both sons. She is clearly a happy puppy!

May 27, 2013

Coming Soon - Rita's Cody

From Rita: Our boy Cody is ready and need your help. Cody is a sweet, friendly and active boy. We found him from street two months ago. He was very hungry and skinny. Now he is doing well and very happy. But Cody’s hip is not very good, don’t worry it is not impaired his walk. Here is Cody...

May 10, 2013

One year ago today we picked up this sweet girl and brought her home. I'll never forget that night; the excitement, stress and happiness. It didn't take her long to settle in, and it was so wonderful watching her gain confidence. She became known as "the friendliest dog in the neighborhood", and always lived up to it. She made friends with everybody, and you'll see her pictured with two of her favorite buddies. She lives for car rides and belly rubs, and loves nothing more than to snuggle close to me and fall asleep. She has the sweetest, most gentle personality of any dog I've ever met.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to rid her of her scratching, but are continuing to work hard to find a treatment that works. Despite it all, she always seems happy and smiley. I never knew I could love a dog so much until she came along, and I hope that she feels that.

Looking forward to the next year, and all the others after that…
Kate and Rob

Postcard from Rita's Panda

Good morning...I wanted to take a quick break and reach out to you to share the status of Ms. Panda. In short, all of us feel so blessed that Panda has joined our family that there are not enough words to describe it. She has been a dream come true for us. Panda is the most well mannered golden we have ever been around that a day doesn't go by where we say to ourselves, "What a great dog!" She is a lover, and great companion. Aaron and Cameron both love her to death, especially Aaron. He is so protective of her, he watches her diet, cares for her comfort, and constantly plays with her. Once again, a big thank you for introducing us to her and giving us a chance to love her as much as you do. 

Ron & Phyllis

April 26, 2013

Rita's Morticia adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Morticia, who found her forever home with failed foster parents Kathy and Art.

Morticia came in about a month ago from Taiwan. When Rita and MJ found her she was very emaciated and suffered from heartworm disease. The girls helped her to get well and gain some weight and then she happily made her way to us ready to find a new home. Art and Kathy are previous adopters, who recently lost their pup Keegan suddenly to hemangiosarcoma after just 10 months with them. As you can imagine, they were devastated to lose him. Although they were still grieving, we asked if they would take an overnight guest when the latest dogs came in from Taiwan. Morticia very quickly decided that Art and Kathy needed her and called to say she was staying put. She has made herself completely at home and got around Kathy's rule of no dogs on the sofa by laying on top of Kathy while Kathy was on the sofa - pretty smart, heh? This sweet girl is so loved and her charming personality has helped Art and Kathy with their grief over losing Keegan.

Morticia is so very thankful that Rita and MJ found her and got her well then sent her to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her when she arrived at LAX, and she thanks Art and Kathy for welcoming her into their home and their hearts. She has changed her name to Bailee, or more appropriately, Princess Bailee.

Welcome home Morticia/Bailee!

Rita's Cooper adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Cooper, who has found his forever home with multi-time failed foster parents Jo Anne and Andy, and their dogs, Coach, Shiloh and (for a short time) Goldie.

Cooper was found by Rita and MJ in a shelter. His original owner got married and moved to the US, leaving him with her elderly father. When the father could no longer care for him, he ended up in the shelter in poor condition. Thankfully Rita and MJ were able to get him and help bring him back to good health. Jo Anne and Andy had offered to foster a pup to help us get someone out of boarding. When Cooper came in I asked Jo Anne if she would take him - "of course - I love him!" - was Jo Anne's response. It didn't take long for Jo Anne and Andy to decide Cooper needed to become a Delle Dog. He has a funny personality and these silly bottom teeth that look like those fake monster teeth - plus his lip gets caught on his teeth all the time so he cracks you up just looking at him. Then his silliness keeps you going! He has made himself quite at home and is keeping Jo Anne on her toes.

Cooper will be forever grateful to Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well and sending him to us. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and to Jo Anne and Andy and their pups for offering him a loving forever home. Jo Anne will send pictures out.

Welcome home Cooper!

Rita's Ginger adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Ginger, who found her forever home with Bill and Kathy and their Golden, Maggie.

Ginger came to us from Taiwan (along with Morticia, Cooper and Momo '13). We don't have her prior history, but she's a sweet older girl who was just looking for a loving retirement home. Bill and Kathy recently contacted us about adopting another dog, after losing Ashley late last year. They saw the PT dogs that were coming in and inquired about Ginger - we asked if they would foster her, and they quickly fell in love with her. Although she's older than they were looking for and has some medical issues, they knew they could provide lots of love and care for her and Maggie was happy to have the company.

Ginger thanks Rita and MJ for finding her and sending her to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX, and Eva for her help in transporting her to her foster/forever home. She also thanks Joan and Ed for doing the home visit on this family and going out to get the adoption paperwork completed. Finally, she's forever grateful to Bill and Kathy for taking her in and giving her a wonderful, loving home. We didn't get an adoption photo, but I've asked the family to send one in.

Welcome home Ginger!

April 5, 2013

Maggie's Alexander adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Alexander, who found his forever home with the Georgeson family.

