December 30, 2011

Maggie's Peter adopted!

Maggie's Peter has decided to stay with his foster family. Katrina and Craig had lost both of their Goldens about 6 months ago and were missing having the Golden paws and fur in their home but were not ready to adopt. So they decided to foster and help out a pup in need.

Maggie's Peter arrived from Taiwan just before Thanksgiving. He spent some time at Culver Palms before being taken in by Katrina and Craig. Katrina and Craig were natural fosters because of the care, caution and supervision they provided right away. Peter proved to be very lively but loveable. Apparently he enjoyed pulling books from their shelves and absorbing knowledge through a bit of nibbling on the bindings. After a few days enjoying the time at their house, Katrina and Craig decided to call him Petey and ask if they could start some professional training with him. At that point they knew that Petey would be staying with them...forever.

Peter would like to thank Maggie and Joseph for finding him and sending him to the US. Peter also thanks the wonderful team of walkers at Culver/Palms that gave him lots of exercise and socialization. Thanks also to Sandy for placing Peter in this wonderful home.

Postcard from Polo

Polo is getting settled in very nicely. Both boys did so well on the drive home, and they cuddled up together in the car. When we got home, we let them both just run the property and explore together. I have a lot of pictures to send you. Garrett just fed both of them, and I know they will be ready for bed early tonight-such a big day for the boys! We so appreciate everything you have done, and I just want you to know that he will be SO loved and cherished.


Rita's Ella adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Ella, who will be known as Bella, found a new forever home on Monday, December 26, 2011 with the O'Brien family.

Mr. O'Brien just retired, and the family wanted to bring a Golden into their home.  Although Ella is on the small side, she most certainly exhibits Golden traits such as always wanting to be next to her people. The family thought she was just so sweet, and was already following Paul around the house. We made introductions between Ella and their Lab mix, Wal-E, and that went very well to where Ella said to me, "Bobby, this is the place I want to stay, a big home with a big yard to run around in, a nice boy and a nice family, and I'll have Wal-E to play with. Just hurry up and take my picture, I'll be just fine here!"

We first met Ella the evening she arrived from Taiwan. Sandy asked us if Ella could come stay out with us, and we said sure. Well, little Ella turned out to be just a real sweetheart. For a pup that's supposedly 8 years old, she exhibits the energy of a 2 year old, and loves to play with the boy pups, and for some reason, likes to pull their necks! She is also very fond of Nestor and would always follow him around the house. Ella would also whine when Nestor left for the office. As soon as the garage door closed, I would let Ella out into the garage so she had proof that indeed Nestor was not there. She loved her walks, and she most enjoyed sleeping on one of the beds with the other pups.

Ella will be forever thankful to Rita & MJ for rescuing this sweet little girl, and getting her healthy before leaving Taiwan. She thanks Sandy for her part in getting her to CA, and to the Welcome Waggin Team for greeting her and her companions on her arrival. She was very happy to spend time with Nestor & Bobby, along with their crew of Lindsay, Roger, Boomer, Mushu & Apollo, and for a short time, Lance & Portia. She also thanks Laura for finding this wonderful family, Kriss as the foster coordinator, the staff at Culver Palms for getting her vetted, and Jo Anne and the placement team for making the match!

Welcome home Ella, now Bella!

Rita's Polo adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Polo, who found his forever home with the Pellisier family.

Polo arrived from Taiwan with a few other pups on Halloween night. After getting vetted this senior guy went to stay with Tom and his crew, waiting for just the right home to come along. During his stay he enjoyed swimming with Kazoo, going to work with Tom and watching football from Tom's easy chair (relegating Tom and the other pups to the sofa.) His patient wait was rewarded this week, after the Pellisier family contacted us about adopting another dog. They had gotten Maggie's Bingo (now Hunter) from us last year and wanted to bring in a second pup. After reviewing their home visit report Polo said this was exactly what he was looking for - someone around most of the day, another pup to play with, kids to hang out with, lots of room to run around and a big pool to swim in - sounds like doggy nirvana, huh? The Pellisiers thought Polo sounded like a great fit for them and agreed to meet him - well, pretty much to just take him home as there wasn't much doubt he was going to become a member of their family. I talked to Kathy yesterday and Polo is having a blast with their son and Hunter. She thought it was so cute that he always has to have a ball or toy in his mouth. They are so happy for their new addition and have re-named him Bowler, because bowling is one of their favorite activities.

Polo would like to thank Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him healthy and sending him to the US. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him after his long trip and getting him quickly out of his crate. He's grateful to Lisa D. who did the home visit on the Pellisier family, and he thanks Tom for taking such great care of him while he was waiting for the Pellisiers to find him. Finally, he's thankful for the placement team and PA Eva for finding him such a fantastic new home. Attached is a going hom photo as well as one of his new backyard.

