April 20, 2012

Rita's Marvin adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Marvin, who has found his forever home with failed fosters and volunteers, Gary and Dao.

Marvin traveled from Taiwan earlier this year with Kobe and Bear. We don't know much about Marvin's background, but he came in with worn down teeth and some scars on his nose - despite this he's a happy, friendly guy with a great personality. Gary and Dao were part of the Welcome Waggin' when these boys arrived and offered to take Marvin home overnight. He did great so they said they would be happy to foster him.

I'd like to say that Marvin begged them to stay (that would be much more polite on his part), but what really happened is he sat Gary and Dao down one night and said, "I've decided I'm staying right where I'm at - my life is great now and there's no way I'm making another change, so deal with it." Of course, Gary and Dao were so very happy to hear this (they didn't think he was rude at all!) and let me know they wanted to adopt this sweet boy. Gary has had dogs in the past, but this is Dao's first pup and, other than getting used to dog hair in the food (no one has told her that it's an exotic spice yet), she loves having Marvin in their lives. Their family loves Marvin too, including their niece who is in the attached picture with them.

Marvin thanks Rita and MJ for finding him and sending him to California, and the Welcome Waggin' for being there to greet him when he arrived. He's forever thankful that Gary and Dao decided to take him home that day, fostering him realizing he had found his furever home with them. And, he's happy that GRCGLARescue was there for him when he needed us.

Welcome home Marvin!