January 27, 2010

January 25, 2010

Rita's Dora adopted!

From Sandy (Dora's rep)...
I am happy to announce that one of our newest arrivals from Taiwan, Rita's Dora has found her forever home with Bill, David and Jesse of Yorba Linda.

Dora was found in a shelter in Taiwan, where it was discovered she had Heartworms and Ehrlichia, along with ears that were thickened with scar tissue from chronic ear infections.  Despite all this, Dora has a very spunky spirit and came through her treatment very well, then made the trip to SoCal to start a new life.  Dora stayed at my house for her first week and had a great time getting into stuff (under Ori's influence) and playing with my other pups.  She moved to Debi & Mark's house and enjoyed her time there with their Swissy, Forest.  Debi e-mailed me the first day to tell me she was laughing watching Dora drag a comforter down the hallway.  And after her antics, she would sit in front of you and gaze at you with big, brown eyes to say "how can you get mad at me - I'm sooooo cute!"  Bill and David drove out to meet Dora on Saturday and fell in love, and she is settling in nicely.

Dora is forever grateful to Rita & MJ for getting her healthy and then out to California, to Ira and his Taiwan Welcome Waggin' team who greeted her on arrival and to foster parents Debi & Mark who gave her loving home until she found her permanent one.  She also thanks Sandra D for scouting out this terrific new family for Dora, and Barbara D for coordinating her transfer with Rita & MJ.

Below is a picture of Dora with her new brother (with her "aren't I cute look").

January 19, 2010

Meet Maggie's Maria

From Maggie...
A local police staton called ART for Maria, who had been abandoned in a community and then turned to the police by the security guard. It was midnight when ART arrived at the spot where Maria was.  She was trembling in the cold wind but was still very passionate to see ART's volunteers. Maria was sent to the animal hospital right away for emergency check-up. She is very very sweet dog with 100% obedience.  A pretty dog with a cute face and shiny hair.  She is no doubt a wonderful dog to keep.She will complete heartworm treatment at the end of January.

January 14, 2010

Meet Becky, Nicole & Christine

All three ladies were rescued from the animal shelter. Becky and Christine are both around 4 years old, and Nicole is 5-6 years old. They are very friendly and get along with other dogs. Once they have their passports and a volunteer passenger, they will travel to the U.S. in search of permanent homes.

Christine's photo album: click here
Nicole and Becky photos: click here

Meet Wei Wei

This lovely boy's name is Wei-Wei. He is around 2 years old and has a very gentle, calm personality. He was rescued from an animal shelter. Now, he's healthy and happy.

January 4, 2010

Dora, Alice and Evan pack their bags

GRCGLARescue is preparing for the arrival of three more Goldens before the weekend. Evan will be traveling in place of Alinna who was diagnosed with a tick-borne disease. Evan is 4-5 years old, friendly and healthy. We'll post more information on him soon! Alinna will travel to the U.S. once she's completed treatment.

Meet Rita's Alinna

Alinna is 2-3 years old, sweet, friendly and gets along with other dogs. She was rescued from an animal shelter.  Her travel plans have been delayed due to her recent diagnosis of Haemobartonellosis (a tick-borne disease). Alinna is currently undergoing treatment and, when cured, will travel to the U.S.

Meet Rita's Alice

Alice was discovered in a shelter with aural hematoma which she has since been treated for. She is 7-8 years old, sweet and friendly and will be arriving in the U.S. this week.

Meet Rita's Dora

Dora is 3-4 years old and was rescued from a shelter. She suffered from aural hematoma, Ehrlichia and Heartworms. Under Rita's care, she was treated for each of her ailments and has recovered. She is well enough to fly to the U.S. and will arrive later this week!