April 23, 2015

Rita's Moomin adopted!

We are delighted to announce that Rita’s Moomin has been officially adopted and has found his forever home with Kathy, Larry and Finn.

Rita’s Moomin came into rescue when he flew, along with Captain and Hunter, into LAX on March 23, 2014. They were met by the Welcome Waggin. We were advised that Moomin’s Taiwanese name was LuLu Mi. For the past year, he’s been hanging out with Tom and his dogs, Babe, Ruth, Kazoo and Maestro, patiently awaiting just the right family.

While Moomin wasn’t the typical active goofy ball retriever, due to some physical limitations, he had the quintessential huge loving heart of a Golden. A few potential adoptive candidates passed on Moomin for one reason or another.  Kathy and Larry had previously adopted Finn who was also from Taiwan and reportedly had been passed up by two families because her nipples were too big.

Moomin’s new name is Guinness and he’s now residing in a loving and caring forever home. It was critical that Moomin got along Finn as well as the two cats who share his new house, and when he met them nose-to-nose he was a perfect gentleman. Guinness and Finn share the same small stature and are both low-key couch potatoes. While filling out the adoption paperwork the dynamic duo was laying on the floor butt-to-butt.

Thank to so many of our volunteers who helped with the welcome wagon at LAX and to Rita and MJ for rescuing Moomin; Sandy, for coordinating the transfer from Taiwan and managing his medical care; Elaine M., for re-checking the adoptive home; and Patty's placement assistance. A BIG thank you to Tom and his pack for all the love, care and attention given to Moomin for over a year.

Moomin (right) pictured below with his new family. Welcome home, Moomin!