January 7, 2014

Rita's Honey adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Honey, who found her forever home with failed-fosters Judy and Chip, along with Freedom and Tilden.

Honey is one our most recent arrivals from Taiwan. She's an older girl with a heart of gold and a very sweet personality. Judy was part of the Welcome Waggin' and had offered to keep a pup overnight. That's all it took for her to fall in love with this sweet girl. Once she was vetted Judy picked her back up and she's been hanging out with the gang and charming everyone she meets. I don't think Judy was looking to add a third dog to her crew, but Honey had other plans. She knew, as soon as she got in Judy's car, that she was going home for good. She gets along great with Freedom and Tilden and is an absolute doll.

Honey is so grateful to Rita and MJ, who found her, got her healthy, and sent her to us. She was so very happy to meet the Welcome Waggin', and then felt she hit the jackpot when Judy took her home. Judy says she's the one who hit the Jackpot and that Honey is here lucky charm - she brought Honey into her vet's office and they offered her a job! Judy also says: " We now call her Mia Honey because everytime I would say Honey, all would come running including my husband." Judy says she's send a family photo in as soon as possible.

Welcome home Honey!