March 24, 2012

Update from Maggie's Macy

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to keep you all abreast of my current activities!!! I am now a certified Pet Therapy dog, certified with Love on a Leash. I am certified with my mom’s friend Daleen, and also with her daughter, Acacia. Unfortunately my “mom” is too busy with her business to be able to take me out on therapy visits since most of these fall during the work week. So lucky me - I get the best of both worlds - to go out with Daleen and Acacia while mom is working - and then when I get home “mom” is there waiting for me. Unfortunately so is my little brother Milo!! You will see a few pictures of him on Facebook!! He actually is calming down a bit - he is almost one year old now - and I must admit he is nice to cuddle up and sleep with when its really cold!! So getting back to the therapy - right now I to the school library where I “listen” to the children read out loud and that helps to give them confidence - since I don’t know when they make a mistake and they know that too J. I also go to the senior home and visit with the old folks, and also to a teen rehabilitation center. Anyone who wants to “see me in action” I will be at the Pet Expo in the Animal Health Foundation booth on Saturday April 21st from 2-4 p.m. Hope to see you there!! I will be sure to go and visit my friends in the Golden Rescue Booth if they don’t come and visit me!!

Click on the link below to see some fotos of me and Acacia (and Milo). The other dogs Belle and Bonnie are Daleen’s dogs.