May 30, 2014

Update from Lady (formerly Rita's Ye-Zi)

Lady is such a smart and sweet girl. She pays so much attention on us trying to please us. She let me clean her ears, brush her teeth and bath her without fighting with me. She follows me everywhere even into the bathroom. (I got no privacy!!!) She is smart enough to trick us for a treat. She gets a treat every time she does her business outside. She learned to stand by the door to notify us she needs to go out. When she gets back she goes to the treat jar and sits there. A few times, I caught her that she went outside and turn around come back in to claim her treats. So sneaky! Since she hasn’t had an accident in the house for almost two months, last week I started letting her join Ranger to go to my neighbor’s house every Monday and Wednesday afternoon to have some fun while we are not home. They like her a lot too.

As I expected, her energy compensates Ranger’s calmness. She is always in play mode and never tired. However, sometimes, it’s too much for Ranger. Ranger is the opposite of Lady. He is so independent that he only comes to us when he needs some love. Ranger is also a gentleman. He lets her occupy his bed, play his toys and eat his food. The only thing I discourage them from doing is wrestling. Since their sizes are so different; Ranger is almost 90 pounds and Lady is 40 pounds, I am always nervous when they are wrestling. I don’t want any of them get hurt. Other than wresting, they play fetching, walk and run together.

I have attached a few photos of Lady and Ranger. They are so cute, aren’t they? They are the best dogs we can ever get. Again, Thank you all for bringing Lady to us.

Best regards,