Welcome home Polo!

December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays from Tai (formerly Rita's Willy)

Tai is doing great! He's such a happy boy.

We did have a tough summer, though, with the loss of his big brother, Buster (our nearly 13-year-old black lab mix). Tai and Kiara (another GRCGLAR) had a tough time recovering from the loss. After a couple months of sad faces, Tai and I drove to San Diego to meet and bring home his new little brother, Sam (a 2-year-old black lab we rescued). Tai and Sam are best buddies. They play, wrestle and taunt each other with toys every day. They are having a ball together, and both Tai and Kiara have the pep back in their steps with a young whippersnapper in the house.

I've attached our annual holiday card and a picture of Tai and Sam performing WWF moves. They are a hoot to watch - and so gentle with each other.

I hope all of the other Taiwan dogs are thriving in their new homes as well. It's hard to believe it has already been two years since Tai came to us.

Happy holidays!

All the best,

Happy Holidays from Ollie (formerly Rita's Boss)

We didn't make it to Octoberfest this year, but Ollie (Rita's Boss) does want to make sure everybody sees him in the Fields of Gold Calendar. He is Mr January, and also has a picture on the December page. (Top, middle, lying in the snow) He has had a wonderful holiday, with lots of family walks, play time, and tons of attention. Ollie loves to be the center of attention at a gathering! He got a new bed, and new toys as well. Its enough to wear a doggie out, so you can see him contentedly resting in the new bed by the tree.

Season's Greetings from Ollie and Family!

Happy New Year from Rita's Brian & Yellow

I had been told how wonderful the Welcome Waggin experience was in greeting the Tiawan pups so a few months back I went to welcome the arrival of Gary. I just happened to be the one who opened his crate here in America and into my arms leaped this big white bear-like fellow. One can fall in love with any of these beautiful Goldens but today it was with Gary. He is an easy going fellow who draws attention from most everyone when we go for a walk with people wanting to pet and hug him. And he is a great pillow when watching TV. Our two other Goldens at the time welcomed him into our family and Buddy especially loves to wrestle with Gary. He has been healthy. Woof, Woof from Gary!

It never occurred to us that we might add a fourth Golden to our family but then along came another Welcome Waggin for four Tiawan Project pups and it just happened that I opened Yellow"s (now Daisy) crate and this tiny puppy-like little girl jumped into my lap and filled my face with kisses - that was it! She is now this little princess among her new three brothers - Gary, Buddy & Moof. She is definitely "Paul's little girl" as they are inseparable - will lie on Paul's lap when he watches TV, always by his side. She is a smart cookie - knows many commands, shakes with either paw, will get her leash when it is time for all the pups to go on their two long walks each day, will chase a ball forever and is a total love bug. Woof, Woof from Daisy!

As is always the case with these wonderful Goldens they will give you back 100-fold for just giving you a bit of loving & a nice home. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU Rita, MJ & All the Tiawan Rescue Helpers for the wonders you have done in rescuing ALL these Goldens and setting them on their way to a happy and safe permanent home.

Happy New Year Everyone!

December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays from Pang Pang

We have had the most wonderful holiday season with Pang Pang – topping off an amazing year for our beautiful girl! She attended a number of holiday parties with our seniors who tried hard not to share their cookies but from the looks of Pang Pang, I think they did! It was so much fun to watch our celebrity princess posing for photos with her people and their grandchildren. She continues her love affair with the camera! She received so many gifts and we gave out several for her. We made a wonderful calendar, featuring her, and had several paw prints framed through Piggy’s & Paws – the cutest things ever! She and Petey have been eye-balling their stockings for weeks. Tomorrow morning will be so much fun with them!

Pang Pang was featured in a wonderful article in the Riverside Press Enterprise last fall, with photos, which described the difference she has made in our senior community. That article was so heartwarming and positive, explaining the value of pet therapy and animal rescue. We actually had phone calls, requesting information about how we were able to adopt such a wonderful dog. China Television picked up the article and asked if they could film a segment for their Los Angeles and Taiwan stations. Four wonderful reporters came out and had so much fun with her. They spent hours playing with her and talking to residents. The story was incredible! In addition, Pang Pang was featured in an article in the Apartment Association of the Greater Inland Empire Magazine and because of that, the National Apartment Association magazine editor has expressed interest in a similar article for next year. This is all so incredible - because through Pang Pang we are able to emphasize how important pets are to seniors, why more multi-housing communities should adopt and the pure joy of animal rescue.

