September 9, 2011

Rita's Orson adopted!

Orson came to us in June. He was quite thin when he arrived but put on so much weight at the boarding kennel in Ontario (not too much though), that I didn't recognize him. Like all of the dogs from Taiwan, he had his share of challenges. (Here's the link to his introduction video: Orson was lucky to find Rita and MJ, and we were lucky to get Orson.

The Servin family was looking to adopt their first dog and they had their hearts set on a Golden. This very close family includes a father and mother, adult daughter and a 7 year old grandson. The father told me that they were a family unit and that they take care of each other. Orson is now a part of this family unit and is being cared for and enjoyed by everyone.

Orson thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing him, nursing him back to health, and for sending him to us to find a loving home. Thanks, also, to the Welcome Waggin' for making him feel loved and secure upon his arrival. Thanks to Jo-Bea Kennels for noticing that he needed a few extra pounds and making sure he got them. Thank you to Barbara D. for coordinating his arrival and assisting in his placement. And thank you to Eva and the Placement Team for making this successful match.