May 18, 2011

Rita's Nina adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Nina, who has found her forever home.

Nina came to us from Taiwan where Rita & MJ found her in a shelter. She had been adopted and returned several times, and to prevent this from continuing to happen, these wonderful ladies said they'd take her. She was very skinny after not being treated for parasites for a long time, but was brought back to health and put into a foster home where she gained weight and waited for her trip to the US. She came to CA in early March, and Brad offered to take her home overnight. Like so many of our wonderful foster homes, once she was there, Brad and Melissa said she could stay until adoption. They had some "adventures" with Nina - she was a bit possessive of her food and toys with the other dogs at first, but slowly learned there was plenty to go around and she adjusted quite well. There was the chewed remote control and missing battery - did she eat it? It never did turn up (or come out)! There was the day Brodie (formerly Jeffy) taught her to go in the fountain and then they and all came back in to turn the master bed into a water bed. And how about discovering she liked to watch the horses on TV - and when they ran off the screen she ran into the next room looking for them? She's a very entertaining young pup!

Sarah and Troy are a young, engaged couple who have been wanting to get a Golden, and found the time was now right. Sarah works at a stable and can take her dog to work. They said they wanted a male dog and we talked to them about several, but none seem to be the right fit. When Melissa was telling me more about how Nina enjoyed visiting the horses at their ranch, and then the story about watching them on TV, we thought this might be a great match. PA Eva talked to Sarah about Nina and she agreed Nina sounded like a fit - and being a girl dog was okay! We put her in touch with Brad and Melissa on Saturday morning, and Sarah and Troy made the drive from Oceanside to Santa Clarita that day to meet her! Of course they took her home and she is settling in great, going to work with Sarah and enjoying hanging out around the stables.

Nina is so grateful to Rita & MJ for rescuing her from the shelter and sending her to California. She thanks Barbara D. for approving her trip west, as well as the Welcome Waggin' who was there to greet her on her arrival. She has enjoyed her time with Brad and Melissa and sends sloppy kisses for all they did for her. She also thanks Nancy A. for scouting out this wonderful family for her. Attached is a picture of the new family.

Welcome home Nina!