As this year ends, I want to thank you all and Rita again – from the bottom of my heart. I could not have known when I saw that perky golden face on-line, eighteen months ago, that Pang Pang would make such a difference in so many lives. She is truly a gift and at this time of year especially, it is so important to tell you how very much she means to us.

Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays from Maggie's Willy

I hope all is well and you are having a wonderful holiday season. Here are a few pictures of Willy getting ready for his first Christmas with us. As you can see; he is filling in for Rudolph in one picture and is already checking out his stocking in another.

With best regards,

Happy Holidays from Rita's Mars

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary with Mars on November 25, 2011. He has been a great addition to the family. As you know, I foster many dogs and cats so he has a great time welcoming everyone and making them feel comfortable. He's been a wonderful ambassador.

We love him even though he's developed a recent habit of getting paper out of the trash can and chewing it up in my bedroom. LOL Now, we have to hide the cans and my house shoes too. He's riverting to a puppy stage. He's so funny, He is truly a cherished member of the family and we again extend our thanks and gratitude to Rita and MJ for saving his life and sending him to the USA where he is happy... oh, and has a full belly even if he acts like he has never had a meal. I know this should bring back memories for them. Please share our update and pictures with them. Thank you, David and Sonsee, for all that you do.

~ Cheryl

December 18, 2011

Rita's Summer adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Summer, who found her forever home with Judy and Gabe and their pup, Emma.

Summer was found by Rita and MJ covered in hundreds of ticks. They took her in, cleaned her up and got her healthy before sending her to us in September. The Welcome Waggin' was expecting a mellow 7-year-old when we let Summer out of her crate - instead we got an super energetic girl who was bouncing all over the place, jumping and spinning - she was very entertaining. She's a little girl with the cutest face, big feet and short legs - just adorable. She spent some time at Culver Palms, and then Tom W. agreed to take her home when his last foster got adopted. Kriss dropped her off at Tom's work, where she peed several times in his office and pooped in the elevator. You've got to give him credit for taking her home! Thankfully, Summer quickly adjusted, learning the routine and settling down. It's taken a bit longer to find her forever home, because most of our applicants who are willing to take a dog her age are looking for a mellow pup. As Summer got used to being with Tom and his crew she did mellow out a bit and when the Judy and Gabe came along. They were so excited when we presented Summer as a match and couldn't wait to set a meeting. Tom brought her out to their home and she proceeded to run around their home jumping on every piece of furniture (the pups aren't allowed on the furniture in their hom.). She's so sweet they overlooked her initial manners and knew she was the right pup to add to their family and to keep Emma company (Emma's been missing their Flat Coat Retriever, Charlie, who recently passed away). Tom said they would just have to train her to stay off the furniture - I said, she'll probably train them that it's okay!

Summer thanks Rita and MJ for finding her and getting her well, then sending her to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX and getting her out of the crate asap. She thanks the CP dog walkers for getting her out when she was staying there, and she's so happy to have been able to stay at the Walas Dog Haus waiting for just the right family. She says thanks to Elaine and John for checking out her new home, and is grateful to the Placement Team and PA Lisamarie for matching her up with the perfect family for her.

Welcome home Summer!

Happy Holidays from Finn (formerly Maggie's Camila)

My wife and I adopted Camila (now Finn) this past Sunday and she has fit into our family from the first night. We have another adopted Golden who is now 13 (adopted him when he was 9) and everyone is getting along great! What a wonderful addition to our home, thanks, Larry & Kathy

Happy Holidays from Hunter (formerly Rita's Bingo)

Thank you for the work you do with these beautiful Goldens! Our lives have been blessed by Hunter. He has such an amazing, sweet disposition, and he is our son Garrett's best friend. We live on 2 1/2 acres in the Wine Country of Temecula, and he loves running and chasing rabbits on our property. He loves going for walks and playing catch with the tennis ball. Please send our sincere gratitude to the Taiwan team for their hard work and dedication. We often wonder what Hunter's life was like in Taiwan, and we are so thankful that you all cared enough to rescue him. We are sending some pictures of Hunter-he is a much loved part of our family!

Merry Christmas,
The Pellissier Family

Happy Holidays from Golda (formerly Rita's Mia)

Golda is doing very well! Every morning she wakes us up with her adorable smile and kisses. She is so sweet and cuddly! We love to take walks with her and swim in the pool. She is a good friend and great companion to all of us. We love her!

The Meppens

December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays from Maggie's Macy

Hi There Maggie and Joseph:

I just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful year I have had and thank you for saving my life. It will be a year next week that I have been staying at my “forever home.” My hip is now fully healed and I go on long walks every day and don’t limp anymore at all – the vet says I can do anything I want!!

