October 10, 2011

Update from Rita's Casey

Casey is certainly a joy. Now if we can just get her to stop piddling on the carpet...

Not to worry, we'll get it sorted out. She's already worked her way into our hearts. I think we've discovered a favorite toy. I had her outside for a potty break in the rain and came back inside and went to dry her off with a towel. Well, one swipe and she was after it, wrestling and tug of war. Now every time we go downstairs "Mr. Towel" gets involved in one way or another.

She's a very sweet girl and we really love having her around. I'll try and keep you posted with whatever photos or video. Here she is on day one after her first walk, a little tired but none the worse for the wear.

Thank you for all your efforts,
Mark, Bonnie, Alex, and Casey