September 20, 2010

Postcard from Maggie's Bingo

Bingo, now Hunter, is doing great! He is so comfortable here that it feels like he has been with us forever! We noticed right away how hungry he acts, and it looks like he was seriously malnourished. He is also very small for his age (approx. 2), so we don't know if that is a Taiwanese trait of the Goldens, or if it is due to continued malnutrition for his formative years. We have taken Hunter for walks and he loves going to the kids' school when it is time to pick them up. He gets lots of love and hugs from the children there. He is so calm, we are just amazed! I will enclose a picture of him in our yard-this was about 15 minutes after we arrived home, and he is so comfortable already! Any information about Bingo (Hunter)that we can get from Maggie would be greatly appreciated. We are all very curious about his past, and just wondering about his life before we met him.

Thanks again,