I have settled in wonderfully. I started off my being obsessed with the cat – but now she and I sleep together on the couch and are “best buddies” In March my “golden sister” Morgan passed away – she was 12-1/2 – she had cancer. It was very sad and mom was very upset and felt bad for me since I was just beginning to bond with Morgan. She and I were both very depressed. So in June my baby brother Milo came to live with us. He was a very naughty boy at the beginning and pulled my ears and bit on me. I was very tolerant and patient with him and now he is eight months old and knows my “boundaries” We play together, sleep together and he is just a ball of fun and energy. He sleeps in an X-pen in mom’s office during the day – not sure if its to give me a break so I can catch up on my beauty sleep or if its because mom wants to keep an eye on him!!!

Anyhow – the BIG NEWS is that I passed the test to become a therapy dog in October. Unfortunately mom is not able to take me (she has to earn money to pay for my cookies I guess!) so my therapy partners are her friend Daleen and Daleen’s daughter Acacia. I just looove going out and meeting all the people. We go to the Senior Citizen home, we go to a Teen Rehab Center, and we go to a school and “help” the children read. Having me there makes them feel “special” and gives them extra confidence to read out loud – since I don’t care if they make mistakes – I just like their company. I attached a picture of me reading at the school with Acacia – as you can see – I am a very good listener!! Going to the school is my favorite – but I love all the places we go to – and the people there are so happy to see me. I have ten supervised visits – and then I am “official” and get my therapy dog “vest” – so I will send you a picture of me wearing it – in the next few months. So far I have seven visits under my paw!!! I will be certified with “Love on a Leash” – and that is sure a fitting description for me!!

Attached are two pictures. The one is me and my baby brother Milo. The other is me at the school “helping” the children read.

I hope that all the rescue workers in Taiwan, Maggie and Joseph, and everyone at Golden Rescue has a wonderful Xmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. I am forever grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the rest of my life surrounded by love and happiness.

Maggie’s Macy – aka Macy

Happy Holidays from Penny (formerly Rita's Becky)

Penny is such a good girl and brings us so much joy! We don't know what we would do without her. She loves car rides and leaps to the car like a little lamb when we say: do you want to go in mama's car?! She makes us laugh all the time. And she is such a great cuddler. She has the sweetest personality and can also be such a goofball. We are certainly one happy family and have a lot to be thankful for! Thank you again for the gift of Penny!

~Ben & Karen

Happy Holidays from Bailey

Bailey is doing great! She goes to work with my husband, Tony, each day and is the star of the office. Tony runs an agency/homes for abandoned and abused children and I am told each day how Bailey is the bright spot for all the employees and well as some of the kids who have never known such a sweet and loving soul before. Bailey also has a strong personality and will let you know exactly what she is feeling at all times. She makes us laugh all the time, is full of life and is loved beyond belief. Adopting Bailey was one of the best decisions we ever made as she brings so much joy into our lives! Thank you Rita, Maggie and Joseph & GRCGLA Rescue!

Happy Holidays from Otto (formerly Rita's A-Fu)

Otto has become the official office pup at work. We had a pretty tough quarter and I received many requests for Otto to come in to help with morale. He even made it into our global company newsletter and holiday video! That's a pretty big deal with a worldwide employee count of 700.

Everybody loves Otto, but no one more than me!

Happy Hoildays from Rita's Hannah

Thanks for calling and checking up on Hannah! I am sure my husband told you that she is still as wonderful as the day we adopted her.

I have enclosed s few pictures that we took of her this year. In February we introduced Hannah to the snow. We took the kids and all three dogs to Lake Arrowhead. Hannah had a blast! She spent her days running up and down the snow covered hills while the kids would sled. In fact, the first day she ran around so much that she was too exhausted to climb the stairs that night to go to bed. So David carried her up. The next day she paced herself a little better :)

We also took her to the beach in Del Mar so she could run around on the beach. A little timid at first with the waves, but she soon realzied that the waves are fun. I included a picture of her running with our daughter.

Hannah is such a joy to have in our house. She gets along so well with our two Shih Tzus (Broadley and Katie). She also adores our two children (Alysse and Aidan). The only time the kids get upset with her is when she steals their strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers from their garden they were growing. Hannah is still our veggie and fruit lover! She will stare you down if you have any of her favorites in your hand (i.e. apple, carrot, banana, orange, apricot, the list goes on).

Thank you so much for rescuing Hannah! We love knowing that we are giving her a happy life here in San Diego. In return, she gives us a wagging tail every morning as we start our day.

Please feel free to contact us anytime or come and visit Hannah when you are in San Diego. We would all enjoy that!

Take care,
Kim (Hannah's Mommy)