October 26, 2010

Rita's Jumbo adopted!

Rita's Jumbo went home this morning with Mary B. Jumbo arrived in the U.S. in early August and has been patiently waiting for the right family to come along.

Mary has adopted several dogs from us in the past; she recently lost Garbo and was lonely for the companionship only a Golden can provide. Mary was interested in several dogs but kept coming back to Jumbo. After meeting him, she had no doubt that he was the perfect dog for her.

Mary has called us since the adoption meeting and bubbled over with excitement about how wonderful Jumbo is and how happy he is at his new home. He has been renamed Sampson.

Thank you so much to Rita and her team for giving Jumbo the care he needed and sending him off to the US for a chance at a new life. Thanks also to the Welcome Waggin' for meeting Jumbo when he arrived at the airport. Thank you Carole Spies, and doggies, Sammy and Zoe, for doing this home visit. And thank you Barbara D. for your extraordinary coordinating efforts.