November 25, 2009

A great Thanksgiving for four Goldens!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve,

Our four latest arrivals from Taiwan, Boss, Mars, Hebe and Olla, have touched down in America and already loving it!

Welcome Waggin'-eers Ira L, Cheryl C, Mariko, Barbara S and Mike V were on hand to accept delivery of the precious cargo. After getting "sprung" from their travel kennels, the kids did a little business, had a little fresh air and water and managed to become celebrities as Channels 4 and 7 were on hand to document their first steps on American soil. From there, Hebe and Boss were whisked off to Culver Palms, while Olla headed home with Mariko and Mars went with Cheryl.

Thanks to everyone who helped pull this off and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Four Goldens due to arrive today!

November 22, 2009

Maggie's Thomas adopted!

Maggie's Thomas was adopted today by former adopters, Alan and Mike, of Los Angeles, taking this sweet boy from a true rags to riches home. A survivor of the horrific typhoon, Morack, which hit Taiwan, Thomas was found by Maggie Chen of ARTT lying outside a city business alleyway beside a garbage collection area on the wet ground. Arriving early October to LAX, Thomas found a sanctuary in foster, Terry J., where he learned some of the basics and more importantly he communicated to us what he needed in a new family here in Southern California.

Alan and Mike turned out to be the humans destined for Thomas. As a bonus, Alan and Mike's neighbor, Jackie, and her female German Shepherd, Cassie, would be spending a lot of time with Thomas so they came to the adoption meeting to make sure the dogs liked each other. Sure enough, Cassie and Thomas are also destined to become the best of friends. Thomas happily greeted his new families with tail wags and nestling his head in their laps.

It was so evident how much Alan, Mike and Jackie adored their dogs and were deeply saddened by the loss of their Golden Retriever, Buddy (adopted from GRCGLARescue in 2003). With a lovely home in the Hollywood Hills, Thomas will be treated to a life of canine indulgence, enjoying the very best with folks who have the biggest of hearts!

Thank you Maggie of ARTT, the Welcome Waggin Crew who greeted Thomas upon arrival to the U.S., Barbara D. for her leadership in guiding these dogs to a new life, Terry J. for fostering Thomas and helping him find his mojo, and to Laura M. for scouting out these truly wonderful, committed folks during her homevisit.

Congratulations are one special boy!

November 11, 2009

Look at Willie now!

Meet Olla

Olla was found when I went to Yong-an for a walk early in May this year. There were several stray dogs wondering near the pavilion at the bay, and one of them was scary thin. When I gave a second glance I realised that she's a Golden retreiver whoes skin condition was also the worst among them.

I went back to down town to the Vet where I got some medicine that could help her on the skin and get rid of some flea. The next day my sister help me out sending her to Chang-chun Vet hospital in Taoyuan.

She is around 3 years old, had flea, demodicosis and Ehrlichiosis. Luckily the vet gave the right treatment so she recovered quite well. But her front teeth were almost all gone. I guess she was so starving that she would eat anything even it's hard, like a rock. All other teeth are in good shape, therefore she can still eat normally.

Now as you can see in the picture she is very healthy with new skin and soft hair. Quite naughty when she sees snacks, has good interaction with human. She deserves a new home and a family who would really love and take good care of her.

Meet Hebe

She was rescued from an animal shelter and is 3-4 yrs old.

November 10, 2009

Rita's Luna adopted!

Rita’s Luna found her special home with the Galli family of Los Angeles on Saturday! Luna came to us from Taiwan last month, where she had been rescued, loved and rehabilitated by our best rescue friends, Rita and MJ. Luna and the Gallis hit it off right away, and is currently being indulged and doted in the style we expect all our rescues to enjoy.

Luna will always be most grateful to Rita and MJ who saved her and kept her safe until they could find her passage to the states. Luna sends thanks to the Welcome Waggoneers who met her at LAX and helped make her transition as easy possible. Special thanks go to diligent foster mom, Mariko, whose updates on Luna’s preferences and behaviors made it easy to make her a good match, and also to Cheryl C., who found Luna this great home!

November 8, 2009

Boss: found on the streets, stabbed

Boss was found stabbed in the back. He needed 28 stitches. He has since recovered and is a beautiful, 4-yr old headed for the U.S. soon!

Mars is ready

Rita and MJ created this video of Mars' journey, so far. They have found a volunteer passenger for him so he should be in the U.S. towards the end of the month.

Maggie's Dan adopted

Maggie's Dan met his match on Thursday evening, and went home with Linda & Curt of San Diego; Dan is the dude pictured here with the tennis ball in his mouth!

Dan came to us a bit more than a week before, having flown in from Taiwan, one of those miracle rescues from our Taiwan rescue angels. Having completed his rehabilitation in Taiwan and receiving a clean bill of health, he made the long journey to the US in search of a new life. It didn't take him long to connect with the Welkers, who recognized how special Dan was and so made the huge trip from San Diego all the way to the west side to meet him and make him their own. Dan is looking forward to a happy life in SD and enjoying the company of this great family, and their pretty girl, Summer.

Dan's deepest gratitude will always go back to his angels in Taiwan, Maggie Chen and the ART folks, who gave him a new start against all odds. He sends thanks to the Welcome Waggin' contingent of Ira and Cheryl , who made sure his welcome to the states went smoothly, and particularly to Cheryl who fostered him (despite his gleeful attempts to apprehend some of her cats!) and made sure his vetting was done locally. Dan also sends a great big thank you to Barbara R and the incorrigible Woodman, who found him this great family (he's looking forward to meeting Woody in person and talking about tennis balls soon!)

Thanks to all of the GRCGLARescue family for making saves like this one possible.

November 1, 2009

Maggie's David adopted!

I'm very happy to announce that Maggie's David was adopted by Peter M. of Redondo Beach!

David arrived to the U.S. about 2 months ago and his story is an inspiring one of a dog left lying on the street after a run-in with a motorcycle. Thanks to a couple good citizens in Taiwan and Maggie Chen with ARTT...David quickly found refuge and care which prepared him for a better life here in Southern California...and the eventual meeting of his human companion, Peter.

For those who met David...he could have doubled for Marley in the famous movie/book Marley & Me with an energy level and gusto for anything and everything that he touched. Merely operating within his nature, David demonstrated his exuberance for this new world in a manner which would challenge even the most patient of puppy owners! After several weeks of developing a routine and walking with volunteers, David started to find his mojo and soon was introduced to Peter.

Peter spent time with David (whom he now calls Gilligan)...a very appropriate name for this sweet goof ball...and found this dog quickly tugged at his heart strings. Gilligan happily went home with Peter, a devoted dog lover and one totally committed to giving Gilligan all he needs to reach his full potential. The updates so far have been great and Gilligan is finding his way in this world with the leadership and love of Peter. Peter told me "he's happy and that makes me very happy!"

Much thanks goes to numerous folks who have touched the life of this dog on his rescue journey thus far including: Maggie Chen of ARTT, the GRCGLARescue Welcome Waggin Crew who greeted David at LAX, David & Sonsee, Joyce T, Kriss H and all the volunteers who walked David at Culver Palms...Colleen P, Cheryl C, Jody R and others. Thank you to Jody for facilitating this adoption! Thank you Diane D for scouting out such a terrific human and home for this dog.

Peter often throws dog parties where the humans eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the dogs eat steak! Now that's truly a dog's life. I am very happy for David (Gilligan) and look forward to getting updates and pics from Peter to share.

This is truly a great success story and one of the many reasons why I'm so proud of this organization and the amazing work we do on behalf of homeless goldens wherever they arrive from!

Congratulations Gilligan and Peter!