November 10, 2013

Rita's Connor adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Connor, who found his forever home with the Morgan family and their Golden, Cha-Cha.

Connor is another expat from Taiwan who was looking for better opportunities and asked Rita and MJ if he could come to the US. Regular Wecome Waggineer Gary came out to meet Connor at the LAX when he arrived, and hosted him while Connor waited to find his forever family. This sweet boy had great manners and a charming personality, and really just wanted someone to love him.

The Morgans lost a Golden to cancer a year ago and they and Cha-Cha were missing having a second Golden in the family. Their trainer  recommended they contact us, and with doggy day care dates and someone around most of the time they looked like a great opportunity for Connor. They were excited when he came up as a match and quickly made arrangements for everyone to meet. The meeting went great and Cha-Cha and Connor immediately became great buds. His new name is Gaucho and the Morgans report that he is "an absolute Golden treasure!" He and Cha-Cha share a love for food and he gets her going on walks to stay in shape.

Connor thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing him and sending him to sunny CA. He thanks Gary for meeting him at the airport and giving him a great place to hang out while waiting for his forever home (and Marvin for being a gracious host as well). He's grateful to Joan and Ed for approving his new home, and the placement team and PA Eva for making a terrific match.

Welcome home Connor!