September 17, 2010

Maggie's Bingo adopted!

The Pellissier family hit the jackpot yesterday afternoon when they chose Maggie's Bingo to become part of their life. Bingo came out of the kennel and jumped right up on the porch at West Wind to snuggle in next to 13 year-old Samantha. That secured the first of four cards he was after. Then he went to work on 9 year-old Garrett, quickly making the kids a done deal. Mom and Dad were also taken by his sweet, calm nature, giving Bingo the four aces he was hoping for. Into the SUV he went, all a-wag, headed for life in a new home with two and a half acres attached.

Bingo sends his deepest thanks to Maggie and her rescue team in Taiwan for saving his life and opening up new possibilities for him, and to Barbara D. for coordinating with Maggie to bring Bingo westward. The Welcome Waggin team gets big kisses for being there to greet him, letting him stretch his legs and romp a bit, then assuring him of a nice place to spend the night. The IE/SGV team took it from there as Jennifer G. took care of his vet needs, Pat J. got more photos and videos of him, Julie's dog walking group gave him some welcome exercise, and Jo B facilitated the adoption. Many thanks to all.