February 14, 2014

Postcard from Lady's (formerly Rita's Ye-Zi) adopter

I'd like to thank you each and everyone in GRCGLA and Rita, MJ and Maggie. Without your efforts, Lady won't be here with us. Because of your dedication, these unfortunate dogs get a second chance to start a new life and be loved. What a wonderful thing you all are doing! My hat off to all of you and I wish one day I will become one of you.

Lady is such a sweet heart that we all love her. She is so full of energy. Ranger, my other Golden, and her have been keeping each other busy. They play, sleep and eat! What a fun life they have!

I will definitely keep you posted about Lady.

Best regards,

February 12, 2014

Rita's Ye-Zi adopted!

It is with sheer delight that I announce the adoption of our sweet little Rita’s Ye-Zi by Jessica, David and their 7-year old Golden Retriever, Ranger.  Ye-Zi came to us from Taiwan accompanied by Sarah who was a volunteer of Rita’s, graciously offering to travel with the dogs.  Jessica is Sarah’s aunt and fortuitously picked up her niece at LAX the night of Ye-Zi’s arrival.

Now...I don’t know if Jessica was forewarned as to just how darn cute Ye-Zi was, or if Jessica was even looking to add another family member, but it was love at first sight and Jessica fell head-over-heels for Ye-Zi.  Jessica wanted to adopt Ye-Zi and take her home that night, so I urged her to fill out an adoption application and that was the start to this wonderful match.

Following a delightful visit, a lot of dog conversation, and completion of paperwork, Ye-Zi was off to her new home.  There was a final smooch accompanied by a few tears (of mine) and Jessica provided a warm hug with an assurance that they will love, hug and kiss Ye-Zi as much as I did. The hatch was shut and off they went.  Ye-Zi has since become “Lady” and all reports have been positive.

Lady will be forever grateful to Rita, and M.J., as well as her traveling companion Sarah for starting her off on her epic journey.  Lady would also like to thank Stacey and Duke for doing the home visit, and the placement team and PA, Eva, for making the match.