December 11, 2012

Rita's Ally adopted!

Rita's Ally came to us over a year ago. Rita and MJ rescued her in Taiwan. They estimated that she was 3 years old, had had a litter of puppies, and was diagnosed with a luxating hip. When she came to the U.S., Dr. Bory, at Culver Palms Animal Hospital fixed her hip and she was able to go to Deanna's for some recovery time. After a week, Ally became very sick and returned to Culver Palms to discover she was allergic to her microchip.  Dr. Bory surgically remove the microchip and replaced it with a different one. Unfortunately, Ally was allergic to that one, too, so she had to go under, yet again, to remove the new chip.

Ally then went to the H. house to recuperate. During her stay, she proved to be a very sweet and loving girl who got along with the other canines in the house. After a month at the H. house, Ally's resource guarding surfaced. She became a HOPE dog and received professional training. After consulting with Sandy, Barbara D. and a session with Terry Long, foster mom, Kriss, started working with her. She is a quick learner and would do anything for a treat. Her recall is excellent and her favorite command is now 'give'. She started bringing everything to Kriss, waited expectantly for the 'give' command so she could receive her treat. She was finally ready for adoption!  However, Ally fit in so well at the H. house and had become such good buds with her canine sister, Cali, so a vote was taken and it was decided she should stay right where she was!

Thank you to MJ and Rita for rescuing her in Taiwan and sending her over to us. Thanks, also, to Deanna and family for taking Ally in so she could heal faster from her hip; to Culver Palms staff and Dr. Bory, who gave her amazing care and continue to keep up with her care (Tony affectionately calls her "Scarback"); and finally, to Sandy for trusting and helping Kriss and Ally in their journey together.

Congratulations Ally!

December 4, 2012

Update from Gunner (formerly Rita's Genki)

So sorry that I have taken so long to send an updated photo. Attached is one from Thanksgiving, with Gunner (Genki) and my 15 yr old son, Christopher. You can't really see from the picture, but since we got him, his coat has grown in long and beautiful. He gets many compliments on his beautiful coat and manners. Please let the team in Taiwan know how much we love and appreciate our new dog!