Alexander originally came to us a couple of years ago and was adopted, but was recently returned due to some unexpected health changes in his family. He's a very sweet boy with a mischevious personality and if he's bored he'll get into stuff and particularly likes to eat books! So he asked us to find him a family where he had someone to play with and where his people were around most of the time so he didn't have a chance to get bored and into trouble. The Georgesons have 7-month-old Nickel and recently lost their senior Golden, leaving Nickel sad and without a playmate. This looked like a great opportunity for Alexander and when we presented him as a potential match the family was eager to set up a meeting.  He and Nickel hit it off right away and the Georgesons were completely charmed by him. They report that he's a great dog and very well behaved, and its Nickel who is the mischief-maker in the family. They are calling him Hunter, which is what his former family had named him.

Alexander thanks ARTT and Maggie for his initial rescue. He thanks the CP dog walkers for his regular exercise during this brief stay at CP, and Nestor and Bobby for fostering him until we could find his new family. He thanks Jo Anne for doing the home visit on his new family, and the placement team and PA Eva for finding him such a great match.

Welcome home Maggie's Alexander!

April 4, 2013

Rita's Benny adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Benny, who found her forever home with failed foster parents Jan and pups, Corby and Taylor.

Benny came to us from Taiwan last year. When she was found by Rita and MJ she was emaciated, was heartworm positive and had pyometria, as well as skin problems. Under the wonderful care of Rita, MJ and their team, this sweet girl blossomed and regained her health and was finally able to make the trip to us.

Jan and Greg had seen her initial video and asked if they could foster her as her story really touched their hearts. They were pretty insistent they didn't want to adopt a third dog, but did want to provide a loving temporary home for Benny. Well, Benny had different plans, and figured the way to get to Jan and Greg was through Corby and Taylor. She is a funny, loving and playful girl and was a perfect fit for these boys. Seeing how far Corby and Taylor had fallen for Benny, Jan and Greg realized they had fallen for her, too.

Benny thanks Rita and MJ for being there for her and getting her healthy enough to travel to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at the airport, and Jan, Greg, Corby and Taylor for fostering her and falling in love with her and letting her stay. Here is a picture of her (in front) with Corby and Taylor.

Welcome home Benny!

March 26, 2013

Minnie (formerly Rita's Paula) runs ahead

Minnie was diagnosed with cancer of the spine through an MRI on March 5. The position of the cancer would not allow for treatment and Minnie said farewell on March 25. Rest in peace, Miinnie.

March 6, 2013

Update from kaci (formerly Rita's Maru)

We love our little Kaci (aka Maru)! She is the sweetest little pup...she curls up with us on our bed every night and loves being an Orange County girl.

Thank you so much!

February 9, 2013

Rita's Panda adopted

Congratulations to Rita's Panda, who has found her forever home with the Fernandez family.

Panda came to us from Rita and MJ - she was heartworm positive and had a mass on her side (which was removed and found to be benign). Panda has been hanging out with Tom for the last couple of months, ruling the roost, learning to swim and being (as Tom puts it) "just an absolute doll!" She was waiting for just the right family. The Fernandez family was hoping to find a new family member to shower their love on, hang out with, and to play with their kids when they visit. We set up a meeting and Panda approved. She greeted each family member and even earned a smile from Cameron - she happily jumped in their car, waved goodbye to Tom and his menagerie, and is enjoying life in her new home.

Panda thanks Rita and MJ for finding her and bringing her back to health and then sending her to us. She's grateful to the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX and to Tom and his gang for welcoming her into their home while she waited for her own. She thanks Leslie and Lexi for making sure this home was up to her standards, and finally she thanks the placement team and PA Jo Anne for matching her up with the perfect family.

Welcome home Panda!

January 23, 2013

Update from Lincoln, formerly Rita's Jumper

Lincoln, (formerly Rita's Jumper), has assimilated beautifully into our lives. He has joined us as well as Shanie, our 7-yr.old Golden mix, whom we also rescued from your organization. He has been to our vet as well as our trainer, Janine, owner of J9's K9's and we will begin an obedience class in March. He has great manners but we still want to teach him basic obedience. He and Shanie get along beautifully and he became a permanent member of our family on day one.

We tell everyone we introduce him to that he is a rescue from Taiwan and he truly is a beautiful soul. It is our pleasure to give him his forever home filled with love and attention which he so richly deserves. We are so grateful to have him with us now. We will send you pics as soon as we can get someone to take one of all of us together and we will keep you updated. Thank you to you, Rita, Gary (his foster dad) and everyone at Golden Rescue for giving us our sweet Lincoln. We will take care of him forever.

Emilie and Dan

January 17, 2013

Rita's Jumper adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Jumper, who found his forever home with Emilie and Dan, and their pup Shanie.

Jumper came to us a few months back from Taiwan, where he was found in a shelter very underweight, suffering from heartworm, ehrlichia and babesia. Thanks to the care and love of Rita and MJ he was able to recover and make his way to the US. He stayed with Gary and Dao, who adopted Rita's Marvin last year. Marvin taught Jumper most of what he needed to know for live in the US, and so he was ready to go when Emilie and Dan came along. They were so excited when we told them Jumper was a match, and eagerly made arrangement to drive down to the OC to meet him. Introductions between Jumper and Shanie went very well, and of course Emilie and Dan were smitten, and off Jumper went to his new home. He has quickly settled in and enjoys playing with his new doggy sibling and overall making himself at home, and his new name is Lincoln.

Jumper thanks Rita and MJ for all the love and care they provided to get him well and for sending him to us. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and Gary and Dao for taking him home and fostering him. He's also thankful to Deanna for doing the home visit for his new parents, and to the placement team and PA Eva for findhing him the perfect family.

Welcome home Jumper!